Happy Easter {& a family update}

Happy Easter Weekend! We’re enjoying some down time with family and friends, coming off of a fairly relaxing Spring Break week. No, we’re not young enough to still be in college, although I’m sure you can’t tell I’m a day over 23. Ha! But my hubby, Coach, is a teacher, so we’ll take a week spent together! It’s been nice having him around these past few days.

I finally finished my board and batten!! I stayed up until 2 am the other night (or is it morning??) and knocked it out. I almost went to bed at a decent hour, but then decided to just finish it. I was so tired of having all of my living room furniture pushed into the middle of the room.

I’ll have an update soon. I’ve got a couple more things to share before the big reveal. It is gorgeous, in my humble opinion, and I want to squeal every time I walk into the room.

We had an Easter egg hunt at church last weekend and Miss A met the Easter bunny. She was so excited until it was our turn to sit with him. And then, of course, she was scared. So I got to sit with the Easter bunny, too!


And then she’s talked about it the rest of the week, how she wants to “bunny hold you.” 2-year-olds are so funny.

And just so I have this written down somewhere: what Miss A’s been doing at 2 years and 3 months old:

– She is soooo into anything having to do with her “baby” right now. Her Nana gave her an American Girl Bitty Baby for Christmas and she totes that thing around like it’s real.
– Her favorite things to do with the baby are change her diaper, put her to sleep, rock her and feed her. All appropriate mommy duties. I think she has a good grasp on what it means to be a mother of an infant. 🙂
– When she puts the baby down to sleep, her favorite thing to tell me is, “shhhhh, quiet. Baby sleepy.” Love her!
– We have nightly concerts singing into the blunt end of our forks.
– At the end of every song she ends with “Thank you. Hugs.”
– She is definitely showing her independence. Everything is “my ……”. Including verbs and adjectives. For example, the other night I gave her some hot rice on her plate. And I told her to blow on it. I tried to help her blow on it too. And she said, “no Mommy, my hot.”
– And then the other day, we were about to walk through a parking lot and told her to hold my hand. She responded with, “no Mommy, my walkin’ “. Hilarious!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We’ll be celebrating the Risen Lord!

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