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Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is an extremely popular soft warm gray paint color. It’s a beautiful hue and the #1 bestselling Sherwin Williams paint color – for good reason!!

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular gray paint colors out there today! #paintcolors #sherwinwilliams #agreeablegray #diyhomedecor #diyhomedecoronabudget

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NOTE: If you’re painting the room yourself, these tools will help tremendously. And this post will give you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

Agreeable Gray Undertones

Agreeable Gray has been described by numerous people as “the perfect greige”—as in a color that hits all the notes and balances between gray and beige. Just like all greige colors, the base of this is a warm, creamy (dare I say agreeable?) gray tint.

Don’t be fooled, though. Much like every other shade of paint, SW Agreeable Gray will look different in each room thanks to different lighting. For example, if you paint a room that is facing north, the paint will appear to have a blue-gray hue with less of the beige tones.

South facing rooms or any rooms that get plenty of natural light will notice the paint color tends to be a soft, warm gray with the absence of green undertones that are generally super common in a greige. Instead, you have a creamy, warm gray that is absolutely liveable.


Any time you are choosing a new paint color, you need to try out the real paint color in your home first!

The easiest and quickest way to do that is with Samplize! I solely use them for paint samples now. There’s no mess, no leftover sample pots of paint. Plus, these no-mess, peel-and-stick rectangles made from real paint, are easy to move around the room and easy to save for future reference!

What Colors Coordinate with Agreeable Gray?

If you are looking for a few colors that will work well with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, you certainly have options. The paint is neutral enough that almost any color will work with it.

What colors to pair with Agreeable Gray?

However, there are a few colors that are known to work especially well such as

  • Incredible White
  • Extra White
  • Divine White
  • Aloe
  • Oyster Bay

If you are looking for a totally different color that will stand out in a fun way, try Sherwin Williams Coral Reef. It’s a pretty coral that offers a bright pop of color.

Rooms That Have Agreeable Gray

All the theory is nice, but let’s talk about some real-life rooms that have this pretty paint showcased on the walls. As you’ll notice, the color looks slightly different in each room, yet always looks basically flawless no matter where it is.

Agreeable Gray in Bedrooms

This gorgeous nursery stopped me mid-scroll. How pretty is this entire room from Honey We Are Home? The top half of the wall is Agreeable Gray, as is the darker stripes on the ceiling. As you can see, the ceiling shade looks slightly more purple than on the wall, but both are neutral and gorgeous. In case you are wondering, the other shade there is Divine White by Sherwin Williams.

Little girl's nursery with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Ya’ll know I can’t pass up a good nursery, so here’s another room showcasing Agreeable Gray. This beautiful boy nursery from Living Letter Home has the perfect neutral backdrop with the wall paint—see how creamy-gray it is on most of the wall here? Once it hits the corner where there is less light, it is a more blue/purple gray which is similar to the room above.

Little boy's nursery with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Agreeable Gray in the Living Room

The living room is certainly a busy area in any house. That’s why I think it’s especially important to set a peaceful tone for the space by covering your walls with a color just like Our Vintage Nest did in this living room with Agreeable Gray.

A living room with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

It’s also always fun to see how the same paint color looks in a living room with very different decor, like this traditional living room from Our Southern Home SC. Like every other example, Agreeable Gray looks awesome in this space and totally works with the surrounding style.

A living room with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Let’s do one more living room example just so you can compare the color in this room from Houseful of Handmade with the others above. This room has really pretty natural light which is giving that creamy greige look the paint is famous for.

A loft with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray in the Dining Room

If you are looking for another room that would look great with a couple of coats of Agreeable Gray, try the dining room. While it will work for any style, I am especially found of this farmhouse-style dining room from Green With Decor.

A dining room with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Need more dining room eye-candy? This room from Kylie M. Interiors is absolutely stunning. The color is perfect and looks fantastic both on the walls and ceiling in this pretty room. I could spend hours dining and lounging here!

A dining room with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

As you can see, SW Agreeable Gray really lives up to its namesake with a pretty warm gray that works with every style and room. Are you convinced to try it yet? If you’ve ever used this color in a room, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Also, if you’ve ever struggled to choose cohesive paint colors in your whole house, you need to check out my post: “How to Create a Whole House Color Palette” – including a helpful worksheet!

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Tips for Painting a Room Yourself

I’ve gathered some of the best tools for painting a room yourself. First of all, you’ll want to check out this post I wrote: Painting a Room in 5 Easy Steps. These tools are the top tools I use when painting my own rooms, which is how they get painted 95% of the time!

  • Paint Brush – These paint brushes are a little more expensive than your basic brush, but they’re worth it! I’ve used these brushes for more than a decade and if you wash them out well after each use, they will last for years.
  • Painter’s Tape – a MUST have for taping off edges. You’ll need to tape off all edges if you don’t have a steady hand.
  • Drop Cloths – a must have if you don’t have any laying around the house already.
  • Paint cup – Sure you could use any old cup, but I’ve come to swear by this one. The magnetic piece holds your brush cleanly in place when you need to take a break. And it fits my hand perfectly, keeping it from cramping.
  • Roller Tray – I’ve found the only paint tray I’ll ever use again. The magnetic piece is great for holding the roller in place. And the liners are a luxury, but I won’t paint without them because it makes clean up a breeze!

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  1. Thank you for a great article. What trim do you recommend for Agreeable Gray? I love the trim in the nursery photos!

  2. Hi, I am trying to decide between Agreeable Gray, Repose Gray and Big Chill for our home. We have dark cabinets (little lighter than walnut), dark hardwood, and a fire place surrounded by field stone. Our main window in front faces East, but the back windows are West facing with a lot of trees and covered patio. I want to see more of the gray than the beige if it will go with our dark colors. Thanks!

  3. Hi! Thanks for this helpful article. We are thinking about Agreeable Gray in the living room with an accent wall to be used as projection wall for watching movies? Do you have a recommendation for projection wall color that would also coordinate with agreeable gray?

  4. Would you use Pure White or Extra white as a trim color for Agreeable grey walls? I am struggling to pick!

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  6. Wanting to know the best creamy white to use on trim and doors I’m having trouble finding the best color

  7. Thanks for this great blog.
    When it comes to neutral colors, one of my favorites it Agreeable Gray. Why? Well it’s the perfect greige blend that perfectly balances gray and beige for a soft warm gray. And, it absolutely goes with everything. Whether it’s furniture, area rugs, floors, hardware, paintings, window treatments, they all work together with Agreeable Gray. It’s the glue that holds everything together. It is so interesting to watch my customers’ eyes widen when I show them the color sample. It seems to be perfect and just blends with what they already have.

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