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Christmas Tree Collar Ideas for Your Home

Try a beautiful Christmas tree collar in place of the traditional Christmas tree skirt. Choose from woven, metal or wood options before they sell out!

I am sure you’ve noticed the Christmas tree collar trend that has been taking the holiday decor world by storm the past few years. It’s such a cute way to mix up your Christmas decorations and dress up your Christmas tree in a new, trendy way!

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Navy & Green Farmhouse Christmas Tree
I have and love this gorgeous woven Christmas tree collar!

What is a Christmas Tree Collar?

A Christmas tree collar is simply a structured woven, metal or wood covering for your Christmas tree base. And while tree skirts have been the tree base covering options for decades, in the past few years, tree collars have made a rise in popularity.

Galvanized Tree Collar
Similar Galvanized Tree Collar

The benefits of a collar over tree skirts are many, including that you don’t have to worry about getting a skirt flat or getting the wrinkles out. Collars can even deter pets from messing with the base of a tree or trying to climb a tree! (I have been known to use both a collar and a skirt, 😜 so it’s a totally personal choice, of course.)

Where did Tree Collars Come From?

I have been a longtime fan of tree collars, going back to the days of 2013 when I made my own wooden “crate” collar because you couldn’t even buy them back then.

Then the trend toward tree collars started when decorators were looking for any kind of new and different way to hide a Christmas tree stand. As an example, before retailers caught on to the trend, decorators would use any kind of basket they could find. But finding a basket with a large enough base proved to be difficult.

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A couple of years ago I created an easy DIY Christmas tree base with a bucket, concrete, rocks and a PVC pipe. I love how versatile it is and allows me to set it inside any size basket.

Easy 5-Step DIY Christmas Tree Basket - the best Christmas tree stand ideas!
DIY Christmas Tree Base for a Basket

So, it’s been really fun to see all of the collar selections that retailers have brought to the market in the past few years. Moreover, they are made the right size to cover most tree stand and make it easy to create a beautiful finishing touch for your Christmas tree.

Tip: Always be sure to measure your tree base and check to make sure the one you’re ordering will fit.

And over the past few years I’ve purchased several of them for my trees.

Gorgeous Flocked Christmas Tree with navy and green plaid ribbon and a basket tree collar.
My woven tree collar from a few years ago is back in a square version this year! See more of my Flocked Plaid Christmas Tree HERE.

They are so cute and popular, that they sell out early each season and I didn’t want you to miss them this year! I will usually suggest waiting to buy large purchases until a big sale weekend or holiday, but when it comes to tree collars, you’ll want to grab these while they are still in stock!

National Tree Company "Feel Real" Frasier Grande Tree

Where to Buy Christmas Tree Collars:

There are so many great options out there today at a variety of price ranges. You can find them at:

Click the images below to shop Woven Tree Collars:

Tap the images below to shop Wooden Tree Collars:

Click the images below to shop Metal Tree Collars:

Tap the images below to shop Other Tree Collars:

Let me know which ones are your favorites! I especially love the woven basket styles and this one that actually looks like a basket is under your tree. And this year I’m loving the cane basket tree collar. I’m really thinking I might grab one before they sell out!

The Best Christmas Tree Collar Ideas for Your Home

Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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  1. OMG Laura I can’t wait to see your 5 trees!!!! I got a woven basket one last night in Lowes, I can’t wait to see it under my 1 tree, lol!! Happy decorating!!

  2. I could never justify paying sixty or more for one of these, but clicked through the Hobby Lobby linked one and they are on sale for $25.00! Thank you!

    1. Yay! There are so many price points. The ones at Hobby Lobby, Target and Michael’s are definitely on the lower end. And some are even out of my price range! But I know everyone has a different budget. 🙂 xo, Laura

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