Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas & Inspiration

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These simple Christmas bedroom decor ideas are a great way to bring cozy twinkle into your home this holiday season. Waking up to the glow of a Christmas tree or fun of plaid bedding can bring so much delight and joy!

I’d never decorated our bedrooms for Christmas before we moved into this house, but when 2020 came along we just needed the warmth of those twinkle lights. You know?! And I’m SO glad I took the time to decorate them!

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

I continue to love the cozy looks throughout our home and will most definitely be decorating them each year!

I love sharing about all things Christmas decor! I’ve shared all about the best artificial Christmas treeshow to add wreaths to kitchen cabinets and how to decorate with Christmas ribbon. I hope that these articles will help you create a home you love for the holidays!

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Christmas Decor in the Master Bedroom

A couple of tips before we dive in: you don’t have to go overboard with decorating the bedroom to make it full of holiday spirit. And if you simply want to decorate for winter, a chunky throw blanket and yummy candle go a long way!

  • Balance. I like to balance my pops of holiday decor by adding one red thing to each nightstand. A couple of sprigs of greenery and a little pop of red in a frame or bowl of ornaments are a perfect combo.
  • Ribbon. Tie different elements in the room together by using the same ribbon in multiple places. Maybe hang wreaths from the armoire doors or add a bow to a lamp or bed post.
  • Lights. If nothing else, adding a small tree with twinkle lights, or simply draping some Christmas lights on the dresser or bed frame will go a long way. Put them on a smart plug with a timer setting and you’ll have the holiday glow without any extra thought!

Here are some more inspiration to add some holiday joy to the bedroom of your choice! It’s so easy and fun!

1. Add a Tree

The obvious first choice is to add a Christmas tree to the bedroom. It can be a simple tree with no decorations – a “naked” tree, which seems perfect for a bedroom. Or you can add some simple bows or garland. Or go all out and add ornaments, ribbon and the whole shebang.

I’ve put a small flocked tree in our primary bedroom for the past 6 years. I made this simple DIY tree basket and it’s the perfect way to keep the tree’s footstep small.

flocked, naked tree in primary bedroom Christmas decor

The tree in here is a simple, naked flocked tree that I purchased for the living room in our last home. But since these ceilings are taller and we have more space in our bedroom now, it fits perfectly in here!

I also added a collection of mini trees to the room to carry it through winter.

2. Switch to Christmas Bedding

If you had asked me several years ago if I would have Christmas bedding, I would have said absolutely not. But then I saw this tartan plaid duvet cover and was sold!

And really it’s just one duvet cover and two pillow shams. The rest of the bedding is the same I have all year. But it’s the star of the show and totally changes the vibe of the bedroom.

Back in 2020, I decided to buy this bedding set well into the Christmas season. And as we know, the most popular Christmas decor sells out quickly. I was able to finally snag the king duvet cover and one sham, but couldn’t find another sham in stock.

Finally, I found one sham a couple of hours north of me at a store, so I dropped my kids off at school one-day and went to pick it up. I got back about 20 minutes before they got home from school!! The things we do for decor sometimes. 🤪

Wide view of Christmas bedroom with holiday bedding

But I LOVE how it looks and I’m so glad I went the extra mile to make it happen! I typically leave it on until February, I love it so much!

3. Add Seasonal Art and Frames

The Petite Pano Pines art over the bed is something I’ve had for a few years. I switch it out with my other art over the bed at Christmas time and it’s the perfect winter touch that we leave up until March. It’s also 20% off as of this writing plus free shipping!

Add pretty frames to bedroom nightstands for Christmas

I like to sprinkle in a few seasonal frames as well, for a pop of color and homey feeling.

The new bedside tables are one of my favorite purchases this year. I love the tray detail on the top that keeps things contained. The drawers are much bigger than they seem and I love having a bottom shelf to decorate. The size fits the room better than the nightstand we had before. I’m so pleased with them!

Nightstand in Christmas bedroom

4. Pillows, galore!

Pillows equal bedroom, right? So, it just makes sense to add some seasonal throw pillows to the bed. In the past I’ve put a “Let’s Mistletoe” pillow on the bed, which is perfect for a primary bedroom! 😉

This year I put the mistletoe pillow in a chair in our sitting area. And added a few more seasonal pillows to make the space cute.

Christmas sitting room in the bedroom

Since I’ve shared our sitting area in our bedroom, we’ve gotten a new-to-us sofa. We actually purchased it from a neighbor for $200 at our community yard sale!

I thought it would be a placeholder until we find a sofa or chair combination we liked better. But I’m here to tell you that we love it! While it might not be something I would have picked out, it’s a comfortable, beautiful sofa and we use it all the time! So, I think I will add a few more things to that space and call it done, soon!

sitting room in bedroom with festive holiday pillows

5. Greenery is So Easy!

I love how simple it is to add some greenery to a space and immediately it feels like Christmas!

Wreaths on the armoire in Christmas bedroom

I’ve hung the Christmas wreaths on the armoire before, but this was the first year to add some garlands to the headboard with this simple red plaid bow.

Garland and ribbon the the bed headboard for Christmas

And to tie it into the rest of the room, I added some cedar stems to the top of the mirror. I simply wired them together with floral wire and wrapped the middle with ribbon. Simple and so fun!

flocked, naked tree in primary bedroom Christmas decor

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas bedroom ideas tour of my primary bedroom, and I hope you are inspired to decorate the spaces in your home! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, whatever makes your season bright and full of holiday cheer! Have a Merry Christmas season!

Christmas Room Decor for the Girls’ Room

I also decorate my kids’ bedrooms with smaller trees and a few touches.

A few years ago, when we moved in right before Christmas, I knew I would put a tree up in the girls’ room this year. So, I hunted for ornaments in the after-Christmas sales and found some I loved.

Girls Bedroom Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree | Box of Blush Ornaments | Burlap Ruffled Tree Skirt | Gold Ribbon | Star Topper | Dresser (similar) | Wall Color: Pink Ground

Then when it came time to decorate, I needed some more ornaments and I found a whole ornament set (similar) that was PERFECT for their room and their tree. I used an old tree I had from years ago and an old tree skirt. It’s all so perfectly pink for their room.

Girls' Bedroom Christmas Tree Decor

They love it and love taking the doll ornaments off and playing with them. It’s such a cute ornament set and I’m so glad I got it instead of trying to piece all of the ornaments together.

The only two things I added to the tree decor other than the ornament set are the gold ribbon and tree topper star. A little more glittery gold is perfect for two little girls I know.

Pink & Gold Christmas Tree

I hope these Christmas bedroom ideas inspire you to add some festive touches to your bedrooms. And I hope it helps you see that you don’t need much to make a room feel ready for the holidays!

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  1. I bet you could paint a very similar picture to the winter Pano pines one you showed above. I know you’ve got art talent and that one looks do-able! If it’s not a perfect match, who cares? Go for it!

  2. Love your new bedding! So glad you found that sham…I would have driven that far too! Beautiful room and Merry Christmas!

    1. Haha! I might be crazy, but I’m glad I went for it! And I actually picked up a friend on the way and we made a girls’ trip out of it. So, it was very fun!

  3. Lovely!
    But I will confess- the words “naked, flocked, and mistletoe” all in the master bedroom had me blushing and laughing out loud! Whew!

    1. Hahaha!! I am dying! My husband makes inappropriate jokes every time I talked about a flocked tree, so I get it. LOLOLOL

  4. Beautiful, Laura! I love everything you did, particularly the tree in the girls’ room. The ornament collection and ribbon you woven through are so perfect! Did you flock either tree yourself?

  5. So beautiful, both rooms! You hit the nail on the head, with JUST the right amount of décor! I LOVE your plaid in your bedroom!!!
    I’ve always wanted to be more coordinated about décor through the bedrooms (4 here!), but who has time?! I also don’t like putting up Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, so there’s REALLY no time. This year, your planning board post inspired tons of ideas, and I had good intentions, but still… NO TIME! Haha! I think I’m going to plan with décor boards next year, and decorate the bedrooms and basement family rooms in early November, and save the living/dining/kitchen/entry until after Thanksgiving, thus satisfying both the time and post-Thanksgiving demands. I’m excited about this plan!!! Thanks for being so inspirational for me!

    1. Hi Denise, I WISH I had a link! They are old from HomeGoods. I used to see lamps like this a lot, but I don’t see them much anymore. Sorry!

      xo, Laura

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