DIY Simple Spring Wreath with Peonies

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This DIY spring wreath with lamb’s ear and peonies is seriously the easiest craft you’ll do this season! It’s the perfect pop of color for your front door!

Hi friends! I am so excited that the color pink is re-entering my home decor world, because it’s one of my most favorite colors … and pulls me out of my end-of-winter funk.

Spring Front Door Decorating Ideas

I love how it compliments the turquoise and brightens up my neutrals. So, I decided to make a wreath with bright pink peonies and soft green lamb’s ear. Even though I made this wreath years ago, it still goes up on my front door at the first hint of spring!

DIY Simple Spring Wreath with Peonies and Lamb's Ear

The reason for the double craftiness is that my favorite source for lamb’s ear was sold out last year and I had to buy it from an online vendor I’d never used before. The quality was OK, but I LOVE Hobby Lobby lamb’s ear stems the most.

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So, this year I have a TON of lamb’s ear from Hobby Lobby laying around after I decorated my Christmas tree with it. And I wanted a vibrant pink floral wreath for spring, so it’s a win/win!

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DIY Simple Spring Wreath with Peonies and Lamb's Ear

So, while my two wreaths are similar, I love this one so much more! We’ll just say that my lamb’s ear and peony wreath evolved into a better version of itself this year. 😉 (But I love the little “welcome” sign in the wreath from last year, so I’m keeping it and putting it somewhere in my home.)

The process was super quick, and I recorded it on video so that I can see exactly how easy it is. I use really technical terms like “not so wild and crazy” and “don’t like where it’s sticking up.”

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Supplies for DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Simple Spring Wreath with Peonies and Lamb's Ear

Watch the DIY Video Tutorial

Directions to Make your Simple Spring Wreath

The process is truly so easy.

1. Cut down the floral stems and layer them into the wreath.

Cut down the floral stems to a manageable length with your floral wire cutter and start layering them into the wreath.

First layer: The first layer is the lamb’s ear. I drew an imaginary line down the middle of the wreath and filled in one side with lamb’s ear. I didn’t fill it completely, but left a few spaces for my peonies.

Second layer: Then I added the peonies. I tried to use just 5 blooms, but they didn’t look quite right, so I added a 6th and it was perfect.

Third layer: I filled in all of the empty spaces with the smaller blooms and called it done!

2. Hot glue everything into place

Once I got everything where I wanted it, I went back through with hot glue and glued it all in place!

You’re done!

Spring Front Entryway Decor

I hung it on the front door because I plan to keep it up there all spring long. It’s been my go-to spring wreath for years now, even since I moved to a new home with a different style.  


The plaid door mat can be found here and here! (Depends on where it’s in stock at the time.) And the “Come in + Get Cozy” rug can be found here.

But then I brought it in and set it on the mantel to keep it out of reach of the kids, and I love it up there! I may just call it a happy accident and use something else for the front door.

DIY Simple Spring Wreath with Peonies and Lamb's Ear

I love how this project turned out, and how simple it was!

You’ll love your wreath for years to come if you try it too!




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  1. Is there a link to watch you make the DIY Peony Wreath? I cannot find it in the posting. Thank you!
    Donna Isabel.

      1. Thank you! When I clicked on the blog link nothing happened. This link works! I love poeonies!

  2. The wreath really has the fresh look of spring, I thought it would be lovely for my side door. The price of the peony stems stopped me in my tracks, $12.99 a piece! Crafting and DIY are not only creative outlets for me but also a way to get decorator looks for less money. I took a pass on this one.

  3. The wreath IS beautiful! However, I followed the links and started to add up the cost in my head. At $13 apiece for the peony stems (It looks like you used 6), that was almost $80 for the peonies alone! At that point, I didn’t even bother adding up the rest. Way too expensive for me, unfortunately.

  4. Very pretty! I need to get the supplies and try making this one. Thank you for sharing the instructions too.

  5. My favorite thing about this wreath is the color. My second favorite thing would be the texture. Those lamb’s ears and peonies are perfect for a soft spring wreath.

  6. Beautiful wreath, I think I’m going to try it. My grandmother always had peonies so they have a special place in my heart.

  7. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Laura! I love the lambs ear with the peonies- what a great combo! So soft and pretty and perfectly springy! So glad you could join up on this hop!

  8. Hi Laura – This wreath is so pretty and I love it on your mantle. The peonies are such a pretty blush color. Looks much better since you cut the stems down on the Lambs Ear. Love your decorating style. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Hugs!💝💝

    1. Yes! Cutting down the lamb’s ear definitely helped! Part of DIY is just adjusting to how things look and doing them differently if they look better another way!

  9. This is stunning! It is definitely one of my favorites from this tour, and your video makes it look so easy! Might have to copy cat. 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks so much Christy! I hope you do make, one! Send me a pic when you do, I’d love to share it!

  10. This is juar beautiful. The lambs ear is giving me all the heart eyes. So lush! And the colors of the peonies are gorgeous.

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