My Flocked Plaid Christmas Tree

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Enjoy this year’s flocked Christmas tree with navy and green plaid ribbon, neutral ornaments and pretty basket tree collar!

This year is a little different from years in the past, because we’re moving the week after Thanksgiving. So, because I was just decorating to share it on the blog, I didn’t do my normal tradition of a big, fancy tree in the dining room and our family ornament tree in the living room.

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Flocked Green and Navy Plaid Christmas Tree with a Basket Tree Collar

Instead I just put up one tree–in the living room–and decorated it with my “fancy” ornaments that normally go on my big tree. It was fun decorating a smaller tree with all of my favorite decor, because it’s much easier to decorate a 7.5 tree than a 9 foot tree. But, our new house has lower ceilings than this house, so I donated my 9-foot tree and bought this new flocked tree to replace it!

Beautiful Corner Christmas Tree Decor with neutral ornaments and blue and green plaid ribbon

Sadly the pre-lit flocked tree is sold out everywhere already, but there are a few trees still in stock without lights, if you prefer that! I have a great tutorial on how to add lights to your tree so that it glows! And if you’re in the market for an artificial tree, there are so many great options that I’ve highlighted in this post.

Flocked Green and Navy Plaid Christmas Tree with neutral ornaments

I try to reuse my same ornaments each year, and add some new ribbon or a couple new ornaments to give it a different look. Some of my ornaments are 8-9 years old and I just love them!

So, my advice is to buy ornaments that are classic and that you love, and add to your collection each year. There’s no need to buy all new ornaments every year.

Flocked Christmas Tree with DIY ornaments and new ornaments!

I also have some of my favorite DIY ornaments on the tree, like my DIY Wooden Sign ornaments I made a few years ago.

The new ornaments I DID buy this year were the large white wooden stars. I fell in love with them in the store, and then snagged a bunch online. I used some of them in my mantel decor as well (up on the shutters).

Pretty Christmas tree with flocking and neutral ornaments and navy and green decor!

And I purchase these adorable gold bells (shop similar), as well, but ended up using them to decorate my stockings and on my shutters on the mantel. So, maybe next year I’ll add some more new ornaments to the tree and they won’t get swiped by the mantel decor committee. 😂

I find that adding some new, fun ribbon is always a great way to change the look of my tree for pretty cheap. This year I saw this navy and green plaid ribbon (shop similar) on several beautiful trees. I looked around for something I loved more, but I kept coming back to it. So, I grabbed a few rolls and I love how it pairs so well with my other Christmas decor. I guess blue and green are my go-to Christmas colors. 💙🌲

Blue and Green Plaid Ribbon on a Flocked Christmas Tree

Wrapping paper is another fun way to add a new element to your Christmas decor each year. You’re probably going to need new wrapping paper anyway, so why not make it coordinate with your decor?!

Beautiful blues and greens in the wrapping paper coordinate perfectly with the Christmas decor! Flocked Christmas Tree with Navy and Green plaid ribbon

I always love the Sugar Paper wrapping paper each year. It’s not expensive and the patterns are always so pretty.

My other go-to wrapping paper source is Minted. They have gorgeous papers designed by their indie designers. While it’s a bit pricy, I usually get a couple patterns to intermix in my decor. You can see some of my previous choices in my wrapping station post I did a couple years ago.

Beautiful blues and greens in the wrapping paper coordinate perfectly with the Christmas decor! Flocked Christmas Tree with Navy and Green plaid ribbon

I love to buy mini ornaments or other small decor items and decorate the presents with those. Or make large bows out of ribbon. It all adds to the overall whimsy of my tree.

Gorgeous green and blue Christmas Decor on a Flocked Tree

I hope you enjoy my little Christmas tree tour this year. If you didn’t see my mantel yet, you can check it out here. And I’ll be sharing my Christmas Home Tour this coming week–so stay tuned!!

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  1. I love the whole look of your room! I am pivoting from the rustic Buffalo plaid look and trying to find something more timeless. The wooden ball ornaments seem like something that could be used for many years. Where did you purchase them? Sorry if I missed it in your post. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Re: gift wrapping. I don’t hate wrapping, but many years ago I hit on a time saving, as well as a money saving idea. I bought sturdy nested boxes that I could reuse, but they weren’t in the color palette I wanted. So, I painted the bottoms of the boxes with acrylic craft paint, and wrapped the lids with my chosen paper. I also like to use ornaments in lieu of bows, which can be reused. I use the ornaments that my son made when he was in grade school as tags. He is grown now, but marveled that I kept them.

  3. I love the large mirror next to the tree! What a great idea to spread all that Christmas sparkle around the room! Good luck with the upcoming move!

  4. I love this tree! I am more of a navy type person rather than the black buffalo plaid that is so popular right now. This gave me some ideas for my decor.

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