A’s Room Update {curtains}

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I finally got brave and tried to use my sewing machine. My first project was curtains for A’s room.

Let’s just say that the first attempt at sewing did not make me want to continue. I went to bed on Sunday night vowing that I was giving up. (My bobbin thread kept breaking and I couldn’t figure out how to keep it from breaking.) But I decided to try it one more try. I undid everything I’d done so far and started over. The second time was the charm.

I followed this tutorial.

This was what her room looked like before. I love what curtains do for a room, and this time is no different. I just love them!

And again an after shot:

This is my design board for A’s room. It’s coming along …

If you enjoy this update, would you mind pinning it? Have a great day!!

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