My Honest Ruggable Rug Review


My honest Ruggable review (not sponsored) about my kitchen runner. Also, answering frequently asked questions, plus is a Ruggable rug “worth it?”

Have you ever wanted to put a rug in your home, but you know that it will probably get dirty in less than 30 minutes? Especially if you have dogs, little kids or like to live in your home, am I right?

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If that all sounds familiar, let me introduce you to a rug with super powers! It looks like a regular old rug, but its super power is that it’s machine WASHABLE! 🧺🙌🏻🎉

I’m sure you’ve heard of these Ruggable rugs before, but if you’ve ever wondered how they are really, I’m here to spill* all about my own experience.

*pun intended

An Honest Ruggable Review
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Why I Chose a Ruggable Rug

So, when I began my kitchen makeover, I knew I wanted to add some comfort and colorful interest to the floor between my kitchen cabinets and island by way of a runner.

I have had enough experience with a kitchen mat in front of the sink to know that kitchen rugs get dirty fast. So, a runner next to my stovetop and oven would surely get nasty quick.

It’s the spot where I stand to cook on the stovetop, so I thought it would also be nice to have something padded under my feet.

I was drawn to these Ruggable rugs because they are machine washable and spill proof!

My best friend happened to be visiting around this time and I brought it up with her. She mentioned that she had several Ruggable washable rugs in her home and that she loved them! She has small dogs, so washable rugs were much needed!

So, I bought one! Totally spent my own money and the company knows nothing about me. Not that my review would be any different if it were, I’m just saying. 😜

That was more than 9 months ago! And I’ve been promising a Ruggable rug review ever since. But I wanted to wait a little while and see how it held up over time. I get lots of questions every time I mention it on Instagram stories.

So, I’m going to share my experience with this easy-to-clean rug and answer your most frequent questions about them. If I don’t answer your question, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to come back and get your answer for you!

White Kitchen with Blue Rug

My Ruggable Rug Experience

I purchase this beautiful Hendesi Heriz Abalone Runner in a 2.5′ x 7′ size with a classic rug pad for my kitchen. The runner fits between my cabinets and the stovetop. (If I had realized there was a cushioned rug pad option, I would have bought that one instead since I stand on it to cook.)

I knew it would get spills from cooking over top of it. We’ve spilled pink icing, watermelon and strawberries on it and they’ve all come out easily! I wash it about once a month, whether it looks dirty or not, because I know it needs it!

I wash it according to the directions: by itself in cold water, on delicate with the design facing out in my washing machine.

And then I dry it a couple of times on the delicate/low heat cycle. It will get mostly dry in the wash, but I will then hang it on my drying rack for about 24 hours to finish drying all the way before I put it back on the floor.

When I get ready to put it back on top of the rug pad on the floor, I roll the rug cover up and line up the one end with the rug pad. Then I unroll it on top of the pad!

person rolling out a washable rug

So easy, and I have a new, clean rug in my kitchen!

I haven’t noticed any fading, but I have noticed a little pilling around the edges where the seams are. It’s not enough to notice when the rug is on the floor. But I notice it when I’m up close as I wash it.

I just know that so many have wondered if these rugs hold up and are actually worth the money.

And after owning mine for almost a year, I believe they are! They live up to the hype.

A good friend recently visited and asked how I keep a runner clean in that spot in my kitchen. She went on to tell about buying a nice rug for her kitchen, only to ruin it with a spill the first day she had it! I had to share my secret. It’s soooo worth it to know that I’m not going to ruin my rug in the kitchen.

Ruggable Runner in the kitchen

Ruggable Washing Instructions

First of all, a Ruggable rug is a patented 2-piece system that consists of a rug cover and a rug pad. Only the rug cover is machine washable and the rug pad can be spot cleaned.

But washing the cover is pretty simple. First you need to pull the rug cover off the rug pad.

How to Wash a Ruggable Rug

You’re supposed to wash the chenille rugs in cold water on a delicate cycle, design side out. And then dry on low heat and hang to air dry. It takes a while for the rug to air dry, so I will run it on delicate first. Then air dry the rest of the way.

It will most likely take longer to dry an 8×10 rug than my 2.5×7 runner. I would take that into consideration when buying your rug.

You can find more washing guidelines on the Ruggable website for their other types of rugs.

Common Questions About Ruggable

Do ruggable rugs curl up?

I have washed my rug more than a dozen times and I haven’t had it curl up. It might curl up a little after it’s dried, but the velcro on rug pad keeps everything flat on the floor.

How do Ruggable rugs work?

Before I bought my rug, I was a little bit confused about how it works. But Ruggable operates with a patented 2-piece rug pad with a rug cover (the patterned piece) and a rug pad.

I originally thought the bottom layer was adhered to the floor. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But it’s a thin rug layer with a rubber bottom to hold it in place, and a velcro-like material on top to cling to the top, washable layer.

The bottom rubber layer also has heavier material around the corners and extra velcro to keep the rug cover held down and in place.

How thick is a Ruggable rug?

The top layer of the rug (rug cover) is very thin, which makes it easy to wash and dry. The rug covers come in 4 different fabrics: chenille, shag, re-jute and outdoor rugs. So the thickness will depend on which fabric you choose. But the chenille rug covers are only 1/8 of an inch thick.

There are two different rug pads that you can choose from when you order your rug. The cushioned rug pad is 2/5 of an inch thick, while a classic rug pad is only 1/8 of an inch thick.

I hope my Ruggable review helped you to decide if it’s right for you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Or send me an e-mail!

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  1. After I upgraded my guest bathroom with board and batten walls, following your excellent tutorial and photos ( ), I needed a colorful rug to finish off the look. But because it was a bathroom, any rug I put in there would have to be pretty hardy. Et voila–Ruggables! I chose one with a mariner’s compass rose in reds and teals to complement my new board and batten walls. Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas, inspiration, and very helpful instructions!

  2. I have one. I have a runner like this one, in a different design. I use mine in the same way as the one is used here. IT IS SO WORTH IT! I will likely buy another for a hallway.

    1. Yes!! It’s such a great rug! I have a red/green plaid runner I changed out this past Christmas and I absolutely love them both! xo, Laura

  3. I am considering a runner in my office which has hardwood floors. There would be 2 office chairs with rollerblade type wheels rolling back and forth on them. My concern would be if the edges of the rug will curl up with the wheels going over them? Would the thinner pad work better? I hate to invest in this rug if the edges are going to curl.

    1. Mine slides like crazy. I have the longest runner in my kitchen, and while it’s great for easy cleaning, it is constantly getting pushed up against the toekick and I have to pull it back out. I have no idea how it’s happening because no one is like running around in that space, and it’s a big fairly heavy rug (I have the extra thick pad). Overall I’d still recommend it for the kitchen because of the ability to wash it, but won’t put a ruggable anywhere else in my house.

      1. Mine slides around some, but not bad! You could always try corner grippers underneath or rug tape. I put rug tape under the mat at my sink (not a Ruggable rug) because it moves around too much! But really, all of my rugs move around.

    2. YES IT DOES!!! I hate it and am looking for advice about how to stop the rugs from sliding especially the smaller ones. Its maddening

  4. Hi, I’m on the fence about buying a rug for that same ‘between the stove and the sink/island’ area. I see you have your runner centered. Do you slide it closer to your stove when you’re cooking or move it closer to the island when you’re working at that surface? Having my foot half on and half off would feel uncomfortable … or is it too thin to notice/ not really cushioning underfoot?

    Do you spot clean in between washes, and how effective is that compared to machine washing, say if you drop a strawberry or spaghetti sauce? My floors are LVP and dark enough so as not to show every spot so I just swiffer that area of the kitchen for a quick cleanup every few days (no pets or kids, just a husband who drips 😜).
    Or is your Ruggables always centered as an aesthetic piece vs a cushioning piece?

    1. I have mine in between my sink and island and leave it closer to the sink instead of centered (it does, per my comment above, somehow always get pushed all the way under the sink and I have to move it back out). It doesn’t look as nice as when centered but is definitely more practical for catching spills. I wish ruggable would make an extra wide runner for kitchens, feels like they’re missing a market opportunity!

  5. I have the hardest time getting my 5×7 to cover the rug pad . I have watched so many videos still a problem 🙁 . Any help

    1. Oh man! I don’t, sorry, since I have never had one that size. I would try rolling it up and lining it up perfectly on one side. I know my best friend has her husband help when she’s putting them back on the rug pad. Maybe it’s a 2-person job? Sorry I’m not more help!

    2. Definitely get a second person to help, one holding each end, and lay it down like you’re putting a comforter on a bed. Rolling it out is soooo hard to get right.

  6. I do love my Ruggables, too. We have the runner and a larger rug both in our kitchen and after using the same design for over a year, we saw a sale and bought a Fall and a Winter design. Since then we bought a Christmas design and a second more colorful design to use whenever one is in the wash. I do like to vacuum both sides of the rug pad while the rugs are in the wash but you must be very careful when you turn the pad over to vacuum because it is slippery on my hardwood floor. They didn’t have the cushioned pad when I bought mine but I am considering moving my larger one to the foyer and buying another with the cushioned pad for the kitchen. Also, all the extra designs we have were purchased as rug covers only. Using the same pads for about three years now.

  7. Thank you for your [non-sponsored] review!! I’ve been on the fence about getting a Ruggable since they are an investment ($$) but now think I will try one in my kitchen due to the washability (is that a word?).

    1. I bought two of these rugs. The 8×10 was a black and white stripe. It really did not wash well at all and the white became so dingy after about 2 months when with washing as instructed. It also never did lay flat (lots of ripples bw the top and bottom layers) after that second wash. I finally got rid of it after about the fourth wash. The runner has done much better. But I have never washed it bc I think the washing is what made the larger one never lay flat again.

      1. Yeah, I definitely can’t talk about the 8×10 experience. But I haven’t had any problems washing the runner. Hopefully you won’t need to, but if you do, I hope it’s like my experience! Maybe we should just stick to the runners?

    1. Hi Lizzy! I roll it up and put it in the corner of my laundry room while the cover washes and dries. I also forgot to mention that I will vacuum the rug pad whenever I wash the cover, too! ☺️ I hope that helps!! Laura

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