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Sprinkle Birthday Party {Details}

Yesterday I shared the story behind the birthday smack in the middle of Christmas and today we’re going to talk about the party details!

Sprinkle Birthday Party {the details} #sprinkle #birthday

I’ll be honest and say it’s hard for me to transition from Christmas to birthday in the middle of it of it all, so I try to keep it as simple as possible. Right about Thanksgiving I decided on a sprinkle theme and quickly scoured Pinterest and the Interwebs for inspiration. I already had some ideas, but there were tons more out there.

Call me a 5-year-old, but I love sprinkles. I know my daughter’s birthday isn’t about me, but she loves them too! I always get sprinkles on my ice cream. #notashamed

So a sprinkle cake sounded so cute and festive! It was really simple to make. You just bake a cake and frost it {or buy one} and press sprinkles all over it. {I was inspired by this post.} Now, it’s a pretty messy task. I had that raised edge on my cake stand to help corral the rogue sprinkles. I just had to spoon out the extra sprinkles when I was done.

Sprinkle Birthday Cake #sprinkles #birthday

I also made some cupcakes, and they were a big hit with the kids. A couple might have been stolen from the table during dinner. 🙂

Sprinkle Cupcakes #sprinkle #birthday

I loved that I found this polka dot fabric at Hobby Lobby. It gave the table quite the festive vibe!

Sprinkle Birthday Tablescape

{There was space left in the middle of the table for some yummy pizza.} I used my Silhouette to create the fun birthday banner. You can buy the shape I used HERE.

Candles in sprinkles

I simply decorated using little vases with votive candles set in sprinkles. So easy!

Sprinkled with Love Birthday Party

I designed the graphics myself in photoshop. I was inspired by the Sprinkled with Love party by Kojo Designs for a lot of the party elements, but especially the graphics and these adorable balloons!

Aren’t these balloons so cute? I wish I had gotten a better picture. All you do is get clear balloons and add some tissue paper confetti. We bought a disposable helium tank from Target and it blew up about 25 balloons.

Confetti Balloons #sprinkle #birthday

We blew up one confetti-filled balloon without helium and it just may have been the hit of the party. If I could to do it over again, I would have blown up a bunch of non-helium confetti balloons and created a balloon pit for the kids. They would have LOVED it!

It’s always the simplest things, right?

For our winter-time, indoor activity, we decorate gingerbread houses. I think the moms might have enjoyed the decorating more than the kids. 🙂

Sprinkle the Gingerbread Houses #sprinkles #birthday
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Sprinkle Gingerbread Houses #sprinkle #birthday

The kids just liked eating the candy, anyway. Ha!

Decorating Gingerbread Houses #sprinkle #birthday

I had a lightbulb moment when I taped down craft paper all over the table. When we were done with the gingerbread houses, we just waded it up and threw it in the trash. Easy clean-up is my favorite!

Confetti garland #sprinkles #birthday

I made some fun confetti garland to strong above the kitchen table. I just bought brightly colored scrapbook paper, cut out some shapes with my Silhouette and glued them on a piece of twine. {I used THESE shapes.} I’m thinking  can re-use confetti garland for future multi-colored birthdays. What do you think?

Vegetables: Nature's Sprinkles #birthday

I needed a healthy option besides pizza, candy, cake and ice-cream, so we offered some of nature’s sprinkles. {Inspired by Kojo Designs.}

I love pinecones for decorating. They are an easy way to bring the outdoors in and to fill up large vases or containers. So, I grabbed some leftover paint I had and painted the tips of the pinecones in pink and turquoise.

Colored Pine Cones #sprinkles # birthday

I put some little bubbles and a coloring book with crayons and stickers for the little guests’ treat bags. All was found at Target’s Dollar Spot. And I made the tags.

Sprinkled with Love Treat Bags #sprinkles #birthday

Oh, and I can’t forget the burlap birthday wreath! I think this might have been my favorite decoration of them all, because I can reuse it all year long and just change out the decor. I’ll share more about how I made it in another post. Don’t you think it’s so cute? I loved how it turned out. I have to thank my sister-in-law for the idea, because she has one that she changes out throughout the year. So cute!

DIY Burlap Birthday Wreath

I had a ton more ideas for decorations, but I just plain ran out of time. But that’s OK. It’s not all about the decor anyway, although it’s fun. 🙂 Maybe I can do the same theme next year and elaborate on it? Oooh, the wheels are spinning!

Some Sources:

Polka Dot Fabric – Hobby Lobby
Paper Straws – Target
Balloon Time Helium for confetti balloons – Target
Clear balloons – Party City
Tissue Paper confetti for balloons – Party City
Materials for the burlap wreath {I’ll share more in another post} – Hobby Lobby

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  4. What a great party theme! I love the tags you made and all the fun ideas. Your table fabric couldn’t have been more perfect!

  5. What a CUTE party, Laura! My son was born on January 2, so I totally know what you mean about transitioning from Christmas to birthday super quickly! You truly thought of everything with the details, and I love the theme you chose! Looks like the birthday girl loved it too! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  6. I love how everything turned out! It’s is so colorful and fun, especially the sprinkles in the votives!

  7. This is an adorable idea and I just LOVE the sprinkle cake! I bet it was a huge mess, but worth it:) Thanks for sharing at Get Schooled Saturday today,

  8. I’m on a diet and I’m looking at this post. What am I doing? Everything looks so delicioussss!
    Happy New Year Laura! 🙂

  9. I love your party!! My daughter is now past the sprinkle theme, but she would eat a bowl of sprinkles when she was younger instead of a bowl of ice cream. I posted an idea about storing sprinkles, too with mason jars a couple months ago and it is still a very popular post. I’ll pin yours, now. Sprinkles are just fun and colorful.

    Love your blog!

  10. Your sprinkle cake turned out awesome!! I LOVE it, thanks so much for linking back to me so I could see it. 🙂 My birthday is December 23, so I feel your pain about having to deal with a birthday in the middle of all the Christmas craziness. The whole party looks great, and I absolutely love the idea of “Nature’s Sprinkles.” Super cute. {I might have to steal this whole party idea for Mason when he turns 3 in March!!} Thanks again, and happy belated to Ava!!

    1. Ahh, yes, those Christmas birthdays. My uncle and my mother-in-law both have birthdays ON Christmas day. I’m so glad mine is in March! 🙂

  11. So cute! I love the look of sprinkles but hate the taste. My 4 year old hates them too. She’s not even a cake eater, she prefers chocolate (brownies are her fav). But this party is just adorable!

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