How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards

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One of my most favorite traditions at Christmas time is all of the Christmas cards! I just love checking the mail every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s because there is bound to be at least 1 card in there. And so it’s something that begins to weigh on my mind as early as September. I need to start planning for the perfect photo Christmas card.

I know that it’s become more common in the past decade, to forego the traditional Christmas cards for the photo Christmas cards. But in a day and age where everything seems to be digital, I love having the physical copy of my loved ones’ picture in my hand.

A fun way to display photo Christmas cards all year long!

I love them so much that I keep the pictures and display them all year on my DIY chicken wire display. A friend came over one day and commented that we have some really pretty friends. Ha! She is right. They are all so cute.

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I love sharing ways to decorate your home at Christmas time. Some of my favorite ways are decorating the mantel with garland or adding free Christmas printables to your home. I’ve even shared ideas for Christmas card holders and display ideas! My hope is that these posts will inspire you to create a home you love!

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Tips for Choosing a Photo Christmas Card

OK, so how about choosing that photo Christmas card? Well, first you’re going to need a photo. I suggested that you find your favorite card first and then take the picture. But you can do it in reverse, as well, which is how I did things this year!

Schedule your photo session in October, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the pictures back and make the card.

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards

My friend Amanda snapped some great shots of us at the park on a warm fall day. I was pretending that it was cool outside and donned my puffy vest right before we posed for pictures.

How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards

1. Select Your Best Photo

Obviously you’ll want to have an idea which photo is your favorite, because it will matter if it is landscape or portrait or if there is “white space” at the top or bottom of the picture.

2. Look Through the Holiday Cards at  

I chose Minted after looking at several other photo card companies. I loved their quality, price, card options and the free printed addresses on the cards. Such a time saver for this busy mama! {Also, I loved their story when I recently heard it on this podcast. Take a listen to get to know the company a little more!}

Ultimately, I chose this design because it was whimsical and fun, but neutral and didn’t compete with the colors in our photos. And funny enough it was my #2 favorite back in 2016, so I guess my tastes don’t change too much over the years.

And for my friends and family who will receive my card – surprise! Here it is. 😍

How to Choose the Best Christmas Cards

A couple of years ago, I chose this botanical design, because I just loved the pretty foliage and the berries were a pretty blue color, which of course I love! There are multiple colors you can choose from and an assortment of holiday or New Year messages. I love that there are so many ways to customize your card.

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards! Christmas Blessings Christmas Card Design

Back in 2015, I chose a simple foil design, and I love all of the foil options!

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards!

In the end I saved more than 10 designs, and then narrowed it down to 4-5 card designs. Read on for ideas on how to make your selection even faster!

3. Click on the Find it Fast™ toggle button

This allows you to see your photo in all of the cards on the page! Genius!!

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards!

This allows you to see very quickly which cards work for your picture and which ones don’t. You can also narrow your search at the top by number of photos, a landscape, portrait or square photo and more!

Tip: You can click on the heart icon on any of the cards and it will save it as your favorite to view again later.

Another tip: Choose a card that coordinates with your family’s photo. If the card clashes with your photo, then make your photo black and white.

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards

If you really love a particular card and haven’t gotten your pictures taken yet, then ask the photographer to take a look at your favorite card and make sure she takes a picture that would work in that space.

4. Time to Customize!

Once you have selected your favorite photo card, you can customize it so many ways!

  • Change the shape to rounded corners, scalloped corners and many more. I kept my corners square, because it’s classic.
  • Change the format to a cost-saving format like a postcard. I love this idea for people with a tight budget! It’ll be cheaper to print the cards and you’ll save on postage, too!
  • Most of the cards have color options, so choose the best one for you that coordinates with your photo.
  • The greeting can be changed with the click of a button. Choose Holiday, New Year’s, Christmas or Religious Christmas. I love those options!
  • Don’t forget to edit your name or names on the card.

5. Add Some Extras

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to adding extras. You can even get matching postage stamps for your cards. Isn’t that wild?

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards!
  • Select the color of your envelope.
  • Choose a slip in liner for your envelopes.
  • Select if you want to have the return address printed on the envelopes or if you want the wrap around return address stickers. This is one of my favorite upgrades because it saves me so much time! I chose the wrap-around return address stickers {featured above} this year and love the extra pop of color they add.
  • And my favorite extra?? The recipient addressing is so awesome. It’s free! You just upload your addresses to their site and they will print them for you! 🙌🏻 Then I print out the addresses, add them to my Holiday Planner and check them off as I send them out. (I’m a dork, I know.)

Do you love photo Christmas cards as much as I do?

Do you save the photos all year long like me?

Great tips! How to Choose the Perfect Photo Christmas Cards

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This post was originally written as a sponsored post for Minted back in 2018. It’s been updated for 2022, and I’m still using Minted to make my Christmas cards every year! I love the designs, free recipient addressing and return addressing as well! LOVE them!

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