The Principal’s Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover

Happy Monday, my friends! When HomeGoods recently contacted me about making over a space for someone else, I was excited to jump on board!

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover |

I immediately thought of Coach’s school. He’s a teacher and a coach in a county high school nearby and I thought surely I could spruce up a corner of their world. I didn’t know if maybe the library or the front office could use some love, but I knew they could put it to good use. And guess what? We found the perfect spot needing a little bit of love.

Coach contacted the assistant principal, Mrs. Reynolds, one evening. And come to find out, she had been planning on going shopping the very next day to spruce up part of her office.

Now, before you think she just wanted to spruce up her own space, that’s not it at all! She has two rooms for her office: the place where she keeps her desk and works and then a room where her student aids can hang out or do their homework or visitors can wait for their appointments. We fixed up the second room. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover |

She had already picked out some beautiful fabric, made valances and painted the walls, so my job was really easy. I took a fabric swatch from the valance with me to make sure I got the pillows and chair colors right.

Tip: when shopping for accessories or furniture, grab a swatch of fabric already used in the room. That keeps you from buying things in the gray family when really you need to be buying things in the brown family and vice versa. When I found the patterned pillows for the couch, I knew they would work perfectly because I had that fabric swatch!

Mrs. Reynolds wanted the room to be warm, homey and inviting – all things I knew I could accomplish with a little help from HomeGoods. She also needed more seating and to somehow cozy up the existing seating.

HomeGoods has amazing prices and even MORE amazing discounts! #homegoodshappy

(Sorry for the super blurry picture, but you can see the awesome clearance section. Even better deals on already great prices! I threw my fabric swatch over the chair and they looked great together.)

When I walked into HomeGoods, I headed straight for the chairs and furniture. There was a huge clearance section with tons of seating options and I spotted the perfect one immediately. I got it for a steal at $69. And I grabbed a stool (also on clearance) for the computer desk, as well as some pillows and decor items.

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover {Before and After} |

A little side-by-side action

In addition to the upholstered chair, stool at the computer desk, pillows and decor items on top of the bookshelf, I also got the little side table you see in the picture above at HomeGoods. Mrs. Reynolds already had the black coffee table, but she was using it in another place before I snatched it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover |

I did grab some items from my home decor stash at my house. Some of the items I was going to sell in my next yard sale, or donate and they worked perfectly with this spruce up!

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover |

I absolutely love the fan clock, faux succulents and cute little globe on the bookshelf. I thought the globe was appropriate for a school study room. I grabbed one of my Scrappy Fall Pumpkins from my stash for a little autumn decor.

The Principal's Office: A Warm and Homey Makeover |

At the end of the day, I had so much fun getting to add a little cozy warmth to one corner of the school. Although I am a little worried that it may be too cozy. Coach came home one day and told me that he caught a football player napping on the sofa with all of the pillows. Ha! Mrs. Reynolds might have to keep them from sleeping in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. So fun! I would spruce up the bath and master bedroom– pillows, art, throw blankets, and fun storage. Home Goods always has a lovely selection.

  2. I am in full living room redecorating mode right now…fresh paint, new rugs. Need several items to finish. Then on to the bedroom.

  3. Great. I need a lot of decoration for our new house. Maybe some new chair like this one you got it. Got tons of ideas for my husband’s office with your post, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I would spruce up my master bathroom. It is so boring. Nothing on the walls and hardly anything but toiletries on the counter! It def needs some help!

  5. Awesome giveaway! I would get a new bedding especially nice comfy ones since it will be winter before we know it

  6. What a great before and after just in time for back to school!

    I love Home Goods and have my eye on some floating shelves, framed art and storage bins for my daughter”so room.


  7. We moved into our house 8 months ago and we STILL don’t have nightstands. I’ve been using our window ledge and I’m nearly legally blind. Not being able to find your glasses in the dark is not fun. Haha

    Such a great little makeover! I spruced up my classroom similarly to that last year and it made a WORLD of difference for my mood and my kid’s attitudes. You did a great job!

  8. I would LOVE to decorate our new (high school) Principal’s office. He is new and his office needs a little help to reflect a comfortable and inviting atmosphere!

  9. It’s amazing what a few accessories can do to a room. My kitchen is looking a bit tired, so I’d put the gift card towards accessories on top of my kitchen cabinets.

  10. Our living and dining areas. I recently added a lovely rug to our living room. I am on the hunt for new drapes, cushions and decor accessories. I’d love to win!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    1. We are in the process of redecorating our 18 & 13 year old’s rooms. We need paint, curtains, pillows, shelves, etc. Love your style.

  11. I love home goods! Being newly married with a new baby doesn’t leave much money to decorate with. I would love to get a new chair for the living room!

  12. looks awesome Laura! Makes me want to go to Home Goods! Although, when do I not want to go to Home Goods?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Exactly! When do I NOT want to go to HomeGoods? The only time I can think that I would not want to go there, is if I have to take my 3-year-old during naptime. That’d be about it. Ha!!

  13. We just (1 Week ago) back to the US from Mexico and the furniture from the 2 bedroom condo needs a lot of help in this 3 bedroom house.

  14. Nice job Lauren! I’m redoing my boy’s room, so I would use a gift card for that. It’s rare I get to work on my own home, ha!

  15. Our living room is in need of an update — would be fun to stroll through the aisles and choose something fun!

  16. I love what you did with the office!

    A good friend of mine spends a lot of time working from home at the her kitchen table (we sit in there a lot when I visit too) and I think it would be fun to take her shopping to spruce it up and make it a nicer environment to hang out in.

  17. I would put it towards a new desk! My current desk, from my childhood room, is functional, but the leg space is a little tight! : )

  18. I would say the garage im turning into a man cave but honestly i woudl give it to my wife to spruce up the dinning room

  19. I would makeover my guest bedroom. I love everything in Home Goods and always feel like a kid in a candy store when I shop there!

  20. My office needs a good spruce. It’s so blah right now. I absolutely LOVE Home Goods, I could spend hours just wandering around!

  21. i am always tweaking the living room and sunroom…there can never be enough throw pillows, right???

  22. I’d love to spruce up my daughter’s home. She is just starting out and could use some homey touches in her place. Thanks for the chance!

  23. It looks fantastic. You are so kind to do that. I would fix up my new office I’m moving into next week.

  24. I would love to use this gift card to spruce up my bathroom. I could use some new dรฉcor items in there, towels, and bath mats.

  25. Home Goods has the cutest stuff! I’m looking for a fun rug to spruce up my office. something bright and cheery.

  26. I love the makeover! I would spruce up our outdoors/garden. we have a fire-pit but our seating and decor is awful!

  27. Love your redesign of the principal’s office, so fun. I would spruce up our entry way, I’m looking for a console table and I know Home Goods always has gorgeous tables. I really want one to make the entryway pop.

  28. We are finishing up a major remodel, and i would use a Home Goods gift card to complete some decorating around the open living area and kitchen!

  29. Laura, this is so great! I kinda got a bit teary eyed when I saw your post about sprucing up this space @ school. Some school can be very “prison like” in terms of color and design. I think you did such a fabulous job! So much fun to shop and not worry about the bill too! What a perk!

    So, were you nervous about designing the space?

    1. You are so sweet! It is quite fun to shop on someone else’s dime. I’d do that any day!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was a little nervous before I saw it, but once I saw what Mrs. Reynolds had already done, I knew my job would be easy. I really enjoyed it!

      1. I am glad you had some inspiration to start with! That would make it a tad bit simpler. It definitely would be fun shopping on someone else’s dime! I could get pretty spoiled! Take care and I look forward to more great posts!

  30. I would spruce up our dining room and guest room. What fun it would be to have a gift card to use in Home Goods – one of my favorite places to shop.

  31. Oh, the room looks wonderful! How kind of you to do this for the school…perhaps fold out cots are in order for those sleepy students!! Thanks to you and Homegoods for the great giveaway….love that store!! Diane

  32. I thought about using to to finish out My Master Bedroom…..But I really need to Cheer-Up My Craft/Office…I love some much about the Make-Over but I saw that Your Pumpkin Picture was on the Shelf….Love it so much!!This is one assistant principal Office I would not mind getting call too…Good Job

  33. Man, it looks like someone had fun!!! & you made someone else’s day besides!! You did a fabulous job! My next project is my boys’ bedroom- there’s 3 boys in one room & they are outgrowing the “littles” decor.. Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  34. I am sure the room you spruced up for Coach will be welcomed by everyone as it looks cheerful and cozy.
    Home Goods is a exciting place to explore and especially when one can buy things with a gift certificate, n’est pas.
    Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway for Home Goods and allowing us a chance to spruce up our home or buy a gift item for a family member.
    With a joyful heart,

  35. I love HomeGoods. It is always the first place I looked for reasonably priced decorator items. Thank you for the chance to win a gift card.

  36. Great job and a sweet and generous gesture! My living room could use a cozy throw and some cute decor from Homegoods!

  37. I would spruce up the built-ins and carpet in my den – they both need help! You did a fabulous job on the principal’s office waiting area, it looks great. Thanks for providing this give-away.


  38. What an awesome giveaway! I wish I had your eye for designโ€”I’m a complete and utter failure when it comes to redesigning things or getting off my rump and doing them. I’d like to spruce up my living room, which is a complete nightmare. Nothing matches and there’s a lot of furniture that needs replacing. Thanks!

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