Home Office Decor: Create a Stunning Workspace


These home office decoration ideas will have you itching to turn your spare room into a chic, stylish place to get away and do a bit of work (or play!).

Every home has a few spaces where design can be a challenge. In my experience, the home office is near the top of that list because my home office doubles as my guest bedroom. Because of this, I’ve found that home office decor must be both pretty and functional, which can be a tough combination sometimes.

Home Office Decor Ideas - pretty, stylish and functional office decorating ideas!

Plus, when it comes to decorating your home, you may not always be thinking about your home office. We all have that one space in our home where everything without a space to go ends up, and for so many people, the office can serve as a dumping grounds of sorts.

How I Changed My Home Office Decor

If I’m entirely honest, I used to struggle with my home office too. Trying to juggle my family, work and home – my office got the back burner and was one of the last spaces in our home I got to decorate.

Eventually, I was tired of working in a less-than-lovely space, staring at beige walls. I decided it was time for a change, and for me, it all began with a piece of furniture: my amazing desk!

You can read the entire story and see inspiration images of my home office decor here, but once I had the most important piece of furniture, I arranged everything around that. It’s a great starting point, but if you need more inspiration, I’ve got you covered!

The Best Home Office Decor Ideas

This is how much updated office space turned out. It’s just a corner of the guest bedroom, but it works for me! (See more pics of my finished home office in this post.)

Home Office Decor Ideas for your home!

Since I spent a lot of time struggling with this room, I thought it would be a good time to showcase some of the inspiring ideas and images that helped me along the way so you could give your space a makeover too!

When it comes to home office decor, the options are endless. Think about it — you can add all sorts of items into your space, like throw pillows, rugs, lamps, plants, photo frames, and so much more to transform the look.

Whether your office is small or just a corner nook, you can glean a few takeaways from this post. If you have to work, you might as well make your space amazing, right? 🙂

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Try Bohemium Home Office Decor

The bright colors, bohemian rug, plants, and accessories really showcase this style of decorating. Even though I don’t have a boho style, I still found this pretty home tour so inspiring!

Don’t be afraid of bold colors and patterns like Dabito from Old Brand New used in this home office. It turned out splendid and I’m sure you will get lots of compliments from friends and family.

My favorite part of the space has got to be a tie between the clever shelving-desk hybrid and the fun gallery wall. Greenary keeps everything looking nice and fresh, too.

Think About Metals

Add a touch of glam home office decor with gold accents just like this pretty space from Jen Woodhouse. The dark gray paint color makes the gold stand out beautifully, while all those pink accents soften and round out the design. I just love how her space turned out!

Don’t be limited just by gold, however. There are so many lovely metal accent options these days, from shiny chrome to a rustic brass. Metals add an expected pop in any space, but particularly in a home office when people expect more function than form.

Recreate this look by bringing in some fun gold finishes for everyday office decor pieces such as:

Utilize and Decorate Wall Space

One of the best home office ideas is to utilize the wall space that’s available to you. This is universally true whether you have a closet you’ve transformed into an office (AKA cloffice), or an entire room to utilize.

Having shelving that you can use for cute office decor as well as staying functional is a huge plus. Jen at I Heart Organizing did an amazing job creating a cohesive home office space by utilizing colorful wallpaper to act as decor in the space behind the shelves, then layering neutral boxes on the shelves that contain various odds and ends.

Keep Things Earthy

If having tons of color isn’t your thing, there is nothing wrong with that. For many people, decorating a home office is all about creating a soothing, relaxing space just like this one. What better way to do that than by focusing on earth tones?

The bookshelf serves double duty as a place for both decor and cleverly hidden office supplies. Sabrina at Pink Little Notebook really knew what she was doing when she put together all this home office decor!

Keep Home Office Decor Minimal

If you are fortunate enough to have an office with natural light, be sure you use it to its full potential. Brent at The Cow Spot did a great job keeping home office decor minimal to allow the massive, beautiful windows to stay the star of the show.

Billowy white sheer curtains help soften the room while adding the helpful function of filtering light to avoid eyestrain. Plus, when your decor is minimal you can add fun accessories like the floral office chairs!

Add Some Fun Color

Oh, how I love the office ideas that are in this photo. Hang up photos of your family and inspiring words in bright frames to give the office a personalized touch while also providing you inspiration to get through the workday.

You want the room to feel warm and inviting, not cold and stark. This playful workspace is filled with touches to help keep it fresh, like this fun aqua filing cabinet. Taylor at Glitter Guide went with a simple approach to decorating in her stylish home office, but it has a huge impact on the room.

In conclusion, it’s SO nice to have a room that is quiet, lovely, and somehow almost makes work an escape, ya’ll. (A door that is able to be locked is always a plus, too. 😂) Don’t be afraid to add your personal touches and make it a room you want to be in.

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  1. Hello, I enjoy your instastories and of course the blog here. I’m wondering if you can help me figure out where to begin. My home needs updating after 21 years of pretty much just paint… a few other new things but nothing major. We need new floors, new windows, painting in many rooms, especially the great room with a vaulted ceiling, bathrooms, kitchen update, etc. You get the idea. WHERE do I begin? Painting? Windows? Celing painted? I don’t know the correct sequence! Thanks so much!

    Lorri in Florida * An empty nester needing to fluff the nest

    1. Hi Lorri, I have heard that things should go in this order: windows, ceiling paint, walls paint, flooring, cabinets, paint trim then countertops. I know you didn’t mention cabinets or countertops, but I had that question once and someone helped me with the right order. Just skip anything you don’t plan on changing and move on to the next thing. Good luck with all of your fluffing!! xo, Laura

  2. Hello Laura,
    What a renovation idea you share! Wonderful hacking and well home decoration idea you provideand share. I think a slim chair is perfect for a reading room and guest room.

  3. I am a Home Stager and redoing a renovated mobile home with super small rooms, and this is just the right information to transform one small bedroom area into a dual purpose room. I really enjoy your blog and continue to incorporate your ideas into my designs. Thanks, once again, for sharing. GLK

  4. All of these are just wonderful. You have amazing talent and I so enjoy your lovely column. 🙂

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