Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

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Wood slice chalkboard ornaments are so fun and simple to make. They are perfect as ornaments, gift embellishments, place card holders and more!

Yesterday, I was determined to do a little last-minute crafting and decorating. You see, I’ve wanted to make these wood-slice ornaments since Thanksgiving and just haven’t had the time. So, in the last few days before Christmas, by golly, I had to get these done!

Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

Last year I snagged a log from my parents’ wood pile at Thanksgiving and I sliced it up to make rustic wood-slice ornaments. I drilled a hole in the tops, strung them up with twine and called it a day.

This year I added chalkboard paint and wrote fun Christmas words or phrases with my new chalk marker. I think this marker may go on my Favorite Things list next year!

Supplies You Will Need for Wood Slice Chalkboard Ornaments:

Steps for Making a Wood Slice Chalkboard Ornament:

These first two steps are only if you are creating the wood slices for your ornaments. Honestly, when I made these they didn’t sell them in stores, so I had to make mine. But if I were making them again today, I’d just buy some at the store!

Step 1. Cut up a wood log to make slices, if you didn’t buy them. I used my miter saw very carefully!

Step 2. Drill a hole in the top of the wood slice, if you don’t have one already.

Step 3. Paint the wood part of your slice with chalkboard paint.

I started by taping off the edges, but when I pulled it off, the lines were too … unnatural.

Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments
Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

So, I freehand painted around the edges and it turned out perfectly. Any unevenness just adds to the rustic effect.

Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

Step 4. Once the paint has dried, “season” it with chalk.

I waited for the paint to dry and then rubbed regular chalk over it to season it. Then wiped it off with a dry paper towel.

Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

Step 5. Decorate your wood slice ornament with a chalk marker!

I simply wrote a few words and phrases on them and love how they turned out!

Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

And since Christmas coming quickly, you may not be whipping out the crafting basket. I know I’ll be spending my days wrapping presents like the procrastinator that I am.

But, please feel free to pin for next year! You can hover over any image and a pin-it button will appear in the upper right corner or use the button above.


Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

While I was snapping shots, I snapped some of my other new ornaments on my big tree.

Christmas Home Tour 2013: Pretty in Plaid

I bought all of these after Christmas last year and I may have gone a little mercury glass crazy. I just can’t get enough!

Chalkboard Wood-Slice Ornaments

 I think they were from Anthropologie and PD’s.

And then I started taking pictures of my little sentimental tree.

Christmas Home Tour 2013: Pretty in Plaid

I photographed a few of my favorites.

Sentimental Ornaments

Some fun ones we’ve collected over the years: I cross-stitched the Noel ornament and my mother-in-law gave me the “Deck the Halls Y’all” ornament this year. Love it!

I’m a sucker for ornaments because they usually tell a story, so I’ll always have a tree dedicated to special, random ornaments. My favorite thing about Christmas decorating is hanging each ornament and remembering who it came from, or how someone made it for me.

Sentimental Ornaments

A special ornament this year {and really every year} is the sweet bead angel – above on the top left. My grandmother made her when I was a little girl. Grammy passed away this year, so it’s a treasure that I will cherish for always. It’s made from safety pins and beads and I love it! Don’t you think she’s cute?

I love my girl’s handprint ornament, too. We made it last year when she had just turned two. I waited a little too long to do it because her hand was getting a little big for it. 🙂

Do you love sentimental ornaments? Do you have a favorite?

Merry Christmas, my friends! May you be restful, joyful and making memories this week!

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  1. These are so stinking cute! Such a simple and wonderful craft that packs a lot of punch! Thank you for sharing this inspirational idea!

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