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With less than a week from Christmas, I thought I’d better get this office photographed and shared before the big day!

Pretty Plaid Office at Christmas

I actually put this tree up before Thanksgiving because I wanted to have at least one tree in a window in the front of our house. Our old house had a prominent window in our dining room, which is where I always put a large tree. But in this home we have 6 smaller windows in the front of our home, so I had to pick one!

My office corner felt like the perfect place for a tree. It’s out of the way and my flocked Christmas tree from our old living room fit in this corner nicely.

Girly Office Christmas Tree

Large Wall Calendar | Flocked Christmas Tree | Brass Tree Collar (similar) | Floral Curtains | Blush & Gray Rug | Desk | Computer Stand | Small Pink Glass Ornaments | Large Gold & Blush Ornaments (similar) | Lamp (no longer sold) | Wonderful Counselor Art

I LOVE this artificial tree and the large clumps of flocking that make it look like it just survived a snow storm. ❄ The organic branches feel very rustic too. I just love it! So, I’m thankful I could find a home for it in the new house.

Blush & Plaid Office Christmas Decor

And of course I wanted to decorate it in a way that works well with the brass and blush colors I already have going on in this space. I lucked out with this cream and taupe plaid ribbon I already had. I’ve had it so long that I don’t remember where I bought it. 😜

Pretty Plaid Office at Christmas

I didn’t start out with any ornaments for this space, but you’ll see how it worked out! I had some leftover ornaments from the girls blush Christmas tree that matched the colors of my curtains to a T!

In addition to the girls leftover ornaments, I had bought this pack of small glass ornaments in mostly pink colors (similar pink ornament set). I bought them for the girls’ tree last year, but didn’t end up using them, so they came down here.

Floral Blush & Gray Curtains in Girly Office

Lastly, I ordered the McGee & Co. x Target gold ornaments (no longer available) when they first released back in November. And by the time I received my order, they were sold out. If I had known how amazing they would be, I would have ordered multiple sets!

Gold & Blush Ornaments in Girly Christmas Office

They were only $25 for 10 large, heavy, glass ornaments with beautiful tops. If they come back in stock next year I will buy many more and will tell you all to buy them early, too! I just LOVE them!

Gold & Blush Christmas Ornaments by Studio McGee x Target

The funny thing is that they very much have a blush or rose gold hue to them, not straight up gold. So they look perfect on this tree.

If there’s anything I’ve learned with Christmas decor, it is to go ahead and buy something (more than one) if you like it, because if you change your mind, it’ll be gone!

Gold Tree Collar in a Girly Office

Large Wall Calendar | Flocked Christmas Tree | Brass Tree Collar (similar) | Floral Curtains | Blush & Gray Rug | Desk | Computer Stand | Small Pink Glass Ornaments | Large Gold & Blush Ornaments (similar) | Lamp (no longer sold) | Wonderful Counselor Art

The one DIY project I did in here has to do with the tree collar! I had an old galvanized metal tree collar I got back in 2017 when tree collars first became popular. Here’s an old picture I found of it…

Galvanized Tree Collar

You can also see it peeking out from behind the gifts in this “How to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree” post.

Anyway, I don’t love the galvanized farmhouse look anymore. I really want a brass tree collar in here, like the one pictured below.

So I spray painted my galvanized tree collar! I used some Rust-Oleum vintage gold spray paint. I didn’t document any of it, but you can picture it, I’m sure. πŸ™‚ I love how it turned out exactly like the tree collar I wanted, but I only had to buy a can of spray paint!

Office Christmas Decor with Flocked Tree

When I was unpacking all of my old Christmas decor, I realized this “Wonderful Counselor” art print I had from GraceLaced would work perfectly in here! The soft colors work with my office decor and I adore it between the windows.

Wonderful Counselor Christmas Art

Isn’t it perfect? The art print is no longer sold, but it looks like you can still get it in a canvas! It’s so pretty and I’ve been using it in my decor for years.

Wonderful Counselor Christmas Art

I’m so happy to have found a perfect new spot for it in our house.

That covers the office Christmas decor! It makes me so happy to have this tree next to my work space during the holidays AND to see the pretty twinkly lights from the window outside at night.

I think it’ll be OK to keep it up until February, right?! ☺️

Pretty Flocked Pink & Gold Christmas Tree

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  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year and a full and complete recovery. The tree is beautiful and the tree collar turned out great.

  2. Prayers for you and your family this holiday season. I, too, have family members diagnosed with CV. Thankfully, it was mild to moderate and they have now recovered. Your home is beautiful. I enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas!

  3. Your office tree is beautful! I’m so sorry you and your family are sick and pray for a speedy recovery for all of you, and a Merry Christmas!πŸŽ„πŸŽβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ

  4. Your tree is stunning. I love the whole office, such a beautiful place to work. Best wishes for a quick recovery from the virus.

  5. Laura, your office looks so beautiful! You have such an amazing talent for pulling things together. The tree is just gorgeous. And I LOVE the way you stacked just a few rolls of pretty wrapping paper in that basket with the pillows, and draped the small ornaments around them. It’s such a nice touch. I am so sorry to hear that you all came down with CV! I have a family member with the virus, and it has just been awful for him. My best wishes for all of you, for rest and recovery. When you get better, I have a question for you: I struggle with decorating, and long to create the completed, “pulled-together” rooms that you feature. How do I start? I like so many colors that it seems impossible to find a single color scheme for an entire house – or even complementary colors for different rooms. What is the first step to creating a cohesive look? Thanks for your advice.

  6. The blush and brass tree is gorgeous, as is everything in your home!

    I pray that you and your family recover fast and that you can enjoy the girls’ birthdays.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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