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One Room … Three Ways {Guest Bedroom and Office Inspiration Boards}

Now that I’ve let you all in my not-so-little secret, I feel like I can finally talk about my upcoming plans for my guest room/office.

One Room, Three Ways - it's amazing how you can change a room with just paint, fabric and a few accessories!

We have a four bedroom house, which naturally has a master bedroom and then three smaller bedrooms. One is Miss A’s bedroom and the other two rooms have been functioning as guest bedrooms/office/overflowing storage closets. No, I will not show you pictures, because it’s baaaa-aaad in one of the rooms. 🙂

I knew that when the day came that we had baby #2, then one of the bedrooms would be turned into a nursery and we would be down to one guest bedroom/office/storage closet. And I’ve been mulling this situation over since we moved into the house more than 2 years ago. Which room would be a baby’s room and which would we keep for guests and the office?

Well, I finally figured it all out months ago, but haven’t really felt like I should go ahead and pull the trigger on either one. These are the two remaining rooms with the original builder’s beige flat paint on the wall. So, of course, we’ll be painting both rooms at some point!

Since we don’t know the sex of the new baby yet, I’m holding off on the nursery for now. But I can go ahead and get started on the guest room/office!

I want to make the room fun and pretty feminine, since it is my office space. I need to have lots of storage space since I’m losing the closet in the nursery. And I need to have a desk and a bed for guests. I’m really considering going with a day bed and a pull out trundle bed. We don’t have guests very often, but when we do, I think it will meet the needs of those who stay here.

Here’s a view of how the room looks currently, minus all of the paperwork all over the place at the moment. Life has been a little crazy lately!

Current Guest Bedroom and Office

I know this room probably looks fine just the way it is, but I wanted to paint the walls and just do something a little more fun and fresh.

The inspiration for my room makeover starter with fabric. And then I had to pick paint colors.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE walking into a paint store and seeing all of the amazing possibilities. It can be overwhelming, though, especially if paint is your first color choice in a room.

TIP: I highly recommend picking out fabric first and then taking a sample with you to pick out your paint. It works much better that way!

The Paint Studio with Valspar at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware recently released their new amazing line of Valspar paint and The Paint Studio. I am loving so many of their new colors. {You can now browse through them online. Love, love this!} The Paint Studio is user-friendly and has a beauty boutique feel to it with pull out drawers of mood-inspired palettes. There are four different boutique collections: Luxe, Cozy, Carefree and Serene.

Valspar Boutique Collection at The Paint Studio | Ace Hardware

I was naturally drawn to the Serene collection, which I thought complimented some of my fabric choices that I brought into the store that day.

After much consideration, I selected three colors to test out from the Serene boutique collection: Pool Tile, Whisper Softly and Cool Sea Air.

Three Valspar paint choices

I purchased a sample pint of each to take home and test for $4.99/each. I’ll be testing them out on the walls pretty soon!

Isn’t is amazing how you can completely change the look and feel of a room with just fabric, paint and a few accessories? Love it!

And now I want to hear from you which color combination you like the best!

Pool & Coral Guest Bedroom/Office Inspiration Board

Coral and Pool Guest Bedroom Inspiration Board



Fuchsia & Green Guest Bedroom/Office Inspiration Board

Fuchsia and Green Guest Bedroom/Office Inspiration Board



Cool Sea Air Guest Bedroom/Office Inspiration Board

Cool Sea Air Guest Bedroom/Office Inspiration Board


I can’t wait to get the paint samples up on the walls to see them in the room. You always test out a color before painting a whole room. Trust me. 🙂 I’m already leaning toward one color, but I’ll wait until I see them all in action before deciding.

But first, I want to hear from you! Which color combo is your favorite??

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  3. Laura, I think each inspiration board is beautiful. It’s very hard to choose just one. It might be easier to add an addition onto your home and then do all of them! Just kidding! I think I like the green and fuchsia because of the gorgeous braemore sakura white tea fabric. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

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  7. I love the Coral & Pool ~ it’s just enough color to get your creative juices going without being overwhelming.

  8. I love them all but the fuchsia and green are my choice. It’s your room but could work for guests also.

  9. Tough choice…my first inclination is the coral, But, then I chose the fuchsia because it is more feminine. But then,,,,,I chose the cool sea air…
    I agree with Gina. It is the most neutral AND you won’t get sick of it soon. You can always layer in color (either fuchsia or coral or whatever pops of color you want seasonally) with accents – pillows, accessories, etc.. Best to be safe. You’ll be too busy with 2 little ones to change paint colors out quick if you tire of the brighter paint colors:) Good luck decision making…..

  10. Oh I love them all – but tend to lean towards the cool sea air. I think it’s so soothing. Plus is just neutral enough that you could make some big impact changes with textiles & fabrics later that would be easy & affordable if you felt the need.

  11. How about that! I currently have pool as a mainstayclor inmy livingroom. When we downsize to a smaller less formal home I had already decided that the master bedroom would revert to pool accented with coral! I only wish I new where I would be living this time next year because I would jump onthat fabric foe window treatments. I have the bedding, on sale at PB, have picked up a few litlle things, but don’really need much. Glad to see it is a popular trend ( not that I really care) but nice to know I have good instincts. Did also buy a great 15×12 rug with the colorsfrom one of the pop shop sites. Now I just need the house!

  12. Coral and pool if you want a little more pop. Cool sea air if you want the room to be more calm and serene. If it were a master bedroom, I’d go with calm. But since it’s an office/guest room, I’d go with the pop!

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