Console Table Styling Basics

Hey y’all!

A couple of nights ago I shared a picture of my in-progress new console table. You remember when I shared my new DIY art with you a few weeks ago, right?

If you know the basics to styling a console table or any vignette, you're house will be looking like it's straight out of a magazine in no time! | Details at

Well, I’m ready to tackle the rest of the table just in time to add some fall touches. A beachy art piece goes with all things fall, right? 🙂 Well, I’m going to attempt to style it and add in a few neutral fall touches, I think.

Here’s the picture I shared and posed this question on Facebook:

Console Styling 101 - this needs your help! |

I need y’all’s opinion!

Ok, so I showed you my DIY art canvas and new console table recently. I’m struggling with how to decorate the rest of the table.

I plan to get another basket underneath. Either one matching this one, or two new ones. With a baby who will get into whatever I put down there, baskets of toys is the obvious solution.

But what about on either side of the art?

These are two matching lamps that I got on clearance from Target, but I’ve painted one of them. And then I have this lamp shade also from Target.

Should I …

1. Paint the other lamp? Or paint them both a new color entirely?

2. But new lamps. (I would go with some a little chunkier if I bought new.)

3. Should I get another lamp shade like this? Or buy new lampshades altogether??

Read all of the comments and conversation on Facebook HERE.

Asymmetrical vs. Symmetrical

I got some amazing feedback (thanks y’all!) and have been playing around with some things I already have. The biggest question for me was do I go asymmetrical or symmetrical?

Do I do the two lamps on either side and two baskets down below? Or do I create something a little more organic and just have one lamp and go from there?

If I choose asymmetrical, do I leave the art in the middle or do I place it slightly off center?

I think I’ve mostly decided which direction I’m going in. I see a trip to HomeGoods in my not too distant future. And in my searching and thinking, I found that there are some standard elements to incorporate into an asymmetrical console table styling to make it look amazing.

Elements for a Beautiful & Balanced Asymmetrical Style

You’ll need …

  • Interesting lighting – and I find that if it overlaps the art behind it, that looks good
  • Height to Balance – something opposite of the lamp that has substantial height to balance
  • Grounding art or mirror – either leaning or hung
  • Something Stacked – it could be books or vintage suitcases or some decorative boxes
  • Something Round – this could be anything from the lamp base, to a trinket, or a vase
  • Rectangular Tray – to collect some fun accessories like candles, figurines or an interesting bowl
  • Plant or Flowers – something to breathe life
  • Textured baskets or some colorful stools underneath
If you know the basics to styling a console table or any vignette, you're house will be looking like it's straight out of a magazine in no time! | Details at

lamp / art / flower arrangement / bowl / tray / books / candle holder / basket / table

See if you can find the essential elements in these beautiful vignettes…


Teal & Lime


Hudson Interior Design


Pottery Barn


Jenny Wolf Interiors

I hope this helps you (and me!) the next time you’re trying to figure out how to style your table tops.

What else would you add to the must-haves?

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  1. I would paint the lamp black and get a shade (or cover this one) with some green or orange in it. Then I’d add a large vase on the left with autumn colors. Maybe an owl or other figurine to bring in some more aqua.

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