Bedside Cord Organization Ideas


Get help with your tangled and unorganized cords next to the bed. My quick tips and simple organization tool will have your bedside cords organized in no time!

It can be so challenging to keep a neat bedside space with cords for your lamps, phone chargers, tablets, and other electronics in knots! But not to worry, there are quick and easy ways to organize your bedside cords. These tips are practical, affordable, and will help you keep your bedside area tidy.

bedside cord organization ideas

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I haven’t had a ton of need for organizing cords over the years, but I share the few other times I’ve dealt with it at the end of this post. I’ve mostly used furniture that doesn’t have an open bottom shelf. And I’ve covered the rest of my cords with baskets. It’s just never been too big of a problem.

How to Hide Bedside Cords

But when we recently upgraded our bedside nightstands, they presented a new problem for me.

Bedside Cords are a mess

Unlike our old nightstands, which were small dressers, these tables have an open shelf on the bottom. I have a similar style table in our entryway. But it has a large basket on the bottom and the one lamp cord doesn’t bother me.

But now that I have a solution, I think I’ll remedy that situation as well.

When we installed the Frame TV above our mantel, I ran the cord behind the wall. But that’s an entirely different beast than a measly lamp cord or phone charger behind a table.

bedside table with messy cords

By the way, the new bedside tables are so beautiful, well-made and fill the space so much better than what we had before. I have been wanting them for a while and finally just bought them! No regrets!

I love the tray feature on the top that keeps items from rolling off. And the drawers hold so much more than I expected. I love that I can style the bottom shelf with some cute decor, but it would also be a great spot for a stack of reading books.

But back to the cord problem at hand.

Cable Clips

So, when I walked into our bedroom recently and saw all of my husband’s cords staring back at me, I set out to find a solution for cord-gate. While he has extra cords with the C-Pap machine, I still have a lamp, watch and phone charger cord on my side.

messy cords behind nightstand

After doing some research, I quickly landed on these cable clips that stick to the back of the nightstand and position the cords out of sight.

They are great for dealing with thinner wires like phone chargers, CPAP machine cords and lamp cords. One of many perfect bedside cord organization ideas!

cable clips for bedside cord organization

They were so easy to install.

how to apply cable clips to nightstand

Simply clean the surface with some rubbing alcohol and adhere for 15 seconds. Leave them alone for 24 hours and then they are ready to use!

bedside cord organization ideas

It looks so much nicer when we walk into the room now! My husband was shocked I was able to corral all of his cords to keep them (mostly) out of sight. His Apple Watch cord is too short to run it down the leg of the table, but I don’t think it’s super noticeable. Can you spot it below??

clutter-free white bedside table

I’m so happy I took a few minutes to clear up the visual clutter that comes with rogue cords.

My side wasn’t too bad, but I took this photo when we first got the new nightstands. I didn’t even notice the lamp cord hanging down until I was editing the photos.

Bedside cord organization


But now it looks even better!

White nightstand with cream lamp and chinoiserie ginger jar.

Another great side effect of having the cable clips is that my phone and Apple Watch cords don’t fall down beside the bed anymore. They stay put and ready for me to use.

bedroom nighstand with marble bowl

Come on over and see the bedroom dressed up for Christmas. It was my favorite!

Other Ways to Hide Cords

Over the years I have had to hide cords in other spots in my home. These include my living room TV and my floating desk in my office!

Hide TV Cords

I’ve shared before how we ran a cord through the wall behind our mantel where the Frame TV sits. It was a pretty quick and easy job and we couldn’t be happier with our TV that looks like art above the fireplace. I shared the whole cord-hiding process in a detailed blog post a few years ago.

Basket for Cord Storage in the Office

You’d probably never guess that the basket on the right side of the desk in my office is actually how I corral all of the cords from my computer, lamp and fan from my floating desk.

pink and white office

I bought a round extension cord that fits in the bottom of the basket. It runs back to the wall behind my desk. And then I’m able to plug everything in right next to my desk. The larger holes in the cane basket allow me to weave the cords and plugs through and keep everything organized!

office desk cord organization idea


Final Thoughts

Organizing your bedside cords is a simple step toward keeping your bedroom tidy. It’s essential for everyone, especially those who have multiple devices that need to be charged throughout the night.

Use one of the bedside cord organization ideas I shared today to get your bedside table tidy in a jiff!

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