Guest Room Essentials {to make guests feel at home}


Here you’ll find a list of guest room essentials to make your guests feel welcome and at home – away from home.

Having a dedicated guest bedroom is such a nice luxury for when guests come over. When we lived in our old house, I had my office in the guest bedroom. And when guests came over, I either had to clean up and move out. Or, I would have my girls room together and let guests stay in one of their rooms.

Guest Room Essentials

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Now, I have a dedicated office on the first floor. And the guest bedroom has a dedicated en suite bathroom. It’s such a luxury that I don’t take for granted. I’ve been so thrilled anytime anyone wants to come stay with us because hosting them is so much easier with this set up!

This room was thrown together with items I already had or something I could purchase quickly. When we moved in, several family members came to help us get settled, so I had to get it put together quickly. I still haven’t painted the walls!

But for now, this space works and we’re hosting with what we have. And it’s been great to “not wait” and just invite people over! Love it!

The Guest Room Essentials

Towels | Peg Board Hooks | Throw Pillow | Hyacinth Basket | Mirror | Extension Cord | Wifi Password Sign | Night Light | Clock | Luggage Rack | Noise Machine | Waste Basket | Chair

So, I’ve rounded up a few favorite things I like to have in the room when people come over. I’ve always loved seeing others share their guest bedroom must-haves, like the wifi log in information. Or having a basket of extras in case they forget something.

So, lets’ dive in, shall we?

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Guest Bedroom Essentials to Make Guests Feel at Home

1. Luggage Rack

Having a place for your guests to put their luggage is crucial. Even if the room is too small for a luggage rack, leave enough floor space for a bag to fit. I know I always appreciate it when there’s a place to leave my luggage open. I like the luggage rack I have because it also has a lower shelf for shoes or another bag!

Luggage Rack for Guest Room

2. Plenty of towels and wash cloths

If your guests are planning to spend the night, then chances are they are going to need to use the shower or at least need something at night to wash and dry their face. Having plenty of plush towels and wash cloths is key! These beautiful blue towels and cloths are great, but don’t break the bank!

Extra Towels and Wash cloths for guests

3. Space in a Closet or Hooks

In addition to space for luggage, a guest room essential is giving them somewhere to hang up their hanging clothes. So, leave a space in the closet, or use a hook system on the wall.

These peg board hooks are perfect for guests hang up clothes, or hanging a bag. Or even a place to keep a spare robe for them to use!

Hooks for hanging a robe or bag for guests

4. A Chair

Obviously your guest room will have a bed for your guests. But it’s also nice to include a chair for them to relax or a place to sit while they are putting on their shoes.

5. Wifi Network & Password

Doesn’t it make you feel like home when your phone automatically connects to the wifi? Make it easy for guests to get on your network by providing the network name and password right there in their room!

Wifi Password Sign for Guest Bedroom

This adorable wifi password dry erase sign is perfect for making your guests feel right at home!

Shop My Guest Room Essentials by Tapping the Images Below:

6. Extra Toiletries

If you’ve ever forgotten a toothbrush or deodorant at home, you know how nice it is when you have that waiting for you at your destination. I love this hyacinth basket for keeping them corralled together.

extra toiletries for guests

Providing these incidentals keeps your guest from having to make a trip to the store. Thus giving you more time to spend together!

Great ideas for extra incidentals are: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, tooth floss, hair spray, mouth wash, medicine for a headache, nail clippers, feminine hygiene products, hair dryer, q-tips, cotton swabs, etc.

I keep extra body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the guest bathroom all the time.

7. Water Bottles

I always need a water bottle by my bed at night, so I want to make it available if someone needs it and forgot their own!

8. Snacks

Whenever I travel, I get hungry. And if I didn’t pack snacks, it’s nice to have a granola bar or something when I get to where I’m going. Or maybe someone gets the midnight munchies, but doesn’t want to dig around in an unfamiliar kitchen.

9. Extra Phone Charger

We’ve already had guests that have forgotten their chargers. So, it’s always a welcome surprise when I tell them there’s already an extra charger in there!

Extra USB ports and plush for guests

We have additional plugs and USB ports in the back of our night stands, but if you don’t have that, maybe offer an extension cord like this!

10. Clock

Most people use their phones for a clock, but phone fatigue is real. And it’s nice to be able to put your phone down and still see the time in your room.

11. Tissues

This is something every bedroom needs, in my opinion!

12. White Noise Machine

We are big white noise fans! And while you can use an app on your phone for white noise, it’s also nice to have on in the room!

clock, noise machine and lamp in guest bedroom

13. Fan

I have to sleep with a fan because I have to feel the air flowing at night. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in the guest bedroom, consider offering a floor fan. Some people might like the air to be cooler than you keep it at night, and a fan always helps!

14. Extra Blanket

Just as some guests are hot natured, others are cold natured and might need an extra blanket.

15. Night Light

Giving someone the option to have a night light in a new place is always a good idea. I love these decorative night lights that look good, come on when it gets dark, and can be easily removed if not needed.

16. Full-Length Mirror

Any mirror is better than none, but a full-length mirror is best! I don’t have one in our guest room yet, but I’ve been eyeing this one!

17. Trash Can

There’s hardly anything worse than having trash with nowhere to put it. Don’t leave guests without a place to put those baggage stickers or wrappers. This hyacinth waste basket is so cute and has a built-in liner.

Guest Bedroom Essentials

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  1. I was excited to know I have everything on the list. Instead of a water bottle I have this small little glass carafe and a little glass cup that fits on top like a cover and I fill it will ice water for them before they go to bed so they can pour what they want. Also for the people that come regular they each have their own baskets with special things the use and like, their soap their own loofa, shampoo and shower cap tooth paste etc. then I have a drawer where I keep extras of everything like you had in a basket for the “strays” haha. I love being organized. I also add an up to date magazine for them to look at.

    1. My adult daughter is staying with us for a while to help while I heal from surgery, I thought I had everything a guest could need but she came to me a few days into her stay and said “Mom, I think you need to get a few things for guests”. I said what do I need. She said
      1. Hooks on door in bathroom for guests to hang up their towels.
      2. A laundry basket for them to put their dirty clothes in if staying more than a few days.
      3. A holder in tub/shower for their personal items.
      4. A non slip mat for tub.

      I said thank you and now it’s complete.

  2. Wow I’ve never had a room anywhere near this nice! Well I am thinking about, slowly but surely, making both bedrooms where there can be room for guests.This is a handy checklist and I thank you for it!

  3. Love these ideas! I was just thinking another option for a WiFi board would be to use a 5×7 easel photo frame with pretty paper or fabric behind the glass and use a dry erase marker to write on the glass. I actually use a dry erase marker to leave reminders for myself on my bathroom mirror where it’s right in front of my face, lol! Not pretty but it’s more effective for me than sticky notes! Your guest room is lovely!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. That sounds great, too! 🙂 Anything would work! There are so many cute (or efficient) solutions out there.

  4. We were having company and I did most of this and I made a cute little WiFi password sign. My friend rolled her eyes and said “can’t you just text it?” Dang. It was so adorable too. Don’t worry, she was most appreciative of the fan and water and her husband loved the snack basket.
    I did not think of a white noise machine and I personally would love that.

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