Word of the Year 2014 & Blogging Goals

So, now that it’s February, I thought I’d share my word of the year. You know, a month late. Whatever. :)  When you see my word of the year, you’ll see why I’m not going to beat myself up about it!

I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. - Emily Ley

Emily Ley

A little confession time:

As a stay-at-home, but also working mom, I beat myself up about a lot of things. As a woman, I beat myself up about a lot of things. And as a type-A, oldest child, almost-perfectionist, I find that I hold myself to a fairly high standard. Do you see a theme??

It can be a strength in some ways, I guess, but there’s almost always a continual critique {of myself} running through my mind. It’s not fun, most of the time. And I also know that I tend to be critical of others, because I’m so critical of myself. Ugh. Not the finest quality I have.

Word of the Year 2014: Grace
But, this year, you’ll find me repeating this phrase over and over … and over and over again.

I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. – Emily Ley

I heard this quote a few years ago and it’s never left me. And as I was contemplating what my word of the year should be, I kept coming back to…


Grace to not have a perfectly clean house.

Grace to decline doing something else, so that I can stay home and clean my house. :) {Because I do feel better when it’s at least picked up.}

Grace to work hard on my blog.

Grace to not post every day of the week.

Grace to rest.

Grace to say no to other things in order to breathe in the moments with my family.

Grace to let go of my plan in order to see the needs of others right in front of me.

Grace to accept difficulties and see them as blessings.

Grace to accept that I cannot do it all.

Grace to accept that I am not, nor never will be perfect.

And more … grace. As the year goes on, I know that the word “grace” will pop into my mind often.

I love what Emily Ley said in her post she wrote about this quote almost 3 years ago:

“My roles as wife, mother, friend, designer, daughter, sister, business partner, entrepreneur, peek-a-boo master, party-thrower, stationery creator, dinner whipper-upper, encourager, teacher and most importantly, bedtime story teller are ENORMOUS. Trying to balance them all is IMPOSSIBLE. And so instead, I devote myself to each one. at. a. time. I am committing myself to taking off one hat before I put on another.”

So, while I’m giving myself lots of grace, I still want to set goals for myself and my blog. Because I believe that goal setting is a crucial aspect of success. And even if I don’t meet them all, and will give myself grace when I don’t, I know that I will achieve so much more by aiming for something than just wandering along.

Blogging Goals 2014 at The Turquoise Home

1. Schedule posts a week in advance

I can be the world’s worst procrastinator. Although I keep a rather long list of post ideas in my editorial calendar, I have a terrible habit of waiting until the last minute to actually write the posts and edit the pictures. {I use the WP Editorial Calendar plugin.} This leads to very late bedtimes and lots of frustration. No more!

2. Create a Project Catalog

I’d love to have all of my project arranged neatly in image catalogs. I have the plugin, I just need to set it up! So much to catalog and so little time. :)

3. Figure out Google+

Ahh yes, the good ol’ {new} Google+. I feel like a fish out of water over there. But I think it’s needed in my social media presence out in Google land. Do you use Google+?

4. Create a tagline for my blog

What in the world do I use for a tagline? “Redeeming old, tired or ugly spaces and making them new” or “DIY Life and so much more”?? I think now that I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years, I think I can come up with a tagline. If you could write a tagline for me, what would it be? Maybe I should have a tagline writing contest? :)

5. Re-vamp my blog’s design

I love the Turquoise and will keep it, but I want a little different look. I’m not sure how crazy I’m going to go. And while I’ve grown quite attached to my logo, I’m feeling the next for change. I can’t decided if I want to hire a big designer and let them just create something new, or try to find a designer who will need a lot of direction from me.

6. Create a Media Kit

So far I’ve been very pleased with the sponsorship content I’ve share on The Turquoise Home, and all without a media kit. But with Haven coming this summer, I’m going to try to be more pro-active in pitching to brands. 

7. Improve my photography

I know that I have a long way to go when it comes to photography and I need to just sit down and learn it. So, here’s to taking a couple of online courses, and maybe even investing in some new software. I already bought a cute camera bag the other day. And what it is, they say? “Buying a cute bag is half the battle.” Yes, I think that’ s it!

8. Attend Haven again

This is kind of a freebie on the list, because I plan to be waiting in line on March 1 when tickets go on sale. I’ve already got my money saved up and am ready to purchase! It was a huge pivotal even for me last year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Thanks so much sweet reader for being on this fun adventure with me. I hope that you will give yourself an extra measure of grace this week {and year}. I can’t wait to see how 2014 unfolds for this space we call The Turquoise Home.

Much grace, Laura

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