It’s a … Gender Reveal!

Are you one of those people who loves a gender reveal party? I have to confess that I have enjoyed reading blog posts and Facebook posts with all of the pink and blue pictures, the divided family picking which gender they think the little one will be, and then the reveal video with shocked parents’ faces. I can really get into watching somebody else decorate their hearts out and be creative.

Is it a girl or boy?

But me? I’m probably just too lazy and none of my family is local (my husband’s is, but not mine). So, other than my mother-in-law an sister-in-law, I’m not even sure who would come to a gender reveal party. I did have one friend say we should get a cake anyway, just to give us an excuse to eat cake. I like that idea! Ha!!

Gender Reveal: Old Wives' Tales

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We went to the doctor on Tuesday and had a sneak peek ultrasound. A month ago the doctor asked me if I’d like to find out the gender earlier than 20 weeks. Ummm, yes please. The sooner the better, thank you very much. So, I paid my $30 for my optional ultrasound and hoped and prayed this little one would cooperate.

Gender Reveal Party


I brought Coach {duh} and Miss A with me. Since she’s 3 and a half, she’s really getting into this baby thing. She talks about her baby all the time, even walking around mimicking me by grabbing her belly and saying, “oh, this baby is moving!” It’s hysterical. She’s already named the baby “Watermelon” and talks about all the things she’s going to do with the baby: feed it, burp it, take it shopping, put it down for a nap, play with it, hold it, etc.

So, we get into the ultrasound room and the two techs start looking for the indicators, if you will. And their first response is that the cord is between his or her legs and they can’t get a clear shot. Bummer. They prod and try to move baby around to see the proof. Finally in a very sudden and anti-climactic way, one of the techs says, it’s a …

I'm getting a baby sister! {The UN gender reveal party}


The tech looked some more and found some very clear views and this baby is definitely a girl! I would have totally been happy with either gender. After two years of trying and loss and praying for another little one, I don’t care what it is. I just want a healthy baby. But, deep down I thought it would be so fun to have another little girl. If nothing other than I have kept Miss A’s clothes and these two will have birthdays less than a week apart. So, I have all these clothes in the perfect season! We’ll just go ahead and put all of the money saved on clothes into a wedding fund right now. :)

My brother and me |

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I also wanted a girl because I grew up with 5, yes FIVE, younger brothers. I always, always wanted a little sister and never got one. So, I really hoped Miss A would have a sister. And I’m pretty much in shock that after all those years of hoping and praying for a little sister, I’ll now have not just one, but two daughters.

We have more pink, princesses, tea parties, impromptu dance parties, hair bows, painted nails, dresses and giggles in our future.

Sometimes Being a Sister is Even Better than Being a Princess


When we told Miss A that it was a girl there in the ultrasound room, she just looked at us like, “duh, I could have told you that already.” Ha! Little miss sassy pants has been saying it’s a sister since the beginning. A sister named Watermelon, of course. Now that it’s official she’s changed her name to Caroline, but as much as we love that name, it’s not the one. We actually do have a name picked out, but we won’t reveal it quite yet. :)

Sweet baby sister girl: we have prayed for you and wanted you for so very long. Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Big Sis asks every morning if you’re ready to come out and play today. The day can’t come soon enough! We can’t wait to see your beautiful face and give you so much love and kisses!


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