Benjamin Moore Lido Green {nursery progress}

Yay! I finally picked out a color and painted the nursery! I’m so excited to have that checked off the list. And might I mention that I performed this task with a sick 3-year-old home from school. While 29 weeks pregnant. Booyah! I’ve still got the DIY ability, at least for a little bit longer.

Benjamin Moore Lido Green | Baby Girl's Nursery |

When searching for a color for the nursery, I came across two that I thought I would like, one of which I knew I would LOVE. Well, lo and behold they were next to each other on the Benjamin Moore pant swatch and I would have never picked them if I just walked into the paint store and started picking out colors. I highly, highly recommend finding room colors on Pinterest or the just anywhere on the internet first. I think it gives you a good idea of what a color will look like in a room before you just wander into the paint store and start grabbing swatches.

Benjamin Moore Lido Green and Robin's Nest | Baby Girl's Nursery |

While looking online at the two colors I picked (Robin’s Nest and Lido Green), I just knew that I would choose Robin’s Nest. I even thought this still after I picked up the paint swatches.

But this next step is why you always always ALWAYS paint the colors on your wall before choosing a color. Always. Trust me. When I painted both colors on the wall, I fell in love with Lido Green. They were both beautiful (and this picture doesn’t capture their true colors very well). Robin’s Nest was just too dark and would have made the room less airy and fresh. Lido Green is this sweet blue-green mint color that just brings pretty light, freshness to the room. And honestly if I had to do it over again I probably would have asked them to mix Lido Green at 50% to make it a bit lighter. But I really love it the way it is, too.

Benjamin Moore Lido Green | Baby Girl's Nursery |

The room before was just your regular builder’s beige, which was every room in the whole house when we moved it. #oneroomatatime

I didn’t clean for the before pic, because, well you know. I don’t much like to clean these days.

Benjamin Moore Lido Green | Baby Girl's Nursery |

And now after! (I cleaned for you …)

I love it! And can’t wait to start decorating the walls. (Love that Lindsay Letters canvas from Hobby Lobby. The Hob Lob has some of the cutest stuff right now – perfect for little girls’ rooms.)

Benjamin Moore Lido Green | Baby Girl's Nursery |

But first … painting the furniture. I’ve got my chalk paint ready to go and will try to tackle them this weekend. We’ll see how it goes!

Benjamin Moore Lido Green | Baby Girl's Nursery |

I’ve still got a loooong way to go in the nursery, but I really do think I can get it done before baby comes in 6.5 weeks. Eek!! So little time.

What do you think about this color?

Love it or leave it for a baby girl’s nursery?

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  1. Lovely. I actually quite like the dark furniture with the wall colour too. But i know your furniture make over will be lovely too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Absolutely love the color!! I think the dark furniture is gorgeous with the walls. Looking forward to seeing what youโ€™re going to do.

  2. I love it! When my son was born he shard a room with my step daughter and I chose this color scheme because it was so neutral. I’m excited to see it all finished!

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