Solo Stove Review: The Smokeless Fire Pit Solution


Few things are more lovely than gathering around a cozy fire pit for conversation or roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Well, except for that funky smoky smell that clings to you afterward. I have found the solution! Our Solo Stove Yukon has made our backyard time so much better.

Since we’ve had this smokeless fire pit for several years now, I can give you a great firsthand Solo Stove review.

solo stove review

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Are Solo Stoves really good?

In short, yes! We absolutely love ours. It’s one of the best purchases we’ve made.

Despite loving the look and fun of a fire pit, I used to never want to sit next to one because of the smoke and how my clothes and hair smelled afterward. Ever since we finally decided to invest in a Solo Stove, I’ve been able to enjoy an outdoor fire with my family without having to immediately shower.

Dad with daughter and bonfire

Our girls love to make s’mores, and we especially enjoy it during the spring and fall!

Benefits of Solo Stoves

While I’ve made it pretty clear what I love most about our Solo fire pit, these stoves have a long list of advantages over your basic wood-burning fire pit. Here are the top few that apply to all sizes of Solo Stoves.

fire in a solo stove fire pit

Did I mention less smoke? How do they do it?

These truly are smokeless once you get them going, thanks to how their design controls airflow, “super-heating” it so smoke from burning wood won’t waft up, out and onto you. You can read about Solo Stove’s “signature 360° Airflow” design if you really want to know how it works.

To sum it up, it all has to do with the placement of vent holes at the top and bottom of the stove and how they work together. The lower burn holes pull in air, which is heated by the burn chamber as the fire burns. The convection process uses that air to keep the flames going.

When the air gets hot enough, it rises out of the top holes to create a “secondary burn.” That air is so hot that it burns off the smoke. Say goodbye to those little ash pieces, sparks and hot embers, too.

… And we don’t have to hang our clothes outside to air out afterward.

closeup fire in a solo stove fire pit.

Easy to Use

You won’t be surprised that Solo says starting one up is “the easiest fire ever,” and the claim is true. You start by making a small grid of kindling, adding starters, and then larger pieces of wood. Then slowly build the fire up to the secondary burn holes, which will keep it smokeless.

Solo Stoves have removable ash pans, so there’s no lifting or tipping required to clean them out after use. Once your wood is fully burned and the stove cools completely, you just take the ash pan from below the base plate and dump it.


The fact that you can move these stoves around is a huge plus. Of course, the smaller models are easier to take with you to a friend’s house or on a camping trip. But even the largest and heaviest one weighs only 55 lbs. See below for all of the model weights.


Solo Stoves are made of 304 stainless steel, which is highly durable and rust-resistant. All Solo Stove products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If you keep these dry and clean, they’re supposed to last a lifetime.

Solo Stove Sizes

As I noted above, we chose the Yukon Solo Stove four years ago. Our model is older and 30 inches in diameter. Newer versions of the Yukon are only 27 inches in diameter.

Here are the details on the different Solo Stove sizes from smallest to largest. These should help you choose the best one to suit your lifestyle and backyard patio space.

a Solo stove fire pit on a beach with people around it.

Ranger Solo Stove

This is Solo Stove’s most portable fire pit. Made of durable stainless steel, has a 15-inch diameter, is 12.5 inches tall and weighs only 15 lbs. It currently comes with a free carrying case, too!

Image via Solo Stove

Bonfire Solo Stove

This model is their top seller and a good compromise between portability and semi-permanence. It weighs 23.3 lbs and is 14 inches tall with a 19.5-inch diameter. The Bonfire comes in stainless steel, or, for a little upcharge, seven different colors of high-heat ceramic coating. This model also comes with a free carrying case.

Image via Solo Stove

one man and two women sitting in camp chairs around a small Solo Stove fire pit
Solo stove in fire pit area with string lights.

Yukon Solo Stove

The Yukon also is popular and considerably larger than the first two sizes. It weighs 41.6 lbs, is 17 inches tall and 27 inches in diameter. You get the same choice of stainless steel or seven colorways as with the Bonfire model.

The model pictured is ours, the Yukon 1.0, which is slightly larger than the Yukon 2.0.

Shop the Yukon 2.0

Canyon Solo Stove

And finally you have the Canyon, which is the largest at 55 lbs, 19 inches tall, and 30 inches in diameter. This model currently comes in stainless steel only. With the Canyon, you get a free weather-resistant shelter cover and stand for more heat-sensitive surfaces.

Image via Solo Stove

friends sitting around a Solo Stove fire pit

Solo Stove Accessories: What to Buy Now & Later

There are SO many accessories you can buy to go along with your Solo Stove fire pit. The options have even grown since we bought ours!

I’ll start with what we have, which is the stand that it sits on and one of the weather-resistant shelters (covers). The stand makes it more portable and safer to use on heat-sensitive surfaces, like your grass or deck. The cover keeps it clean and protected from the elements.

Buy at least those two if they’re not included in a deal. (The company offers several accessory bundles for savings.) They protect your property and your investment in the fire pit itself.

Just looking at our current set-up in our DIY gravel fire pit area, I think next up for us will be the lid, surround – and larger shelter to cover the surround.

The lid creates a tabletop when you’re not using the stove for fire. It is also another safeguard over the stove until you’re certain your fire is completely out. The surround creates a little shelf for small plates and drinks and adds a shield between the fire and your pets and people.

Other accessories include heat deflectors, pellet adapters, cooktops, and much more.

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Common Questions About Solo Stoves

Here are a few questions that come up about using Solo Stoves. If I have missed anything, drop a question in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer (or find it for you)!

Can I grill on a Solo Stove?

Yes. The company makes a series of cast iron cooking accessories and hubs that allow you to convert your stove into a grill. While you can make all the s’mores or skewered hot dogs you want with it as is, the cooking kits let you level up to burgers, chicken and more. There are grill, griddle and wok attachments available.

Solo Stove also makes an entirely separate pizza oven now too!

Yukon Solo Stove with fire wood on a pea gravel fire pit.

Do Solo Stoves burn a lot of wood?

Many Solo Stove reviews say you’ll go through more firewood per use, and we’ve found that to be true. On the other hand, it burns more efficiently so you’re left with only ash and no wood wasted.

Dry hardwood burns best, like hickory, oak, maple and birch. Avoid pine unless it’s completely dried out. Even then, it burns faster than other wood, so it’s best for kindling if you use it at all.

Do Solo Stoves rust out?

While stainless steel can rust when left to the elements or exposed to harsh chemicals, you can keep your Solo Stove as good as new for a lifetime if you take care of it. Invest in a cover if your model doesn’t come with it. If it’s a more portable model, store it away from the elements entirely. Solo Stoves have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

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