IKEA Fintorp Hanging System in the Kitchen

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The IKEA Fintorp rail hanging system puts your walls to work, giving functionality to vertical space in your home. There’s an unlimited number of configurations for the hooks, baskets and caddies to suit your specific needs. This system is a perfect addition to any organized home!

The IKEA Fintorp Rails hanging system is perfect for adding interest and dimension to any plain ol' wall!

I just love it when I have a decorating epiphany about a trouble spot in my home. I especially love it when I already have everything I need to implement this epiphany. 😉🎉

Thus is the case of what happened to me last week. Let me give a little backstory …

I’ve been doing a small makeover in my eat-in kitchen area for the past 3 months. Yes, I know I’m the slowest makeover decorator ever! I literally planned to make 4-5 small-ish cosmetic changes. I have been at the “finishing touches” stage for the past month or so, but I kept getting stumped on this one wall.

The summer kitchen - home goals for 2018

This is the before shot. Not bad, but wanted to make a few changes!

It’s the small section of wall between the chalkboard and the windows, where the old “EAT” sign used to hang. I made those letters out of pallets more than 5 years ago, so it was time to pass it along and do something different.

It’s been blank, minus a few patched, not yet painted, nail holes just waiting for the right thing to go there. I had side-eyed six black frames in my entry way that I don’t really love in that spot.

My plan was to spray paint them white and put some herb printables in them and call it a day. But it just wasn’t making my heart sing. I even went so far as to print out the printables. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

I really wanted something besides art to go on that wall. Something that would give interest to the space and that would work with the rest of the room.

A few months ago, maybe a year ago, I had purchased some parts of the IKEA Fintorp hanging storage system. I had no idea where I was going to hang it, but I knew I liked it. I ended up purchasing all of the parts of it on two separate trips because they were sold out of some things the first time. The nearest IKEA is 3 hours away, so this was some serious dedication. I really wanted this system.😊

IKEA Fintorp Rails

I just had no idea where I was going to hang it!

Well, last week, while scrolling through Instagram, I happened upon one of these systems in Katie’s kitchen at My Little Kate Cod. It was like a lightbulb went off. I quickly measured the space on the wall and it was perfect! I had everything on hand to pull it all together. Yay!!

Th IKEA Fintorp Rails hanging system is perfect for adding interest and dimension to any plain ol' wall!

The “Mint to be” tea towel, colander and hanging container (no longer available) have all just been waiting in my “new decor without a home” stash for the perfect spot to land. My potted herb trio was sitting on my buffet in the dining room, just waiting on its moment to shine. And I added my cutting board, a wooden spoon and a gold wisk. (Does anyone else love this gold and marble kitchen collection?? The prices are fab and it’s all so CUTE!)

I just love how it all came together!

The IKEA Fintorp system uses IKEA's hangnig buckets to create function and beauty all in one spot! #ikeafintorp

If you saw my insta stories, then you know that I had to adjust the height of the bars after I installed it the first time. But it’s super easy to hang up, so it took no time at all to change it. I didn’t really know what I would hang where when I put it up the first time, so once I figured that out, I knew I needed about 20 inches between the bars.

And yes, the screw holes are still in the wall. And yes I did photoshop them out of the pictures for this post. 😜 Anybody else hate filling nail holes in the wall?!?

Add some cute kitchen decor to your home with the IKEA Fintorp hanging rail system. LOVE it!! #fintorp #IKEA

White Colander {here & here} / “Mint to Be” Towel / Herb Trio / Wooden Spoon (Similar) / Gold Wisk / Hanging Bucket (no longer available)/ Greenery / Cutting Board

There you have it! A fun little update from a simple epiphany leads to the perfect decor in a trouble spot. Anyne wanna bet I can get this eat-in kitchen makeover done by the end of May? Haha! Who are we kidding. It’ll probably be July! 😜

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  1. Hello! Can you give me the link of where i can buy the Herb Trio holder pls (or similar to it)?
    I’ve tried to click on the one in the photo and it’s not working 🙁
    Lovely work, congrats!

  2. Hello! Could you give me the link for the herb trio holder in the photo or similar to it?
    I tried to click on the one in the photo but is not working. Thanks!

  3. Love your look and was thinking of using these UNDER a floating shelf.
    Do you think that would work? Our closest IKEA is 2 hrs away so you’d save me some time and money 💰 if its a no go

  4. I’ve got some Ikea Fintorp rails and buckets but I’m using mine in the bathroom. They run along the wall above the sink but under the mirror-cupboard unit. I’m short on space (living in an apartment and having WAY too much stuff) so I have only the metal buckets hanging off them. Each bucket holds something different, such as make-up brushes and other things that are used most often. It’s a tiny bathroom so every space counts. I’m actually planning on spray-painting the buckets in the next couple of weeks so I haven’t completely sorted them out yet. I want to put coloured sand in the bottom of the pot that holds the brushes. That way they’ll be ‘planted’ firmly instead of rattling around.
    I’ve got the same concept happening above my dining space. The dining table butts up against an inside wall when it’s just me home alone (99% of the year). Above it I’ve hung a curtain rod (in the same style as all my other Ikea rods). From the rod I’ve hung loads of old crochet, cut-work and embroidery mats using hoops and dowel hangers. I knew I wanted to do something with my and my mum’s collection of old hand-me-down linens, so when I got a new (aka 100 year old) dining table for the space, I knew this was the right match. And, of course, hanging from a rod, things can be changed as the season takes me.
    Living only 20 minutes from an Ikea store (in Sydney, Australia) helps.
    I hope you enjoy changing around your design as much as I’m enjoying putting mine together- both the functional bathroom and aesthetic dining space projects. Thanks for sharing your project.

    1. Hi Kayla, they are from Pottery Barn —>>> https://rstyle.me/n/c4ravwx85w. I have them in navy and I think they are only still available in navy with the blackout lining. There’s a lighter blue option still available with just the cotton lining. xo, Laura

  5. Very pretty! Well worth the wait. Better a blank wall while you figure it out than a half-hearted display that makes your skin crawl!

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