Living Room Makeover – Part 3: Caulking and Spackling

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I’m still working on my living room board and batten. I’m not quite sure how much I want to reveal from here on out before I do the big reveal. But, I will show you what I’m doing today.

All of the boards in the living room are up on the walls. {Did I hear a Hallelujah!?!?} Well … kind of. I do still have to buy, prime, paint and put up the top ledge on all of the walls. Shouldn’t take too long.

And I have about 5 more small boards to prime, paint, cut and put up. But they are in the kitchen around the bar area. I’m trying to finish the living room first so that we can move everything back in it’s place. #tiredofhavingallthefurnitureinthemiddleoftheroom

These are my two best friends today: Alex and Dex.

Alex Fast Dry Caulk
Dry Dex Spackling

I’ve been caulking and spackling all day and am looking forward to this project being done!! I think I’ve somehow burned part of my finger from wiping the caulking off the rough MDF sides. Ouch!

I can say that other than the burning finger part, I loved seeing the transformation from before to after caulking. It makes the look so much more cohesive. And almost like a finished product. Almost. šŸ™‚

Results of caulking and spackling

And you may notice the pink dots on the right picture. That’s the spackling. For the first time I used the pink spackling that dries white. It lets you know when it’s good and dry and ready to be sanded and painted. How handy, right? I think I love it!

So, it may not be quite finished this weekend, but we’re getting so close!! And then I can work on hanging pictures on the wall. Soooo excited about that part.

I hope you have a happy weekend!

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