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Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

After spending years wrapping gifts on the floor and on the bed, it was time to turn an old college desk into a Christmas wrapping station! I’m in love with the change (that took an hour of my time) and more importantly my back appreciates a little help not having to wrap on the floor this year. 😉

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share a fun little Christmas DIY project and wrapping station with you today. Plus some Christmas wrapping tips and a whole bunch of inspirational goodness at the end!

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A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

I started by transforming this old desk from college into a painted beauty. Most recently my plain and simple dark stained desk has been relegated to the corner of our master bedroom covered in wrinkled laundry in need of a good ironing. Womp. Womp.

A desk before it's gift wrapping station makeover!

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting rid of it, but never have in case I wanted to use it someday. And I’m glad I kept it now. I think it goes perfectly in this space in all of its white chalk painted glory. Don’t you think?!

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

I painted two coats of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint Pure White {this Chalked paint works great, too!). Then I gently sanded the edges and places that would be naturally worn with a fine grit sandpaper, sealed it with clear wax and called it a day!

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

Now I love it in this space!! But enough about the desk, let’s talk about the pretty papers!

Here’s a little tip about me. I hate, hate, hate wrapping gifts. Eek! Don’t stop reading now, because I hope to redeem myself. Maybe you’re a wrapper hater, too, so this is how I get myself excited about wrapping.

I make wrapping like decorating. I want the gifts under the tree to look as pretty as the rest of the room. So I pretend like I’m picking out coordinating fabrics when I’m choosing my wrapping papers and embellishments. So that it feels like decorating instead of wrapping gifts. LOL And I have no idea why I hate it so much, but now you know my little secret. 😉

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

And because the gifts are all part of the decor, I search high and low for beautiful wrapping paper.

This year I found some at none other than Minted. You know the place where you can buy beautiful art and get gorgeous Christmas cards?? Well, I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous navy, green, blush and mint colors that go so well with the rest of my decor.

I grabbed the …

I love that these are unique designs by individual artists for Minted, not to mention absolutely stunning in person. You won’t find papers like these in the stores. {Trust me, I’ve looked!}

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

1. Use a variety of coordinating papers. You knew this one would be first, right? It’s so fun to find wrapping papers that look good together under the tree. I try to do a large pattern, small pattern, and solid colors. You can never go wrong with a roll of kraft paper, so I always keep one on hand for large gifts that I don’t want to use up all of my expensive paper on. {See my gifts under my tree in 2018 and again in 2019 for more ideas for coordinating wrapping paper.}

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

2. Don’t hold back on the cute ribbon and twine. I’m beginning to have a ribbon and twine hoarding problem. But I just fall in love with some of the cutest stuff.

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

And don’t scrimp! Wrap the heck out of those presents. Multiple wrappings of twine go a long way to making a present look super cute. Trust me on this. And bows galore. I shot these photos when my wrapping was only partly done. So expect to see a lot more ribbon and twine when you see them finished under my tree.

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

3. Add fun embellishments like ornaments as gift tags, figurines, wreaths. Be creative and let those ideas flow. It’s so much fun to open a gift with a fun figure or ornament on top that is now part of the gift. The recipient will then take it home and hopefully remember you when they pull it out year after year.


4. Grab some fun Gift Tags. I haven’t gotten to this step yet, but last year I rounded up some of my favorite free printable gift tags out there (click here). They are all too cute, so check those out and warm up the printer for some adorable holiday gift giving!

There you have it! Some simple tips and ideas on getting that wrapping done and making it fun even if you’re like me and don’t looove wrapping gifts. It’s so much more fun when you think of it as decorating under your tree (and blessing your friends and family with cuteness)!

A Christmas Gift Wrapping Station + Simple Gift Wrapping Tips


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  1. Merry Christmas Laura! I love the wrapping station idea! Please tell me how you use that area when you are not wrapping gifts!?

  2. WOW, this is nice. will not do it this year, since we do not have much gift wrapping to do this year. However, next year, I must set up a, “gift wrapping station.” my gift wrapper, have stuff all over everything. I fuss, all to no good. I think a station would work perfect. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful look, & a creative way to get excited about wrapping presents. I’m using inexpensive tea towels to wrap presents. I started it earlier this year for birthday‘s & such. Sometimes it gets more attention than the gift! Love the twine holder on your desk as well.

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  5. Please share a tutorial/pattern for the embroidered snowflake wood slices—too cute!!! Would love to make those for December 2019. I’ve enjoyed your Christmas home; your navy and green scheme is so fresh!

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  12. Beautiful paper by Minted! I would love to have a gift wrapping station like yours! But I have to ask do you ever wear those pretty purple slippers? Don’t get me wrong, they have made a beautiful prop in your Christmas photos! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Hi Doris! They are new, so I have worn them, but they don’t look too worn yet because I’ve only had them about a week. SOOOO super comfy, though! Love them!

  13. The paper from Minted is beautiful!!! I fully agree with the need for a wrapping station of some kind, even if it’s the kitchen or dining room table, much easier to wrap standing up than sitting on the floor! As much as I love pretty wrapping paper and embellishments and my gifts coordinating with my decor, my frugal
    nature and desire to be environmentally responsible makes it hard for me to spend so much money on things that will most likely get thrown away, like the paper and ribbon/twine. My dad was from the depression era and I remember him wanting us to carefully unwrap gifts (instead of ripping it off)and try to save the paper, and I tend to use gift bags when possible for the same reason, that they can be reused. What is your take on that? I’m in no way trying to be a downer, I love your post and your blog! I know paper can be recycled and ribbon and twine can be reused. Just wondering about your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Vicki, I guess I’ve never thought about it, but I realize that it will be most likely thrown away. That’s why I like to use ornaments or fun little toys as embellishments, because they can keep them. But the other stuff has never bothered me. 🙂

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  15. Your wrapping desk turned out perfectly! I still have my old university desk that my son now uses while he’s away at school. Strange how time flies! Anyway, that paper you picked out is super adorable too. Just lovely!

  16. The table looks gorgeous freshened up in white! And what a perfect little gift wrapping area! Thanks for taking part in today’s hop, Laura!

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