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Here in the South, a ceiling fan is a necessity. Girl, it is HOT! But despite the bad rap that ceiling fans can get, there are some really cute farmhouse ceiling fans on the market. The lighting companies have come a long way from those old, ugly white ceiling fans we all had in the 80’s and 90’s. Remember those??

This gorgeous Joanna Gaines' style farmhouse ceiling fan won't break the bank! #farmhouseceilingfan #ceilingfan #farmhouse #joannagaines #theturquoisehome #diyhomedecor

I’ve long loved the farmhouse lightning look and you can see my Budget Farmhouse Lighting Faves and How to Add Old House Charm with Schoolhouse Lighting. Using these guides, you’ll be replacing all of your builder-grade lighting in no time – and on a budget, no less! πŸ˜‰

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But I recently upgraded the ceiling fan in our living room to this gorgeous, rustic farmhouse-style ceiling fan with mason jar-like globes. The price cannot be beat and I loved the wood tones on the fan blades, and the simplistic style.

Crown Canyon Hunter 52 inch Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

The change was a loooong time coming, because I wanted to take down the old ceiling fan since the day we toured the house. And I’m happy to say that this lighting switch completes the lighting changes in our open-concept living area! Woohoo!!!! It only took 6.5 years. LOL

We changed our kitchen lighting in this post and our entry way lighting in this post.

But back to today’s topic! We love this new farmhouse ceiling fan!

Pros to the Hunter Crown Canyon 52 inch Ceiling Fan

I love that this ceiling fan is silent and doesn’t shake. I think it’s due to the quality of the fixture and the heaviness of the base. It’s really solid, which is nice. I was worried that being heavy duty would make it hard to install.

This beautiful farmhouse ceiling fan was the easiest light fixture installation ever!! #farmhouseceilingfan #ceilingfan #farmhouse #joannagaines #theturquoisehome #diyhomedecor

Have you ever tried to put in a light and you have to hold the lighting kit up near the ceiling while you connect all of the wires?

It’s so hard and can be quite painful. But these engineers were geniuses and made it so that you can hang the fan up while you’re attaching the wiring and don’t have to hold it. There’s also plenty of room at the ceiling to move the wires around. My husband, Coach, was happy he didn’t have to stuff the wires up into the ceiling, too.

This beautiful farmhouse ceiling fan was the easiest light fixture installation ever!! #farmhouseceilingfan #ceilingfan #farmhouse #joannagaines #theturquoisehome #diyhomedecor

Coach said it was the easiest installation he’s ever done!

And now it’s so much prettier than the light before!

This was the light before. It wasn’t awful, but what you can’t see is that two of the fan blades had noticeable gashes on them (from the previous owner) and it wasn’t my style at all!

Simple beachy summer living room

It was hard to find a good photo of it, because I normally tried to crop it out of every photo! Ha!

And now look how pretty and cohesive with my style! I looooove it!

This gorgeous Joanna Gaines' style farmhouse ceiling fan won't break the bank! #farmhouseceilingfan #ceilingfan #farmhouse #joannagaines #theturquoisehome #diyhomedecor

And since I found my lovely ceiling fan brings me much joy, I thought you might need to bring yourself some of that same joy! We’re going to be replacing the ceiling fan in our bedroom soon with one of these I’ve shared below and I can’t wait! (Our current fan is broken.)

I’ll tell you at the end which one it’s going to be! 😜

The Best Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t going away here in the south. For a while there many designers were trying to eliminate them altogether. But Joanna Gaines’ ceiling fans in Fixer Upper let us know that it’s OK to use them when it’s blazing hot outside 8 months out of the year!

Helloooooo all the southern states. πŸ‘‹πŸ» We all just breathed a collective sigh of relief. We can keep our cooling contraptions after all – and by golly these are super cute!

The Best Budget-friendly Farmhouse Ceiling Fans that you will LOVE!! Thank goodness Joanna Gaines said it was OK we still use ceiling fans in our home. 😜 #farmhouseceilingfan #ceilingfan #farmhouse #joannagaines #theturquoisehome #diyhomedecor

1. Hunter Channelside Bronze Ceiling Fan. This rustic industrial fan’s laidback, low profile is perfect for the casual space! (Psssst … this is the one I’ll be using in our bedroom very soon!)

2. Casa Vestige Antique Bronze Cage Ceiling Fan. This eclectic, industrial style ceiling fan would be perfect for a kids bedroom with bunk beds!

3. Craftmade Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Fan. Isn’t this one just a beauty?!? I love the candelabra style with weathered pine blades and a rich bronze finish. Be sure to read the reviews on this one before purchasing, because the fan blades seem to be darker than the photo. It’s still very gorgeous!

4. Hunter Crown Canyon Bronze Ceiling Fan with Mason Jar Style Lights. This is the fan I just installed in my living room and it was love at first sight! Everything from the color of the fan blades to the mason jar style lights, it’s my fave. The fan is very steady, puts off a nice glow, but not too bright and moves a LOT of air!

5. Westinghouse Great Falls Ceiling Fan. (The exact fan in the photo is not longer available, but this ceiling fan is very similar!) This indoor/outdoor fan would be perfect for a covered porch or patio. Or put it inside for a rustic, casual farmhouse vibe!

6. Savoy House Ceiling Fan. This Farmhouse Ceiling Fan has a gorgeous metal barrel around the lighting! Love the candle-style lights as well!

7. Animation Studio Collection Ceiling Fan. This vintage-style cage drum fan is so cool!

8. Galvanized Farmhouse Ceiling Fan. The simple, farmhouse-y style of the indoor/outdoor fan would look perfect in your real (or aesthetic only) farmhouse!

9. Gracie Oaks Industrial Ceiling Fan. This industrial cage light fixture ceiling fan is perfect for the farmhouse lover and budget-conscious shopper.

10. Gracie Oaks Ravena Ceiling Fan. A basic ceiling fan with no light kit is a budget friendly option for farmhouse style for less than $130!

Let me know which ceiling fan is your favorite in the comments!

And if you found this post helpful, or want to save it for later, please feel free to pin the image below!

Happy shopping!!

The Best Budget-friendly Farmhouse Ceiling Fans that you will LOVE!! Thank goodness Joanna Gaines said it was OK we still use ceiling fans in our home. 😜 #farmhouseceilingfan #ceilingfan #farmhouse #joannagaines #theturquoisehome #diyhomedecor

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  1. I’ve been looking for a fan for my living room but most of these really suck at moving air, most of the Hunter brands are junk and have reviews saying they absolutely give no air due to their poor blade design, and also I personally I hate pull down chains so remote is so much better, but many of these beautiful farmhouse designs have pull down chains

  2. Having said that, a remote control is not an essential feature in a ceiling fan. Some users don’t even want that kind of luxury, whether they have ceiling fans for outdoor or for kids room, they prefer the pull-down chain instead. But there are some units on the market today that offer both pull down and remote operation to enjoy both options. However, there are so many other things than a remote that make up a ceiling fan and I advise you to have a look at the best ceiling fan with remote list below to find a unit that fits your needs and demands.

  3. Your new fan looks awesome! Can you tell me how to know if the fans have the features that make the installation easier like your did? Is this found on all Hunter fans? My bedroom fan is outdated 90’s brass, and I have toyed with the idea of taking it down and spray painting it or replacing it, but it is such a quiet and smooth running fan. I’m afraid if I take it down to paint it I may somehow get it out of balance where it is’t as smooth and quiet. Also, the new one may be noisier than the old one, I’ve had that happen! My husband installs our lights and fans as well, so I know he would really appreciate the ease of installation!

    1. Hi Vicki! I’m not sure how to know if they are quiet and smooth, other than reading the reviews on a product. I think the reviews on the fan I chose mentioned that it was easy to install and ran quiet and smooth. So, I was willing to take a risk on it. I was interested in another more expensive fan, but the reviews for installation and running were terrible, so I chose this one because of the look and the reviews. I do know a lot of people who love Hunter fans, so I think they are probably all good quality! Good luck in your search!! xo, Laura

  4. My favorite is #4, I picked this out before I read which one you chose. Where did you find
    this ceiling fan at, I probably didn’t read far enough to know?

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