The BEST Mother’s Day Gift Guide!


Need something special for a super woman in your life? Find thoughtful gifts for all things mom’s need in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

I have gathered some pretty great gifts that I either love, love, love – or have been on my wish list for a while now! I know you’ll find something for every mom on your list! {Updated for 2023.}

Moms are some of the MOST hardworking people on the planet (not to brag or anything) and we want to make sure each mom is celebrated for how much she does the other 364 days of the year. I know that my mom is a super woman and is willing to help me out whenever I need her.

And if you are the mom in the family, maybe just subtly send this post to someone who is going to be celebrating you in a few weeks! 😋 This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my full disclosure policy here.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Simplified Planner | Air Pods and Air Pod Case | Face Steamer | Moisturizer | Key Ring | Insulated Coffee Mug | Story Worth | Duffle Bag | Puzzle Table | Robot Vacuum | Candle Warmer Lamp | Apple Watch Band | Robe

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. For the Mom who like to plan!

I’ve used my Simplified Planner (click here) every year for 7 years now and can’t imagine planning my days with anything else! I also love all of their accessories, like this gorgeous navy gingham pen and my planner pouch.

2. For the Mom who needs to listen to her own thoughts (or music)

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my AirPods. I use them all of the time when I need to listen to something I don’t want my kids to hear, or when I want to listen to a podcast while my kids are watching a show, or I want to listen to my music while they are fighting in the car… I mean, the list goes on and on! Every mom needs a pair of these! My cute case for my AirPod Pros is a perfect companion gift, too!

3. For the Mom who needs a spa day

The home face steamer is a great way to pamper her with an at-home spa treatment. It leaves my face feeling so fresh and clean!

4. For the Mom whose skin needs a drink

This pro-collagen marine cream has been the best addition to my skincare routine over the past two years. I LOVE slathering on some each night before bed to keep my skin moisturized to its finest. Grab the 1-2-3 Glow Bestsellers kit to try it out! (If you find that you love it, the cheapest way to get it, is by doing the “subscribe and save” option at Amazon!)

5. For the Mom who is sentimental

Give your mom a dainty gold necklace with the initials of all of her children on the special day! She will cherish it forever and think of the blessing of being a mom when she wears it!

6. For the Mom who needs an extra hand

This Big O keyring is a favorite thing in my life, for sure! Need your hands free to hold a kiddo or carry your groceries? Boom! Done. (Add a mini pouch to go with it for hands free card and cash, too!)

7. For the Mom who needs hot coffee 2 hours later

I love, love, love my gorgeous Corkcicle mug with hydrangeas. Not only is the color super cute, but I never have to re-heat my coffee! Need a bigger coffee cup? My Brümate Toddy XL is great, too!

8. For the Mom who has a story to tell

I gifted my mom a Storyworth subscription for Mother’s Day a few years ago and she LOVED telling her story through e-mail each week. We’ve since printed the books and love how it turned out. (I did it for my dad for Father’s Day, too, and it has been such a treasure!)

9. For the Mom who needs a girl’s weekend!

This one is an investment, but worth every penny! The beautiful duffle bag from Stoney Clover is perfect for traveling lightly, or taking a day trip. Customize with whatever patches you would like. It’s will last for years to come!

10. For the Mom who wants some down time

Anybody else out there love a puzzle? It’s always a treat when I get to work a puzzle. It’s quiet, can be done while watching a movie and means I’m not scrolling on my phone.

So, if you or anyone you love is a puzzle fan, this puzzle table with drawers is perfect! You can move it from room, to room, work it on the couch and even use the drawers to sort the pieces by color or pattern. I got this for my birthday and LOVE it!

11. For the Mom who has little kids or dogs (AKA lots of crumbs)

This could be for anybody whether you have kids or not, but this awesome robot vacuum daily saves my life from the threat of being overtaken by crumbs. I love that I can choose which room for it to vacuum, or set “no-go” zones from the app! BEST gift ever! (I bought this for myself last Christmas, and I LOVE it!)

12. For the Mom who loves to host

Nothing makes me happier when I’m hosting than a clean house and a freshly lit candle. BUT, too many times I’ve walked away and forgot I had a candle burning. Enter this candle warming lamp! Enjoy a delicious scent without the fire risk! It’s cute, too! Try one of my favorite candle scents, like Georgia Peach or Clean Cotton!

13. For the Mom who loves form and function

Let’s face it, the Apple Watch is a not the prettiest watch in the world, but it sure it helpful and functional! I went looking for a nicer watch band that works with everyday looks and more business casual. The blonde tortoise watch band is not only gorgeous, it feels great, is durable and goes with everything. I love mine!!

14. For the Mom who needs some luxury

Or just loves a quality robe. I’ve been looking for the perfect robe for years and this one fits the bill! It feels amazing and the pockets are a bonus. I have the longer length, but this shorter length would be perfect for summer!

What’s your favorite gift to get for mom?

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