Girls’ Bathroom Makeover Progress

I had hoped to have a fully painted girls’ bathroom today to share with you, but my DIY projects never happen as quickly as I would like or plan, so I’m sharing the messy middle with you instead.

I got to thinking that sometimes I feel “less than” because I can’t seem to crank out home makeovers and DIY projects as fast as others. That comparison trap will get you, ya know?! But while driving home from my workout this morning I decided to just share the messy middle of my project and my slow pace because I hope it encourages you if your DIY projects and makeovers take a bit longer than you’d like, too.

The Girls' Bathroom Makeover progress - paint and a little detour!

Today I’m sharing about how I got a little derailed in my painting.

As you can see from the above picture, I have only trimmed out the bathroom with my Simply White paint from Benjamin Moore. (The color is from Benjamin Moore, but I get it color matched at Lowe’s because it’s easier.)

One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to paint is that I almost decided to go with a different color. I know I wanted a blank slate on the walls because I have a patterned “tile”, a bright and colorful art canvas and pink floor tiles. So there WILL be a lot of color in the room. See my whole Girls’ Bathroom mood board here. (I HIGHLY recommend making a mood board or vision board whenever you start a makeover because it helps in moments like these when you start to waver.)

Note: listening to audio books while painting is the ONLY way to go! I use Audible audio books and my AirPods and it makes time go by so much faster!

But since I created my mood board I’ve decided to … do board and batten on the wall opposite the mirror (behind the door) with hooks for the girls to hang their towels. This bathroom is teeny, tiny and the only hanging towel storage is above the toilet, which they can’t reach.

Bathroom refresh - a hook for the board and batten wall!

I already bought these hooks for the bathroom and I can’t wait to hang them on the board and batten!

I’m always looking for ways to make my home more functional, so this seems to be the best way to keep towels off my floors. Ha! Fingers crossed they will actually hang them up. 🤞🏻

I DIY’d the board and batten in my living room years ago, but this project will be so much smaller and easier. Yay!

OK, so back to the paint colors. I was really thinking about going with a pale turquoise instead of the white – big surprise. Ha!

But, then!!! I had the idea to make the board and batten a light turquoise instead of the whole wall. Something like this …

DIY Board and Batten Tutorial

Board and Batten from The Happy Housie via Home Depot

Except the colors will be flipped and it’ll be in the bathroom. Details. Details. 😉

Who knows if it will look good or not, but I can always paint the molding white if I hate it. But I think I will love it! And I may love it so much that I’ll take it around the rest of the bathroom. We’ll see! 😊

As I was searching for the right turquoise color in my collected paint swatches it dawned on me that I have a whole house color palette (see the post here) that I’ve shared on here before that makes these decisions for me!!! Hello!!! How could I forget? 

My accent color in the dining room works perfectly and will make the whole house feel cohesive because the colors are just a repeat from the dining room, only flip flopped!

Bathroom Makeover progress with floral canvas art and Wythe Blue paint on the walls.

Canvas Art // Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile (going on the floors) // Wall Color: Wythe Blue

So, thankfully I could just prop my new art up against the dining room wall and see how the white and Wythe Blue (Benjamin Moore) would work together and I think it works beautifully!

Girls' Bathroom Refresh Mood Board-2

Girls’ Bathroom Refresh Mood Board (see the details HERE)

I popped some Wythe Blue in my mood board, too, to see it all together and I think it works great! I might have to change out the shower curtain and go with something more neutral, but we’ll see how it works together when I get it all in the room. That would be an easy fix!

Alright, back to painting! I was waiting to go buy my boards for my board and batten until it stopped raining, but I think Noah’s coming by with the ark soon, so I’m just going to have to go in the rain. Ahh, well. Hopefully February showers will bring May flowers this year. 😜

Happy day!



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  1. Looks a lot like what I’m doing in my bedroom. You’ve given me some great ideas for my bath.
    Where did you get the artwork? Absolutely love it and want it for my bedroom!

  2. This bathroom will be so cute!! I guess I prefer the board and batten to be white with the color above, but that may be because I’ve only seen it that way. I ❤️ the vase of flowers art—the colors are absolutely amazing! I’m glad you’re showing the typical “real world” of makeovers and renovations—life gets in the way!

  3. Your girls’ bathroom is going to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished look. Just my opinion, I like the white board and batten with blue walls above, as I think if you ever wanted to change up the decor, it would be easier to paint the wall, while the board and batten would still match the trim and be neutral. But it will be pretty either way! Thanks for sharing, and (mom to mom😊), never feel like you need to apologize or feel inadequate for not getting projects done as quickly as you would like. Not only do we have other responisbilies, but sometimes plans change mid-process! Thanks for keeping it real! Love your blog! Also, thanks for inspiring me with your de-cluttering posts. I’m in the middle of a big mess right now, but am finally going through photos and memorabilia because I am determined to turn my spare room dumping ground into a beautiful office/library space!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment (the mom-to-mom part especially). 🙂 I appreciate it – and YOU! Thanks for reading my blog and cheering me on!! xo, Laura

  4. I LOVE! it. I’m been procrastinating about my own bathroom makeover but you have given me new hope, inspiration and ideas (the vision board) that I think I may actually get this accomplished in 2019.

    Note: not committing to any particular month hence the 2019 term


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