How to Be Your Own Designer

Being in the home design and decorating world, I hear every question under the sun when it comes to decorating your home on your own and on a budget. Women want to make a happy, cozy place for themselves and their loved ones, but it’s overwhelming to know where to start!

And let’s be honest, not all of us have the money to hire someone else to decorate our homes for us and then be able to turn around and buy everything they suggest. Am I right?

This is exactly why I started this journey more than 6 years ago. I was moving into a very beige, very plain new home. It literally had been painted from top to bottom in the same builder’s beige color with basic reddish brown hardwood floors and beige carpet. It was bland as bland could be.

The real before picture of the kitchen.

The only true before pic I have of our kitchen

What I didn’t know when we closed on our home was that I would lose my job less than 3 months later and we would be on a major budget crunch.

I had no way to decorate my new home except with DIY, elbow grease (what even is that?? ew.) and major sales. I learned how to use the power of paint, cheap supplies and steals of a deal in order to make my home look nice. And to be honest, it’s been a slow process. But it’s one that I’m happy with and I love our home!

Sweet and Gorgeous navies and turquoise in this Simple Summer Home Tour

Do I wish that I had an unlimited budget and could just go out and buy everything all at once and call it a day? Sometimes.

But honestly, I really love taking the process slow and little-by-little, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

7 Steps to Being Your Own Designer

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about designing my own home. Here are some of the top take-a-ways I’ve learned when it comes to creating a home you love:

1. Walk through your room and write down everything you’re thinking. What do you love, what do you want to change, get rid of or buy for the space? Put it all on paper!

2. Gather inspiration by either cutting out pages of your favorite magazine or creating a Pinterest board.

3. Create a vision board for your room with images from your inspiration files. I like to use this step to see what themes or similarities I can find between the inspiration spaces. Just get an actual poster board and glue pictures on there. It’ll be super fun, like high school, but the visual will be essential.

4. Remove everything in the room that doesn’t belong or you don’t want. Find out more about how to declutter your home with my free 30-day e-mail challenge {click here}. It is hard work to declutter your home, but the finished product is priceless!

5. Select ONE piece for your main inspiration. It can either be a large piece of art, a rug or a fabric, but select one thing that will lead the room design.

6. Choose your colors. I wrote an entire post on selecting your whole house color palette {click here}. It is a super handy tool when it comes to choosing colors and painting the walls.

7. Create a plan with a timeline, to do list and items you need to purchase.

Do you get overwhelmed when it comes times to make the actual plan for creating a space you love? Me too!!

And I’ve got good news for you!!

My friend Tasha recently released a Designer in a Binder workbook that walks you through every single step of the design process. I’ve been using it on my most recent makeover and I’ve never been more focused while doing a room makeover in my life! It’s awesome and walks you through every single decision that you have to make.

Designer in a Binder

Here’s what you’ll get with the Designer in a Binder workbook:

  • ​Loads of interior design tips that anyone can follow
  • Tools for setting and using a budget
  • Ideas for raising money to help fund your design plan
  • Tools for getting started without feeling overwhelmed
  • Tools for staying on task and on schedule
  • Tools for staying organized long-term!
  • AND an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group with other home decorating addicts and Tasha! (with the purchase of the PLUS package only)
  • and more!!

​I’m excited to share that Tasha is offering an introductory sale of $30 off for the first few days of the release. I’m not sure how many days this will last, so grab your copy while it’s discounted!

Grab your copy of Designer in a Binder right here! 

Let me know what is your toughest thing to overcome when designing a space you love! Leave your response in the comments below!

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