How to Paint Outlet Covers

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Don’t let your outlet covers stick out like a sore thumb on your painted walls ever again! Enter painted outlet covers! Yes, it’s a thing! I’ll show you.

Have you ever thought that a white or off-white outlet cover looked bad against a painted wall? Painting them the color of the wall is an easy custom touch that will elevate your home and bring a smile to your face!

I’ll be honest. It’s never occurred to me to try to paint an outlet cover – until now! I’m in the middle of my dining room makeover. And I recently painted the trim on the bottom of the room to be Oyster Bay. (Sneak peek of the dining room coming along!! ☺️)

Unpainted outlet cover on a green wall

It’s a beautiful green color, and it looked odd to see the white outlet against this pretty green paint. I think because it’s painted wall “trim” on the bottom third of the wall, is why it bothered me more than when I am painting a flat wall.

I recently painted the trim on the lower part of my powder room, but I wanted to use brass outlet covers in there. So, it didn’t even occur to me to paint those the wall color.

So, the white covers looked funny to me on this green lower part of the wall. Surely there is a solution, right?

How to Paint Wall Outlet Covers

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Painting Outlet Covers – the easy way!

Originally I thought I might paint some primer on the existing covers, but I was wary about painting the actual receptacle where you plug the plugs in. (I’m not technical enough to know the official name.)

So I went on a hunt, and I discovered these textured wall outlet covers that are advertised as paintable wall covers!

They don’t say they are “paintable” on the package, but they say that they are online, so I went for it! And the trick is that they stick out over your entire existing outlet and they come with a paintable screw, too! So you don’t have to worry about any of the original white outlet showing.

Paintable Wall Outlet Covers

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Paintable Outlet Cover
  • Paint – I used the same semi-gloss paint I used on my walls.
  • Paint Brush or roller
  • Screw driver

How to Paint Outlet Covers

The process is so simple!

  • Just remove the old outlet cover.
  • Paint the new textured outlet cover and the screw.
  • And screw it in place!
Paint the outlet screw, too!

I painted two coats of paint on my covers before I installed them. I’m sure rolling the paint on would have been better, but I had my Purdy paint brush right there, so I used what I had.

Painted Wall Outlet Cover

I’ll for sure be going around the rest of my house looking for places to use these new outlet covers. I’m looking at you, navy living room! 😜

Did you know about these paintable outlet covers? Have you used them in your home? I just wanted to pass along this little tip in hopes it could be something you’ve been looking for, too!

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  1. Love this. By the way, it says on the bottom left corner of the packaging (when looking at the photo) that it’s paintable.

    1. Very cool! I just wallpapered my light switch covers yesterday and I love how they turned out. Why have I never done this before?!?

  2. I too have painted my outlet covers, but my husband doesn’t like when I paint the outlet part – they get scratched up sometimes, especially the ones that get a lot of use. I never thought to look for the covers that you used – I really like those. I have also wallpapered the switches and plugs before. Before we redid our kitchen in 2015, I had wallpaper on the backsplash area and the wall – I matched up the wallpaper and covered all the outlets and light switches. It was a bit crazy, but it looked really good and no more white blotches on the wall. 🙂

  3. I have painted outlet and switch covers for years, even that really helps the look and doesn’t cost a thing. Just sand the cover and paint. On switch covers that get more use I usually use a primer before added the wall cover or use a coat of water based clear finish on top of the paint.

  4. I had bought two months ago for a very visible spot halfway up the wall in our home office. They have sat there for months so I’m hoping this motivates me to get them painted and installed!

  5. I did my outlet covers several years ago. I used a textured spray paint, two coats after cleaning them well. Have held up great!

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