The Best Grout Refresh with Grout Paint


Give your bathroom or laundry room a grout refresh! Make your grout joints look like new with this easy-to-use grout paint. No more grungy, stained grout lines! Yay!

The title of this post could also be: “How to make grout gray again” or “how to make grout beige again.” Just know that if you want dark grout, you can have that too! Whatever color your grout may be, the good news is that there’s a way to take it back to where it all started! Yay.

How to use grout paint and make grout white again! It's a simple & easy process!

And boy does it make a difference!

I’ve had a bottle of grout paint for years. I was supposed to be using it in our laundry room, because … gross! It’s so discolored and stained in there.

But that’s kind of how my DIY projects go. I’ll buy a tool or supply to finish a project and instead of doing said project, I’ll keep it tucked away somewhere until one day I’ll get a wild hair and just go for it. Happens allll the time. (Please tell me I’m not alone. Ha!)

So when it came time to put the peel & stick vinyl floor tiles on in the bathroom, I realized that I would never be happy with them unless I did something about the discolored and stained grout. It wasn’t too bad in the room with the sink, but around the toilet there were terrible stains that were there when we bought the house.

This is how they looked before the white grout paint.

How to use grout paint - before pictures of gross, stained grout

So gross. And trust me, I’ve scrubbed them clean and they just won’t budge.

How to use grout paint - before pictures of gross, stained grout

I can’t believe I’m showing you this angle, but it was very bad!

It was a pretty painless process, except for my old lady knees having to be on the tile while I painted. Other than achy knees, it was an easy and quick process.

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Supplies You’ll Need to Paint Your Grout

1. Polyblend Grout Renew – in the color of your choice. I used Snow White. (You can also find it here.)
2. Small craft paint brush or toothbrush. The instructions called for a toothbrush to apply the grout paint, but I decided a craft brush would be more precise.
3. Rag or tissue – for wiping paint off the tile
4. Krud Kutter or other degreasing cleaner

Steps to Make your Grout White Again

Step 1. Clean Your Grout.

You definitely want to scrub your grout clean before applying the grout renew. I used krud kutter and just let it sit on the grout for a while, then wiped it up with a rag. If your grout is super dirty, you may want to use an old tooth brush to scrub it while cleaning it.

Let it dry completely before applying the grout paint.

How to use grout paint and make grout white again! Use Polyblend Grout Renew! DIY Tutorial

Step 2. Apply the Grout Paint

Apply the paint or grout stain with a small craft brush or tooth brush. I chose the craft brush route because I wanted to be precise and not spend as much time cleaning paint off the tiles. (Although my new vinyl tile stickers will go right over them, so it probably didn’t really matter. I’m just OCD like that.)

Basically you need a stiff bristle brush to apply the paint precisely.

I chose the “Snow White” color because it wasn’t a stark bright white, but still looks white next to my tiles.

How to use grout paint and make grout white again! Use Polyblend Grout Renew!

Step 3. Wipe Any Excess Paint off the Tiles.

I used a piece of toilet paper to wipe the paint off the tile pretty quickly. I worked in small sections on the bathroom floor and wiped the tiles off before moving on to the next section. Small sections = one tile at a time.

Step 4. Let it dry.

The bottle says to let it dry for 24 hours before using the room and 72 hours before you get it wet. So I kept the door closed and locked for a few days and we just used the master bedroom for a little bit. I could easily unlock it if people needed it, but it kept us from using it unnecessarily for a bit.

How to use grout paint and make grout white again! Beautiful after effect with just a couple hours!

Super easy, quick process! It took me a couple hours to do my small bathroom. So, if you have a larger area it would obviously take longer. But it’s something you could work on a little bit each day and come back to it.

This is how it looked before and after. What a transformation, right? I’m going to tackle my laundry room next, because y’all. It’s SOO bad!

How to Make Your Grout White Again - or any color for that matter! - BEFORE and AFTER!

Now it’s time for me to lay the peel & stick vinyl tile in the bathroom and I’m so excited to see that transformation! Click here to see my whole vision board for the girls’ bathroom refresh.

It’s coming along and I just have a couple things left before I’m done!

How to Make Your Grout White Again - or any color for that matter! - BEFORE and AFTER!


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    1. Hi Lisa! We’ve since moved from that house, but it held up perfectly for over a year. I think it would last a very long time! xo, Laura

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I am not crazy about the tile in my bathrooms, but changing the grout could make a huge difference! I also like the peel-n-stick ideas for my laundry room that has icky vinyl.


  2. I think I’m going to do this in my laundry room as well. If you want to get the grout clean though, there is a product called Folex that works wonders!! I use that and some magic erasers or just regular rags to clean my grout and it’s AMAZING. Even the really bad stuff should come off without much scrubbing. Folex also works for laundry and anything, really. It’s original use was for carpet stains. Anyway… thank you for opening my eyes. I’ll try this in my laundry room first and then go from there 😊

    1. I’m sure you can!! It’s supposed to be a sealer in and of itself, but I’m sure an extra coat of sealer wouldn’t hurt it.

    1. You’re right… the original grout was a beige color. But I decided to do white because the new peel & stick tiles going on top are white and gray!

    2. And if you had white grout, you could use this product. Or any other color they have, because they have a ton of colors to use! πŸ™‚

  3. Looks so good! I don’t have tiles on the floor but when I did my bathroom I put in coloured grout.My daughter did a fixer-upper a year or so back so we again put coloured grout which is much better when you are renting out houses. We are about to embark on another renovation so coloured grout for us!!

    1. I applied it once to get this look! I’m not sure if you mean how often to keep it looking good? I think just once because it also seals the grout making it easy to wipe clean! xo, Laura

  4. I love Grout Renew. I did my three bathrooms and laundry room. My mom wanted her kitchen done, so I did that as a Mother’s Day present last year for her. It was a gift of time and knees. πŸ™‚

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