10+ Stylish Dog Crate Furniture Ideas

Have a dog and don’t want your home to look like the pound? Try these pretty and functional dog crate furniture design ideas that keep your furry friend comfy without cramping your style.

First things first: Last year, we finally got a puppy! After 6 years of asking, praying and hoping, my girls finally got their wish: a dog. You see, both my oldest daughter and I are allergic to dogs, so finding one that is hypoallergenic was crucial. We were long ready to welcome a dog into our home, but our allergies were not.

red and white Cavapoo pupping on a wicker outdoor sofa with striped white and burnt orange throw pillow next to the dog.

After much research and browsing, we decided on a Cavapoo breed, a combination of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle. We named her Winnie. A bigger bonus? As a second-generation Cavapoo, she’s more hypoallergenic than a first-generation breed.

Either way, she’s adorable, we love her and she’s fitting into our family perfectly!

Besides the allergies, one of my biggest hesitations about getting a dog is all of the ummm … ugly stuff … that comes with having a dog. I’m talking about the big crates, scattered toys, musty leashes, water and food bowls, intrusive playpens and more.

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While it can’t all be beautiful, I’ve found some really great items that not only work great but aren’t bad-looking either. For now, I will start with crates and get around to other items later down the road.

What We Chose for Our Dog Crate

I knew that whenever we got a dog we would crate her at night. Due to the aforementioned allergies, we can’t bunk with our four-legged friends. So, I knew our laundry room would be the perfect spot for a bedroom of her own.

My only hangup was that I had *just* finished my laundry room makeover so that it would look good from the kitchen. And I didn’t want to mess up my new pretty view with an ugly dog crate. I could have done a piece of furniture in there, but in the end, I found, what I think, is the perfect solution.

This Revol Diggs crate is seriously the best of all the worlds! It looks stylish while also being probably the most functional crate on the market!

Some of the major selling points for me were:

  • Easily collapsible (with a few clicks and turns, it folds down flat)
  • Easily transportable with wheels and a handle
  • Puppy friendly – We used the included puppy divider when we brought Winnie home and she never had a single accident in her crate. She has slept in it every night since she came home and LOVES it.
  • Easy cleanup with removable tray and vented floor – it’s super easy to clean if an accident occurs. Simply remove the tray from the bottom and wash it off!
  • Multiple access points with top flaps and side doors.
  • Easy-close latch door

I could go on. Seriously. It’s such a highly functional piece of our home and I love that the white crate and gray pad cover blend in with my new laundry room floors and walls. It makes me so happy!

I honestly didn’t intend for this to be a dog crate review! And it’s not sponsored in any way; I paid for my dog crate. I simply love it so much!!

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What to Consider About Dog Crate Furniture, Sizes & Designs

There are so many variables when it comes to how to choose the right dog crate and dog crate furniture for your dog and your space. You first must consider your dog’s size, temperament, and how much space they’ll need in the crate.

The rule of thumb to find the proper dimensions is to give them just enough room to stand up with a few inches of clearance above their head. Length-wise, add at least six inches to your dog’s length for the minimum crate size. When your pet rests, they should be able to stretch their legs when lying down. Some crates come with dividers, so its space can “grow” with your pup.

Next, how often and when will your pup be using the crate? Some dogs are only in their crates to sleep at night. Others must be secured at times owners are away for work. Or they’re curious, chewing and potty-training puppies who require supervision and extraordinary care.

Once you’ve determined how your crate will accommodate your dog and serve their needs, you can then decide which room makes the most sense for it. While it’s nearly impossible to advise on what will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, dog, and home layout, I can show you the best-looking options for wherever you choose. I’ll share where we ended up putting our dog’s crate at the end!

Best Dog Crate Furniture Ideas for Stylish Design

Without further ado, here are some of the best dog crate furniture ideas from crate covers to large, luxurious dog kennel credenzas.

Dog Crate Covers

It may seem too simple to “just cover it up,” but that’s exactly what dog crate covers are designed to do. These are especially helpful for dogs who sleep in their crates because using the cover consistently helps establish a routine to signal when it’s bedtime and time to rise – just like we draw our curtains.

All of these options have breathable fabrics for plenty of ventilation and flaps that roll up for an open view.

1. Lords & Labradors Crate Covers, Beds & Complete Cage Sets

Lords & Labradors offers luxury fabrics and accessories in beautiful classic patterns. The pretty pattern here is Balmoral Duck Egg Tweed. You can order the crate covers alone, or in full sets that include a plush bed, bumpers and the cage itself.

2. Molly Mutt Crate Covers

Molly Mutt dog crate cover in green.

Molly Mutt promises to turn your crate “from eyesore to j’adore” with crate covers that come in dozens of print options, all custom-designed by company founder, Molly. The print shown here is “forever young,” but they have many options! You can also buy crate pads, bumpers and inserts in coordinating prints – or bundle to save. Embroidery and custom sizing are also options.

3. Jax And Bones Crate Covers & Cover Sets

Jax & Bone's Crate Cover Set in bone color

Jax & Bone’s Crate Cover Sets come in beautiful neutral colors, which can be beautiful in any home. They have even more color options on this website, which gives you a lot of options depending on your space’s color palette. While you can buy the crate covers alone, the set options include a pad system that makes the space extra cozy. Get it monogrammed for free, here!

Hot Tip: If you go this route to simply match a cover to your decor, consider a heavy-duty dog crate with lockable wheels and a removable tray. That way, if you need to move the crate to accommodate company visiting, it’s much easier. For your dog’s sake, don’t move the crate with the pup inside or confuse them by moving their “house” around too frequently.

Stylish Dog Crate Tables

Taking it up a notch, here are a few decorative dog crate table options. This might be great if you have a small home, condo or apartment and don’t have the room for a separate crate.

Since most of these are best suited for the same space you’d place an end table, they are best for medium to small dogs. As with all of these recommendations, check the product features to ensure you purchase the perfect size with the right weight capacity.

4. Archie & Oscar Bromborough Corner Dog Crate Furniture

Archie & Oscar Bromborough Corner Dog Crate Furniture
via Wayfair

This corner crate by Archie & Oscar is a favorite and is available through Wayfair. It comes in two color options. While it’s style here with the angle toward the corner, if your couch is deep enough, you could align it to either side to serve as an end table.

5. Monique Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table

Monique Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table
via Wayfair

Here’s another from Archie & Oscar with a more sleek and modern look, if that better suits your living room décor. These crate tables would also make great nightstands. They are very similar to a much more expensive brand and at a fraction of the cost. It has good reviews on Wayfair for product satisfaction and comes with an included cushioned pad. Not that these are recommended only for small to medium dogs who aren’t crate busters.

6. Minimalist Fable Side Table Crate

minimalist side table crate from Fable.

Now, if you want to splurge on something a little bit nicer, but can contain a larger, or more active dog, you might want to buy the modern Fable side table crate. This minimalist side table crate comes in various sizes, including large for dogs more than 50 pounds.

The table/crate is so well constructed that it can hold up to 300 pounds on top of it, so this is super heavy-duty. The design is so streamlined and honestly, beautiful if you love the modern style.

7. Orvis Wooden End-Table Crate

Orvis Wooden End-Table Crate
via Orvis

The all-wood construction of this end-table crate from Orvis almost looks more like a regular side table than a crate. This attractive dog kennel is shown here in brown, it also comes in white. The door swings open and stays with a side stopper to allow your dog to come and go easily if desired. It also has a removable, plastic insert for easy cleaning.

Dog Crate Credenzas & Double Crate Furniture

While the previous crate covers and crate tables are made more for a cohesive look, when you have a couple of dogs (or a very large one). , you’re kind of left without a choice of the pet crate being a statement piece.

So then the question is, what kind of statement do you want to make? If you’re ready to go all out with large dog crate furniture, here are a couple for inspiration and another resource if you want to build one yourself.

8. Bullwell Dog Crate Furniture for Large Dogs or Double Dog Kennel

Bullwell Dog Crate Furniture for Large Dogs or Double Dog Kennel
via Wayfair

This credenza-style piece from Archie & Oscar comes in two color options and has a removable divider to house two small dogs or one large pup. The shelves allow for additional storage and the top can hold usual home decor items. This would work well adjacent to a couch, along the wall in a wide entryway, or tucked into a bedroom.

9. Small Wooden Dog Crate With Sliding Door

lords and labradors crate table

While looking at the crate covers from Lords and Labradors, I stumbled upon this gorgeous side table with sliding doors for small to medium breeds. This beautiful crate piece of furniture also has a door on the end for easy access and functionality. It comes in both gray and white, which will complement every decor style.

10. Large Wooden Dog Crate Kennel Furniture

This is an ultimate dog station with plenty of room for most pups, plus storage galore for treats, food and accessories. Doors conceal the shelves when closed. Up top, four large drawers can hold things like leashes, harnesses and grooming supplies. NARTRU has several other sizes and configuration options also available at Walmart.com.

11. DIY With Plans From the Dog & Crate Company

DIY Dog Crate Credenza From the Dog & Crate Company

While Dog & Crate of New Braunfels, TX makes some truly beautiful handmade pieces, delivery or shipping may be a little cost-prohibitive unless you’re in the area. Thankfully, they offer several styles of DIY wood dog crate plans for sale, if you’re up for the challenge! Each set of plans includes print plans and a detailed video tutorial.

You might also check your local area for creative entrepreneurs with small businesses focused on crafting crates as made-to-order items or repurposing vintage treasures into pet kennels.

Final thoughts

It’s almost overwhelming how many options and price points there are for dressing up your dog crate situation. If you’ve tried any of these products or others, I would love to hear about what’s worked (or didn’t) in your space. With all of these choices, there’s no reason to worry about being stuck with an unattractive, plain crate ruining the look of your space.

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