Back-to-School Teacher’s Treat Jar


Hi friends! Are you gearing up for back-to-school (or are you already back, like all the kids in my town)? Well, either way, I’ve got a fun teacher’s gift for you today!

Back-to-School Teacher Treat Jars

I don’t know about you, but sometimes chocolate is my saving grace after a full day of entertaining and playing pretend with my 3-year-old daughter. She’s a delight, but an exhausting delight at times. So, I like to keep a stash of chocolate around just for special emergencies. 🙂 So, I’m sure a teacher of 14 3-year-olds could use some chocolate every now and then.

Thus, the teacher’s treat jar. (I think Miss A’s teacher will love this!)

I gave my Silhouette Cameo a break over the summer, because first of all, she deserved it. And second of all, I was never home. Ah yes, details.

But I thought it was time to dust her off this month just in time for some back-to-school crafting!

I whipped up this little gift in less than a nap time. You know a craft is good when it can be accomplished in a nap time or less. I’m serious. From the design to completion, I still had time to get dinner started before I heard my favorite 3-year-old crying. Success!! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my full disclosure policy here.

I used Silhouette’s printable white sticker paper and the adhesive corrugated paper for this project. I’ve used the sticker paper a couple of times with the print and cut feature, which I LOVE. {See those projects here: Lemon Sugar Scrub and Burlap Spring Wreath} But this was my first time working with the corrugated paper. And I’ll just say it won’t be my last! I love how it adds texture and structure to my crafts.

Back-to-School Teacher Treat Jars

I designed this simple “Teacher’s Treat” sticker really quickly in the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. You can download it here for free. {Personal use only!}

Then, using the trace and offset functions, I made the cut line just around the outside of the image, extended just a little bit. Since I was using the print and cut feature, I made sure to add registration marks to the page. (If you don’t use the registration marks, then sadly the print and cut feature won’t work.)

Silhouette Print and Cut Feature

I printed them off on my home printer. Yes, it currently lives on the floor. I have an awesome black and white wireless printer in the office closet, but when I need to print in color it’s the floor version for me. Ha! I recommend using the best quality setting on your printer for this. On my printer it’s called “photo paper” and it works like a charm.

Silhouette Print and Cut Feature

Once printed, I loaded the cute little stickers into my Cameo on the mat and selected the cut settings for “printable sticker paper” and off it went. It proceeded to read the registration marks and make perfect cuts around each one. I am always amazed that it can do that!

And then I just stuck the sticker on the mason jar. I like these wide-mouth jars. Better for sticking your hand in there for a little treat! 🙂

I cut out a tag from corrugated paper, and did another print and cut tag on top of it, which says “Have a great year.”

I’ve included all of the files for you to use for free. Enjoy making your own “Teacher’s Treat” jar. {Please only use these for personal use.}

Back-to-School Teacher Treat Jars {includes free Silhouette cut files}

Teacher’s Treats .studio file – Download HERE
Tag .studio file – Download HERE
Have a great year .studio file – Download HERE

I can’t wait to give it to Miss A’s teacher this morning when I drop her off at preschool.

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  1. Laura ~ I can’t believe that summer is coming to a close already. Your teacher gift idea is very cute! So cute, we are going to feature it at Share It Sunday this week. Thanks for sharing

    1. Sorry! These are only able to be opened in the Silhouette studio. If I get time to make them into PDF’s I’ll let you know!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this CUTE back to school idea at my party, but I would love it, if you would add my party name to the other two parties at the bottom of posts…thanks:)


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