Traditional Coastal Kitchen Mood Board


This gorgeous plan for a traditional coastal kitchen is filled with neutral colors and textures and just the right amount of blue/green accents.

I recently shared in my Home Goals, part 3 that I would be tackling the kitchen during this quarter of making our new home reflect us. And so, we’re diving in head first with a kitchen mood board – the perfect jumping off point for any room makeover.

First of all, this kitchen is pretty fabulous just as it is. It just needs some personality! When we first toured this house, I thought I would be frustrated by the kitchen layout and the countertops, but honestly, I love it!

It has really great bones, beautiful hardwood floors, tons of natural light, white kitchen cabinets, a neutral countertop and a large pantry. I LOVE the original Kitchen Aid double ovens. They are boss workhorses. And the “appliance garage”, which missing its doors, is a great place for our microwave and toaster oven.

Traditional White Kitchen with Rich Hardwood Floors

The island cooktop was new when we bought the house. And while I thought I’d rather have a sink in the island, the cooktop being in the island has been great. We use the island no less than 50 times a day. And it’s perfect for a serving buffet for when we have guests over.

All in all, I love this space! But it needs some personality. Take a look at where we’re starting…

The eat-in kitchen is roomy and has great natural light. That old, broken light will be the first thing to go!
Traditional Kitchen with bar stools

One of the first things I did when we moved in was paint the kitchen Edgecomb Gray (over the previous light yellow) and it took a while for me to love it, but I LOVE the color now!

We painted the color through the kitchen into the hallways and upstairs to a loft area with no windows, so I had to choose a neutral color that works in low light and full light areas of my home. It’s perfect.

Traditional Kitchen with built-in desk

As you can see, it is a great space and the perfect blank space on which to build! I’ve got big plans and can’t wait to get started. Here’s the mood board I created to get all of my ideas in one place.

If you want to learn how to create your own mood board, I’ve got a tutorial for you!

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Traditional Coastal Kitchen Mood Board

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I’ve included some of the elements that came with the room, like the flooring and solid surface counter tops. But most everything else is just adding color, texture and personality to the space.

Lighting in the Kitchen

We have 8 can lights, under cabinet lighting and the chandelier over the kitchen table. There’s a ton of lighting, which is a cook’s dream. But the light over the kitchen table is broken (not to mention ugly) and needs to be replaced ASAP.

kitchen table with broken chandelier above

I will be putting this gorgeous brass chandelier over the table:

And then I’d like to add the pendant light with a woven shade over the island. I know there’s a way to convert a can light to a pendant light, so we’ll try our hand at that. The can light over the island is centered over it, so it will be a fun way to add some texture and personality to that space!

Window Coverings in the Kitchen

I have debated about adding curtains to this room. I usually LOVE curtains everywhere, but I don’t want to block any of the natural lighting in the room.


I also don’t have much room on either side of the windows next to the french doors. I don’t think I’ll put curtains there. But, I will add my favorite striped curtains to the windows to the left of the door to the garage.

Riviera Stripe Curtain in Navy
Riviera Stripe Curtain in Navy
Traditional Kitchen with bar stools

There’s definitely room for curtains to hang next to the windows without blocking any light. I think they will just be there for texture and to soften the room, not actually pulling them together at night.

The sun does shine brightly in through those windows in the afternoons, so it might be nice to have the option to block the sun if we want to.

And now to the window over the kitchen window. I have fallen in LOVE with this Fabricut Fleur Botanical Fabric. Trust me, it’s even prettier in real life. I’m either going to make a roman shade for that window above the sink, or pay someone to make it. ☺️

This gorgeous fabric is really the jumping off point for this whole design and I’m obsessed. I have a sample sitting in my office and I find myself just staring at it sometimes! 😍

The final window coverings we’ll be using are the same bamboo blinds I used in our last home. We’re adding them to the french doors in the kitchen (and in our bedroom and my office.)

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Shades - click here for all the details!!
We’re using the same bamboo shades pictured here in our previous kitchen.

They are the Designer Series Woven Wood Shades from in the Jute Wheat color. (If you use my code TURQHOME, you’ll receive an additional 5% off your order.) They are so pretty in real life and I can’t wait to put them on the french doors. See more about how to pick out bamboo blinds HERE.

Rugs in the Kitchen

I would love to put this striped jute rug in an 8’x8′ size under our kitchen table. Yes, it will get dirty from my kids, but it will hide stains well and will ground that table area, as well as add more texture to the space.

Jute striped rug
Jute Striped Rug

Then, I’d also like to add a runner next to the island where I’m always standing to cook. Maybe something in this blue herringbone pattern? I’m not sure how well this type of rug would hold up to stains, so I may need to do more research, but this is the idea.

Seating in the Kitchen

We are keeping the x-back wooden chairs around our kitchen table. I’ve had those for years and love them!

I would like to replace the bar stools at the counter with something more woven and suited for that space. This woven Parisian counter stool might not be the exact one we choose, but it’ll be something similar.

Parisian Woven Counter Stool
Parisian Woven Counter Stool

The stools that are there currently came with us from the previous house and are bar-height stools, which has been OK, but they are a little too tall for the counter height. I’d also like to get some stool with a back on them.

Wade Bench with Drawers
Wade Bench with Drawers in Almond Color

And then, I plan on adding this bench (and bench cushion) with drawers on the wall with the 3 floor-to-ceiling windows. We need more of a drop zone in that area where we come in from the garage. And we need a place to sit down to put on shoes with drawers for shoe storage. I think it will be perfect for that space!

Accessories & Paint in the Kitchen

The accessories in the mood board are mostly already there. I do have my collection of cutting boards hanging next to the pantry door. I love them there and plan to keep them.

Kitchen with Entry Way Mirror and Calendar with Hooks

We also hung some mudroom/entryway essentials next to the door to the garage. I’ve had the mirror with hooks and cubbies for probably 20 years. I may paint it or sand it down and refinish it. But that thing is a work horse for us.

We recently got the dry erase calendar and I may paint the edges a brass color. And the clock as well. Then the hooks were necessary when my kids were in school last year. Currently in the summer, we’re using it for my purse, hats and masks. 😜

I’d love to add a lamp on the kitchen counter behind the sink, and maybe one of my favorite easy plants.

As far as how I plan to use the Comfort Gray color in the kitchen? I’m seriously considering painting the pantry door and the door to the garage in that color. I’ve got a bit swatch painted on a poster board right now hanging on the pantry door and I become more and more obsessed with the idea every day!

Sample of Comfort Gray Painted on a Door
Pardon my quick pic with my phone, but I just had to show you!

And finally, the gorgeous cabinet knobs and handles I put in the mood board. I would love to replace all of the chrome knobs in the kitchen with these gorgeous brass knobs. I’m not sure I can get 42 of them without a mojor sale, but we’ll see! I’ll be stalking them for a serious discount!

I bought the handle for my dishwasher cabinet door cover and would love to have them all match. But again, I’m gonna need a sale to make that happen! πŸ˜‚

Custom cabinet door panel for a dishwasher

So, what do you think? Do you have any tips for my kitchen makeover? If so, I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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    1. Hi Meaghan, they were painted white before I moved here. But I’ve retouched some spots with Simply White (Benjamin Moore) and it’s a pretty close match! I love Simply White for a trim or cabinet color and have used it in my last two houses!

  1. The painting on your vision board, where did you find it? I love it! Thank you for the tips on the bamboo shades.

  2. I love all your choices, Laura! My only concern is with the light fixture for over your island cooktop. When I recently redid my kitchen, I was horrified by the grease and dust that had accumulated above the cabinets over my stove. And I do not fry food as a rule. I am afraid that the beautiful light fixture you have chosen for over your island would really hold onto cooking residue. That’s my two cents! But I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. It’s a beautiful space for entertaining.

    1. You are so right! It would probably get very greasy. I’ll keep that in mine. I might get one that is wipeable and not one that would be hard to clean. Definitely something to think about – thank you!! xo, Laura

  3. What are your counter tops, Laura? My husband and son are flipping a house that was originally built in 1886. Right now counter tops are red. Not even kidding…thank about your local fire engine red!! We are very open to suggestions!

    1. Hi Deanna, I’m not exactly sure since they came with the house. But they seem to be a solid surface countertop, like this: I would have chosen a quartz countertop if I were to redo it, but we don’t plan to do that anytime soon because they don’t look bad and are in really good shape. Overall, while I wouldn’t have picked them, I like them a lot!

  4. Your always right on, now I can’t wait to see it finished. But do you have a place for your shelf, I would sorely miss that one! Love the navy touches. Keep at it!!

    1. Hi Patti, I sorely miss my shelves, too! But there’s just too many windows for it. πŸ˜”Maybe I can find a way to incorporate some of that decorating in here. Thanks for cheering me on!! xo, Laura

    1. I should definitely try!! I added up everything I wanted and I’m definitely going to have to cut corners somewhere. πŸ˜‚ So, I will probably try to paint the knobs instead of replace them since I’d be replacing them with almost the exact same style! Thanks for the nudge, Kim! xo, Laura

    2. This is exactly what I was going to say! Grab some brass spray paint, and save a bunch of $$$!!! 😁 By the time the paint’s wearing off, you’ll be ready to replace the knobs.
      Your kitchen plans look beautiful! Can’t wait to see the results start rolling in! Watching someone else’s project is always so effortless, haha!

      1. Haha Becky! It will be tempting to spray the knobs since replacing them with what I want is close to $500! 😳

  5. Very pretty! Love your brass chandelier and your fabric for shades. We just redid our kitchen and it is mostly gray with a navy island. I’ve loved my white cabinets for years but was ready for a change. We actually painted the walls, cabinets and trim the same shade but used different finishes. Idea came from Southern Living 2019 idea house. We also bought Ruggable rugs which are washable. You might want to check them out. Thanks for sharing. I have learned a lot from your posts.

    1. Love those ideas, Elaine!! I have gotten several recommendations for Ruggable rugs, so they are definitely being considered for the runner next to my stove. I think that one will need to be washed pretty often!! Thanks for encouraging me along!! xo, Laura

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