Traditional Christmas Living Room Decor 2020

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Is your living room ready for the holidays? Get inspired by these Christmas living room decor ideas to give your home a dose of festive charm.

Happy Holiday Season! This year I had so much fun learning to decorate our new home for Christmas. We moved last December and I just stuck a tree in the living room and called it done! But this year I was able to pull out all of my favorite decor and try a few new ideas!

I felt a little lost trying to figure out how to decorate our new space because we have shorter ceilings and a TV over our mantel now. So, I made a Christmas decorating vision board (mostly for the living room) and it helped me so much to envision the space before I started buying anything.

Living Room Christmas Decorating Plans

Brass Candle Sticks | Cedar Garland | Pomegranate Stems | Blue Stockings | Stocking Holders (no longer available) | Red Plaid Ribbon | Green Plaid Ribbon | Deer Ornaments | Mercury Glass Ornaments | Console Table | Console Table BasketWhite & Brass Lamp | Storage Boxes (no longer available) | Red Plaid Frame | Faux Mini Tree | Faux Fur Throw | Star Tree Topper | Grande Frasier Fir Christmas Tree | Woven Basket Tree Collar | Sectional Sofa | Midnight Blue Linen Pillow Cover | Fawn Pillow Cover Red Plaid Pillow Cover | Blue “Vintage” Rug (no longer available)

I didn’t use everything in my vision, but I used most of it. And I’m so happy to share how my vision came to life in our 2020 Christmas living room…

Our Christmas Living Room

The two new decor things I changed up for this space

1. We got a new tree!

It’s a beautiful 7.5″ “Feel Real” Frasier Grande tree that spans 65″ across at the bottom. It’s GORGEOUS!!

I almost didn’t want to decorate it because it was so pretty in its natural state. (The 1,000 light bulbs make such a beautiful glow in the evenings!)

I wanted to have a tree that filled this corner, but wasn’t too big, and this one is perfection! It’s more than I’ve ever spent on a tree, but after putting it together, the quality is so good and totally worth it, in my book! Totally a worthy investment that we’ll enjoy for years to come.

I decided not leave it naked and to actually decorate it–and I love it!

Frasier Fir Grande Christmas Tree in the Living Room

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Blue and Green Plaid Themed Christmas Tree

2. The second thing I changed up is our mantel decor!

I’ve always been a big fan of having a beautiful mantel each Christmas. But since we now have our Frame TV (a TV that displays art on it) over our mantel, I had to try something new.

Beautiful Christmas garland on the mantel

So, I beefed up the garland and hung it on the front of the mantel instead of draping it over the top like I’ve done in years past.

I LOVE how much it adds to the mantel and I’d be willing to share a “how to” if that’s something you would like to see! It’s 3 garlands layered over top of each other, so that it looks like one large garland.

Update: I’ve shared the “how to hang a Christmas garland on the mantel” post here!

The Rest of the Christmas Living Room

Let’s take a look around the rest of the room, shall we?

Christmas Living Room Decor

Coming in from the kitchen you’ll be greeted with my sofa table, my favorite lamps and console baskets filled with pillows and blankets. I merely added a plaid picture frame to the table for Christmas and a “JOY” pillow in my basket.

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On the back wall of our living room, we have our media cabinet and my favorite mirror of all time. I simply added some flocked table top trees and my nativity set. It’s one of my favorite spots in the room!

Nativity Scene in the Living Room Christmas Decor
Nativity Scene in the Living Room Christmas Decor

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It reminds me that it doesn’t take much to decorate for each season. Just a few larger pieces will work!

PB Comfort Sectional Sofa decorated for Christmas

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We still love our sectional sofa (in twill fabric, color parchment). It’s our favorite spot to unwind and watch Christmas movies at night. You can even get a sneak peek of my entry way additions in the photo above. I’ll be sharing more, soon!

Traditional Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

I had to learn how to decorate the mantel around the Christmas tree. And these gorgeous brass candlesticks and fair isle glass trees (similar) were the perfect pieces to compliment the garland and blue stockings.

Fair Isle Glass Christmas Trees

Aren’t the glass tree figurines so pretty? I just love them!

Beautiful Christmas garland on the mantel
Glowing Christmas Tree & Mantel

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Mantel Garland with Brass Bells
Built-In Christmas Shelves

Click/Tap the images below to Shop my Christmas Shelf Decor:

Built-In Christmas Shelves

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas living room and Christmas tree tour! I’ll be sharing more of my home decorated for Christmas, soon!

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  1. Happy 2021, I know I am a little late commenting on this post, but it still do not change the fact that your Christmas home decorating ideas and style, was fabulous. I love everything you did. Thanks fir sharing.

  2. I love all of this, especially the beautiful greenery! When my kids were younger they always wanted to put up our old, tacky Christmas decorations, but now that most of them are moved out of the house, I can decorate more traditionally! My favorite part of decorating during the holiday season is getting my upholstery cleaned, fluffing up the Holiday pillows on the couch, and taking a nap after all of the decorating is complete!!

    1. Those favorite parts sound great!! My kids still want to decorate the tree with their Christmas ornaments, which I let them after I’ve decorated it the way I want. The combo works nicely. I’ll have to share the “final look” sometime!

  3. Beautiful space!!! I’m loving the antique brass bells I’m seeng this year. Did you take the set apart and tie them individually to your garland? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Vicki, I kept them in tact and just hid them in the greenery. I’ll post a more detailed post about the mantel greenery ASAP!

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