Blue & Green Traditional Powder Room Reveal

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The powder room decor takes this space from 0-10 with some simple DIY changes! Find bold inspiration in this traditional green and blue powder room reveal with picture frame moulding, Calke Green paint, blue hydrangea wallpaper, brass double sconce and brass finishes!

The powder room makeover is done, and I am THRILLED! It’s my favorite makeover to date and I have to open the door and take a look every time I pass it. 😜 It’s just so pretty.

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The Powder Room Beginnings & Vision

Ahh, the powder room. It’s the small room that allows us to keep the guests out of our regular bathrooms. #hallelujah I’ve always dreamed of having a powder room for guests because in our old house the guests had to use the girls’ bathroom and it was always a struggle to keep it presentable!

And it’s also a fun design space where you can pack a punch! While you want your main living space to feel peaceful and calm, the powder room can be the disco ball. It’s the door to a wild, new world: the unexpected jewel box in your home. It’s a place to get out of your comfort zone! Yay!

So, when it came time to design this space, I wanted to bring in color through paint and wallpaper. I wanted to bring in lots of pretty brass finished and some beautiful texture, too! I want my friends and family to enter this room and feel like they are transformed to a fun, new place. And I’m so excited to share how my hallway half bathroom turned out!

Let’s take a look back at the vision for this space:

And I love that everything I added is simply powder room decor. I didn’t remove anything in here, only added new decor and paint to the walls. It was all DIY, too! I love these kinds of makeovers!

Probably the most challenging parts were cutting the picture frame moulding, hanging the wallpaper and taking the light fixture off (and then putting it back) in order to wallpaper. But I’m so happy I was able to do it all myself!

Ok, let’s take a look at all of the changes. But before we jump into the reveal, let’s see where this room started!

This picture is exactly how the bathroom looked when we bought the house. It had yellow walls, a dated light fixture, an odd horizontal mirror, an old towel rack and toilet paper holder. That’s it!

Powder Room

Then after we moved in I had it painted Edgecomb Gray, like the hallway. I also changed the brass light fixture and replaced the mirror. It was all just in a holding place until I could actually make it over.

Powder Bathroom Ideas

But now this same view looks like this! Are you ready??

You’re not ready…

Blue and Green Traditional Powder Bathroom

Gah!!!!! Isn’t it the best?

I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, but I cannot get over how some paint, trim, wallpaper and new decor can make such an impact. But it can!! And if there’s ever a place to go bold, I dare say the powder room is the perfect spot!

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DIY Powder Room Decor & Changes

So, let’s walk through some of this transformation.

Powder Room Decor

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It obviously started with the picture frame moulding. I shared all about the decisions, planning phase and execution of the picture frame moulding in this tutorial post. It took the most time of anything and really made a huge impact. The paint color is Calke Green by Farrow & Ball.

Toilet in Powder Bathroom
The previous very boring view of the toilet.

And how the toilet side looks now …

Picture Frame Moulding in Calke Green

I continued the paint on the baseboards, door trim and the inside of the door. I had several people recommend adding the paint to the crown moulding and ceiling, too.

But there is a can light and fan in the ceiling and I feel like they would stick out like a sore thumb if I painted the ceiling green. I also like that the crown and ceiling are still white because they tie in with the white sink, white toilet and the white in the wallpaper.

New Brass Towel Ring in Powder Room Makeover

Once I finished the trim and paint, I realized the discounted mirror I had found at a closing Pottery Barn was going to be too small. So I went on a hunt for a mirror that fit this space and could be installed over the trim on the wall.

I was lucky that I found this beautiful mirror that fit the space perfectly and shipped quickly. I wanted to wait to make sure the new mirror worked before I wallpapered the top 1/3 of the walls.

Vintage Style Mirror in Powder Room

When the mirror arrived, I knew it would be great, so I started the process of wallpapering. I’ve only wallpapered once before with pre-pasted wallpaper. This time I had to apply the adhesive myself. It wasn’t too hard, though.

I bought this wallpaper toolkit and it had everything I needed, except for the adhesive and wallpaper. Learn how to use paste-on-the-wall wallpaper.

And once the new mirror was hung, the space was transformed! I had to add a few finishing details to make it complete. I LOVE how everything came together.

The Finishing Details for the Powder Room

Let’s walk through some of the finishing powder room decor details, shall we?

I hung up this landscape art behind the toilet. I’d originally bought it for the kitchen makeover. But it didn’t work in there. So, I hung it in the hallway. But when I started to plan this makeover, I realized it would work so well in the bathroom. It pulls the greens and blues together perfectly!

Landscape Art in Powder Room

The seagrass lidded basket on the back of the toilet holds exactly two mega toilet paper rolls. (I measured before hand to make sure they would fit!)

In a bathroom without any storage, I needed a place to hide the extras, you know? And then I placed a candle on top for obvious reasons. I don’t know if I’ll ever burn the candle, but it’s there for looks either way.

Toilet Paper Holder

The new brass toilet paper holder and brass towel ring are so solid and pretty. I even replaced the standard white outlet and light switch covers with some satin brass outlet covers. I’ve had the brass trash can in there since we moved in and it works great!

Brass Towel Ring

And that scalloped green and jute rug is so cute on the floor! I still need to add a non-slip backing to it, but that won’t be difficult.

Blue and Green Traditional Powder Bathroom

In the end, I’m so glad I went bold! I had times I questioned if I would regret this makeover. Was it too much?

Nah. I’m hooked on going big!

I’m eyeing the dining room next. It’s going to be so different from anything I’ve ever done before. I can’t wait to share!

Have you ever gone bold in a powder bathroom before?

Shop the Elements of the Powder Room

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  1. This is so beautiful. We are planning a similar makeover for our powder room. I am curious how you hung the mirror over the moulding. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

  2. Love your bathroom! Where did you buy the great molding? I can’t find anything as pretty as your molding.

  3. I love how you transformed this powder bathroom! It’s giving me a lot of inspiration to change mine too. We need to update our pedestal sink and toilet and I see yours we’re existing and you included some similar Kohler brand pieces. The measurements and pointed parts don’t totally fit our design. Is there any chance you know the manufacturer and the line of the pedestal sink and toilet you currently have? Those are exactly what we’re looking for! Thanks!

    1. Hi there!

      Both the sink and toilet came with the house, so we we’re not sure the where they were bought or who made them. Sorry!

    2. Hi Selena, I do know that the toilet is a Kohler brand, so I assume the sink it too, since it matches. But yeah, like my team said, it came with the house, so I don’t have a link. Sorry!

    1. Hi! I used a longer screw and let it stick out longer to reach past the trim! You could also attach a piece of wood behind the mirror that is the same depth as the trim, then screw it in that way. I just used that method to attach a drying rack over the wall trim in my laundry room. I’ll share that soon! hope that helps! xo, Laura

  4. Wow! Amazing! Your powder room is stunning. I love absolutely everything about it. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy 2021

  5. I love it! My only hesitation is that the sink hardware is a much lighter gold than the other brassier tones in the fixtures.

    I love that you painted the door as well! I will be pinning these.

    1. Laura, What an awesome upgrade for your powder room. You’re so very talented. Thanks for sharing another wonderful transformation.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful, you did a fabulous job! Definitely one of the prettiest bathrooms I’ve ever seen! I think leaving the ceiling and crown white was the best call, I think it could have very easily felt too dark otherwise, and it certainly helps tie in the white in the wall paper and the toilet and sink. Do you know the source of the fringed hand towel, as it doesn’t appear to the the same one you linked (I realize maybe it’s an old one that’s not available). I love fringed towels! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! The fringe towel is old from Target. I found and purchased a similar one in a light blue color, but it doesn’t have the fringe, unfortunately. (I think I linked the newer one.) Sorry I’m not more help!!

    1. Gorgeous bathroom! I absolutely love hydrangeas and this wallpaper is so beautiful. Blue and green are my favorite colors; therefore your bathroom redo is my favorite. We are planning on repainting our interior before Christmas. I was not planning on doing any wallpapering, but I am going to copy cat you in our master bathroom. So thank you for sharing online. I am so grateful. Again, a million thanks!

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