My Favorite Distressed Blue Vintage Rugs

The distressed vintage rug look is popular right now, but I believe, in my humble non-professional designer opinion, that they have a classic look and will be a timeless piece for years to come! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite distressed blue vintage rugs at the end of the post. Bonus: they are all super affordable – like a 9×12 under $300 affordable. That what I’m talking about!!

Well, I’ve gone and done something I tell people not to do. But I promise there was a good reason, so let me explain! Although in the end, I think it’ll be another example of what NOT to do. 😬 (Kind of like, how I should take my own advice… 😜)

I’ve had dreams of changing up some spaces in our home for a few years now. You can see my 2018 Home Goals right here. I think I’ve been talking about adding bamboo blinds in the kitchen and living room for 3 years and they just arrived last week, but I digress. Sometimes change takes me a loooong time.

Sometime I’m tripped up by the budget (find where to get affordable rugs), or I’m having a good old case of analysis paralysis. You know, when it’s nearly impossible to make a decor decision because you just don’t want to make the wrong one! It happens to everyone!! And I’m a Enneagram 1, which means I never want to make a mistake, so it’s a double whammy.

Find out what size rug to buy for each space in your home.

As I tell people all the time, when it comes to starting a room makeover, the best thing is to make a vision board of all the elements you want to have in the space. Well, in this case I didn’t do that. Whomp. Whomp. And lo and behold, I am not sure I made the right decision. (I need your help below!!)

I made a vision board for my eat-in kitchen makeover, and I’m just humming along with that project! But this room, I just jumped in without writing down my plan…

It’s always a real possibility that you will purchase something you wish you hadn’t when you don’t take the time to walk through the important steps of making over a space. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

I broke my own rule this time because I knew I wanted a new rug for my living room. I had done my research and narrowed it down to this one that I (thought) I loved. And when it went on major sale, I snatched it up! I bought the nuLOOM Traditional Vintage Abstract Blue Rug in a 9′ x 12′.

Only now I think it might be too light for the space…

The Top Vintage Blue Distressed Rugs

What do you think? I will add that I plan to add a few elements to the room that will warm it up…

I really struggle with huge change like this and don’t like the idea of having to return an online rug purchase. But I wonder if a similar rug with darker colors would be better?

Here’s what the living room looked like before …

Simple beachy summer living room

And here’s a side-by-side view to help…

The Top Vintage Blue Distressed Rugs

What do you think? Do I need to keep the old rug, keep the new rug, or get a different rug altogether?

In the end, I may just try a third option and see if it works better. But let this be a lesson! Making a WRITTEN down plan beforehand and seeing how all of the elements will play along is worth far more value than saving some money on a rug. If I send this back, I’ll have to spend $50 in return shipping. So, it’s not a super expensive lesson, but one I hope to not repeat again soon.

Grab the Designer in a Binder to help you NOT do what I just did. LOL

See my updated living room with the new rug I chose here!

Top Distressed Blue Vintage Rugs

I’ve rounded up a few more blue vintage rug options. I noted the one that I bought and you can see there are other options for darker rugs I could try.

I’m so appreciative of your feedback! Seriously. I’ve already changed up a few things in the kitchen because of your comments a couple of weeks ago and I think that is going to turn out perfect!

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  5. Just getting a chance to respond to my emails. I like the Safavieh Evoke Vintage Ivory / Blue Center Medallion Distressed rug the best out of all of them (5th one down). It has the darker blue color you are wanting but also a good balance of cream in it that almost looks tea-stained, which I love.

    1. Thank you for chiming in!! I ended up getting one of them, so I need to update the post and share – or do a new post altogether!

  6. I actually quite like it – I think that partly the problem is it’s a big change from what you are used to. Perhaps a slightly darker rug or a darker one with a smaller pattern to your last one might feel more at home. It’s the old Marie Kondo test really that matters… does it make your heart sing? If not, it’s not good enough. Good luck! X

    1. Yes!! I didn’t love it, didn’t make my heart sing. So I bought one that did! I need to update this post and share!

  7. It is a beautiful rug, however, my first thought is that You don’t love, love, love it. In my opinion, if it doesn’t make you sigh when you walk into the room, you know it’s not the right one. Go with your gut! Also, think about what you would tell someone else if you were giving them advice. What would your professional opinion be about how the rug you chose. So, you could make it work, I’m sure. However, I think you will probably end up getting a different one sooner or later so you might as well send it back now or sell it new instead of waiting until it’s used.

    1. I sold it and got one that I LOVE! (Even though I thought I’d love the first one.) But I realized with the first one what I didn’t love about it and went with something else. I’ll share it soon!

  8. I think a 3rd option would be best. I dont like the distressed look at all and the current rug is too busy. I love the navy blue that’s supposed to be in the new rug. Imo the distressed look seems like you took an old rug from the dumpster and tried to salvage it. I do not have a solution other than loving the navy color.
    Good luck

  9. Your blog is inspiring! I do believe a subtle pattern in a deeper hue of the blues would be lovely. Have you considered a round tufted ottoman instead of a coffee table? It softens the edges in a room. I just bought a leather taupe tufted ottoman & can’t believe the change in my living room!

    1. I have thought about some round tufted ottomans, actually. My dear friend has two that she uses for a “coffee table” or can be moved around for extra seating. I know my kids would love to practice their gymnastics moves with them. 🙂

  10. Hi Laura,
    First, love your blog:) Personally I feel the rug is too light with all of the light/neutral colors in the room. It’s possible it would look better with the coffee table, but I think I like the old one better (or a different dark blue one if you don’t like your old one anymore.) But it would have to be dark enough to balance all the light colors.

    1. Thank you for chiming in, Rachel. I really ma leaning toward a new, darker rug. I’m trying out the new lighter rug in the dining room, but so far, I think it’s too big for in there. So, it may be headed back!

  11. The rug does look pale in comparison to the old one, and also with your light furniture, but I also think having the darker coffee table on it will help. Do you have a dark table somewhere in your house you could put there temporarily to get an idea of how it will look? I do think one of the “more blue” rug options might look better, but I would be totally upset with myself if I had to spend $50 to return it. I am currently in the market for a new rug, and I stick to ordering from places where I can return in person, like Target or Home Depot. I have also ordered a smaller size rug to get an idea of the color and see if I liked it, much smaller item to return. Good luck!

    1. I think I will definitely try to resell it locally before I wrap it back up and take it to UPS! 😬 I’m leaning toward one of the darker ones I’ve linked up there. We’ll see which way it goes. TBD! Thank you for chiming in with your thoughts!!

  12. I like the new rug. I think when you add the wood elements you mentioned it will bring In the missing contrast you need. Besides, this rug ties in with the wall color in your kitchen so the rooms will really flow well.

  13. The old rug offers more contrast, the new on is washed out too light for my taste. if you want a new one go with something darker

  14. The new rug is definitely too light. If your walls or furniture were darker it might work. Instead of spending money to return it why don’t you sell it. Then you could buy a different darker one 😊

    1. Yes!! I will definitely be trying to sell it locally before paying for return shipping. Surely someone wants this new rug? Right?!?

  15. The new rug is pretty but it makes your room look washed out. Maybe pick a darker one that you showed. You might be better off just sending this rug back and waiting to design your room with your new blinds up and do a design board to include several of the rugs you showed.
    Hope this helps. Just my opinion.

  16. I prefer the old rug. if you want something different go with one of the darker rugs at the bottom. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  17. In my humble opinion, go with the darker blue rug as it brightens to room. Having said that, the pillows you’ve chosen for the sofa are the wrong colour and there are too many and they are too large. You should choose pillows that compliment your dark rug…perhaps a cream/darker blue and a mustard colour or a nice red. If you choose a red accent pillow, I would purchase some material in red (just a thin piece of approx. 2 inches) to edge the inside edge of the curtains. Hope this helps. Also, the other carpets you’ve shown a way too light. 😁

  18. I don’t think the new rug has the wow factor that a darker rug will have. I also know from experience that if I don’t love something initially, it tends to bother me until I change it out. Keep trying until you absolutely love how it looks!

    1. Yes!! I find the same to be true. If I don’t love it right away, it tends to be a struggle. I don’t want to keep something just because it’s a pain to sell or return. 🙂 Thanks for chiming in!

  19. Laura thanks for trusting your readers enough to ask us for advise. I think the rug you purchased looks a little washed out (for lack of a better word) therefore, making the room look uninviting. The rug you already own is nice but you want a new look(don’t we all) so my suggestion would be the darker blue one from the options list, the third one down I believe. Can’t wait to see pictures of your finished project.😁

    1. Thank you Marie! That is what I’m going to try. I’ve ordered a darker new rug and will compare before I decide to return this lighter rug. It supposed to arrive on Monday and I’ll be stalking the tracking info all weekend! 😜

  20. Laura, I’m not an expert by any means, however the distressed rug makes the entire room look drab and washed out. I love the colors in the other choice, however that pattern has been around for a while and frankly, I’m tired of it. The other choices are good, but give yourself some color on whatever you go with.

    1. Yes, the old pattern is too old. But I’ve figured out from this experiment that I love the colors in the old rug, I just have to find them in a newer pattern. I think I’ve found a winner and it arrives next week! I’m excited to try it out!

  21. Okay, here’s the problem with the new rug: it’s super bland. Because you have everything so light, you need to either change to a rug that “pops,” or add a couple lamps that add some color. But what do I know? I’m just a guy & my wife makes most of those decisions! 😅

  22. I love your new rug. It really feels like a fresh, open space. I think the wood tones that you are planning in adding will warm up your space and look fantastic with the rug.

  23. If you don’t want to return the new rug, maybe you could get another rug that is a lot smaller in a different color/pattern and layer the rugs.

  24. I LOVE the new rug! I think it makes your room bigger and brighter. Great neutral color that you work with any season! Keep it!

  25. I prefer the old rug or a different, darker rug. Even with picturing the future changes, it seems like the new rug is too light.

  26. To me – and remember this is me- not you 🙂 I love the new rug but I think the black and white pillows detract from it. Maybe replace them with a neutral or soft blue color. I think the leather chair looks really nice too but maybe different pillow.

  27. I love your new rug. Once you get the wood accents, it is going to look great. Probably, your use to seeing the dark rug. Best wishes.

  28. The new pale rug is nice, but does not look good with the brown leather chair, I think the entire room should go light and if ou add wooden items, they should be white washed distressed looking…. Please no dark color accents at all. A great spring/summer place to be.

    1. I don’t know if I can get my husband to give up his leather chair. LOL I could layer it with a lighter throw blanket, though! And I think I will ditch the dark leather ottoman and get a tufted one to replace it!

  29. I guess I’m in the minority – I don’t like the new one. To me, that’s all you see . If you are set on the faded look I would go with one of the darker ones. I also agree with the person who said the lighter rug will show stains and dirt quicker.

  30. I LOVE the new lighter rug! It feels like spring & summer & LIGHT which I love. Your darker additions will definitely tone down the light/whiteness of this rug…it will likely grow on you <3

  31. I think it depends on what you are trying to emphasize in the room and what style you are striving to achieve. In the original layout, your eye goes directly to the floor because of the bold rug’s size, color and graphic pattern. I love that rug and have a variation in my dining room but mine balances a statement chandelier and a dining table and 6 chairs break it up as well. With your new rug, I barely notice it due to the light color – that isn’t necessarily bad. Instead, my eye is drawn to the new artwork above the fireplace (which I think the new rug compliments beautifully) and your drapes “pop” more now. In my humble opinion, I think the emphasis on the fireplace/window wall is a good thing.
    You are also looking at two completely different styles – the bolder blue rug with the quatrefoil pattern looks more modern and artchitectural giving the room more energy while the new rug exudes a more traditional old-world feel and provides a calming backdrop.
    Also, I agree with everyone who says that waiting to see what the effect of new blinds and a coffee table will be. The coffee table will have the greatest impact as it will breakup the feeling of white that your new rug has and will ground it by with the darker color.
    Overall, you have a beautiful home and do a great job. Trust your gut – it seems to be working everywhere in your home.

    1. I agree with “Cindy says”. Your old rug was very bold and the first thing my eye goes to is the floor. I can’t say if this rug is for you but I think you are the correct direction. The rug should not be the star of the room! It should add texture and layer but not be the focus. Remember that you will be placing a table on the rug so it will not look so vast. I love your room and I think the things higher than your feet should be the focus. The rug should be a compliment and not in competition with the rest of your decor.

  32. I too think mostly you are just not used to the new lighter rug. I also like the darker elements added later. Except the mantel I love the white there. I love the rug so much better than your other one. My other thought is maybe under your dining room table.

    OK Back to iainting my master bedroom turquoise. WHOOT Gaining on the painting project of half the inside of the house in one winter. LOL

    1. Yay!! You go girl! Can’t wait to see pics of hat turquoise bedroom! (And I have moved the rug into my dining room and the dining room rug into my bedroom just to see how they work… So far I don’t think the lighter rug colors work with my Wythe Blue walls in the dining room. And I’m not giving up my Wythe Blue. So, I think the rug may just have to go back (or be sold). A new darker rug arrives on Monday, so I can’t wait to see if that’s the one. It better be, because I don’t want to sell 2 rugs. LOL

  33. I would go with a smaller rug and see some of the wood floor. I think I am not into the distressed look but maybe a pop of color is nice.

  34. I agree with keeping the new rug! It is a change and lighter but all the things you are planning to add to the room will add more warmth and texture.
    Change is good ! I’ve been looking at the same rugs you have on your post !!
    My vote – keep it !

  35. I like your old rug. If you want to take advantage of the good prices on a new rug and replace your current one, I’d go with one with some darker colors. The darker colors will be more forgiving in a high-traffic. ( not show dirt or stains!) I enioy your blog!

  36. I think yiu should keep the rug. By adding the darker elements like the mantel, coffee table and blinds the rug will be a pop of lighter color. Besides, who wants to spend money to return a rug. ; )

  37. I think the new rug makes the room look so much better. So much more sophisticated. I think the curtains look great with the rug, I would maybe add decorative plates or a wood accent piece to fill the void above each window. The room looks grown old and elegant, beautiful.

  38. I think you just aren’t used to the new color. The new rug works. I went though a similar thing when I went from a black rug to a gray antiqued rug in my living room. It’s just such a change that you have to get used to it.

  39. I like the new rug over the old rug for sure. It is a little pale, but I think once you add all the dark wood elements that will help a lot. I suffer from rug/window treatment paralysis so I know how hard it is to choose! Especially online. Maybe order one more rug that you would like to try (preferably one with free shipping lol). Couldn’t hurt to try one more. BTW your handmade curtains still make my heart sing!

    1. Awww, thank you about my curtains! I was thinking of changing them, but with a new rug, I kind of love them even more. I ordered a new rug and it’ll be here Monday. Can’t wait to see it and compare! (And then hopefully someone will buy the one I don’t need!)

  40. I definitely vote for the original rug. I like the bold pop of color, and it coordinates far better with the curtains. Because your sofa is a neutral and the curtains are essentially off-white, there’s not enough visual interest for me in the faded rug. It seems like a vision in faded/light beige. If you had a darker sofa — say in the gray or navy family — I think I’d feel differently. The new rug is definitely a pretty rug…..just not a huge fan of it as pictured. Agree with the prior comment — perhaps with darker curtains? Love what you do and read your blog religiously for new ideas, etc.! Thanks!!

  41. I agree with Vicki, at first I thought to pale and things are blending in. BUT after reading the items you will be adding to the room I think the warmth of the mantel and coffee table will bring it all together. I also like the new rug over the old one. I would keep it. Something drew you to it which means now stand behind it and make changes that will work with it. Cannot wait to see the room finished.

  42. I agree with Vicki, at first I though to pale and things are blending in. BUT after reading the items you will be adding to the room I think the warmth of the mantel and coffee table will bring it all together. I also like the new rug over the old one. I would keep it. Something drew you to it which means now stand behind it and make changes that will work with it. Good luck I have a feeling it will be a great room after you are done.

  43. First thing I thought when I saw the picture was”too pale”. Then when I saw the old and new rug side by side, I actually preferred the lighter one. But I do think.you need to up the blue factor in the rug. Good luck.

  44. I don’t dislike the rug you purchased. (Although I do really like the one pictured 2 below the picture of the one you purchased.) However, I do not like the curtains with the rug you purchased. What about a darker curtain with less pattern–or a tone on tone pattern? And I prefer the new rug to the one on the left. This is my 2 cents’ worth. ha.

    You are great at what you do, so I’m sure it will look great when you’re finished.

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