How to Decorate the Kitchen for Christmas (3-Step Formula)

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Grab a 3-step formula for how to decorate a kitchen for Christmas while enjoy my traditional Christmas kitchen tour!

I’m soooo excited to share my kitchen all decorated for Christmas this year! Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s always fun to add some holiday decorations in here. There are so many fun ways to add Christmas kitchen decor without making it too cluttered!

This post contains images from different years of Christmas kitchen decor. And it contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my full disclosure policy.

Festive Kitchen Sources (tap the image to shop):

The kitchen is one of the first rooms I updated when we moved into our current home. The bones are good, and the white cabinets and countertops worked fine. But I loved painting the walls, replacing the cabinet hardware, painting the pantry door and updating the decor!

The first year we were in our home, I decided to decorate it for Christmas in the middle of the kitchen makeover. And it looked pretty good!

Traditional Kitchen at Christmas
The first year we celebrated Christmas in our home, we were still missing a few key pieces.

But then the next year, it was fun to finally capture all of the Christmas decor in the completed kitchen and eat-in kitchen area.

Christmas Kitchen Sources (tap the image to shop):

It was a challenge for my to figure out how to decorate this larger sized kitchen compared to my old one. All of my old decor seemed very minimal in this space. So, it’s taken me a few years to find the right amount of decor without it being too much or too little.

I started out by doing my normal blue/green Christmas plaid and all of the greenery I love. But it just got lost in this white and neutral kitchen. So, I started adding in pops of red. And it felt so much more cheerful and festive!

And while figuring it all out, I found a really simple formula for adding Christmas decor to your kitchen. So, I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me!

I love sharing about all things Christmas decor! Iโ€™ve shared all about the best artificial Christmas treeshow to decorate a bedroom for Christmas and how to decorate with Christmas ribbon. My hope is that these articles give you inspiration to create a home you love for the holidays!

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Three Easy Steps for Decorating a Kitchen for Christmas

1. Add Greenery

Christmas Wreaths on the Cabinets

First up is my favorite way to add cheer to a kitchen: hanging up simple wreaths on the cabinet doors. I’ve done this for years and use a mini wreath and some holiday ribbon. I’ve had that ribbon for probably 8 years, so I don’t have a link. But any pretty ribbon would do!

Christmas Wreaths on White Kitchen Cabinets

In the past I’ve hung up my wreaths on the cabinets with scotch tape. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But this year I got fancy and hung them with command hooks. I cut a small slit in the ribbon and hooked them on the hooks. Voila!

Hang Wreaths from Cabinets with Command Hooks

I’ve left the command hooks for two years now and they still work great! It makes it so easy to put them back on the cabinets year after year.

Garland on the Stair Banister

Next up is my stair banister! I’ve never had a banister to decorate before and so I didn’t have any greenery or garland for this spot. Christmas garland tends to sell out quickly! So, I learned my lesson the first year and stocked up early after that.

Christmas Garland on Stair Banister

I’ve shared about how to hang a garland on stairs, but it’s simply layering multiple garlands over each other until you get it right! You can embellish with ribbon bows or simple bells or floral holiday bouquets, the possibilities are endless!

Greenery on the Stair Banister

Thankfully, I found some at a local store that I LOVE. I layered it over a cheap garland that I already had and added the red plaid bows.

The next year, I found this beautiful extra long faux garland to add to the banister this year and it already looks 100% better!

Christmas Garland in the Hallway

I used some of the same techniques I shared in my mantel garland tutorial post. Basically I tied the cheap garland to the banister with floral wire, then used the bendy branches to “grab” on to the nicer garland. And then I attached the bows with floral wire to the garland.

Red Plaid Bow on the Greenery

2. Change out Everyday Items for Kitchen Christmas Decor

After I decorated the stairs and added the wreaths, I changed out our everyday items with Christmas items.

Add Christmas Mugs to the Coffee Station

And then I LOVE to change out our regular mugs for our Mrs. Claus and Reindeer mugs. I have other holiday mugs that I’ve collected over the years. It’s just so fun for my girls and brings out the kid in me!

Christmas mugs

I love to change out my dish towels as well.

traditional christmas kitchen decor

Christmas Mugs and Towels (tap the image to shop):

Change Out the Art

It’s also a perfect time to change out any art or wall signs. I took down the Puckett’s sign that normally hangs near our back door and exchanged it with a “Merry Christmas” sign. And I changed out some of the art frames in the corner of my living room with some printable winter/Christmas landscape art.

See my Christmas Printable Collections HERE!

Add Christmas Pillows to Bar Stools and Benches

And then you might notice that we got a new bench in front of the windows by the back door. I changed out the pillows for some Christmas pillows.

Christmas Pillows on the bench

This back door in our kitchen is the door to our garage. And it’s where we come in and out of the house 95% off the time. So, I needed to create a drop zone without much wall space. This storage bench is the perfect solution for storing our shoes and giving us a place to put those shoes on!

bar stool with christmas pillow

3. Create Special Christmas Moments Throughout the Room

The next thing I did to add some Christmas cheer to my kitchen is by creating little moments or zones. If I just spread Christmas decor all over the kitchen, it wouldn’t make as big of an impact than if I create little zones. I try to do this in my everyday decor, so it’s easy for me to do it with holiday decor as well.

The Mini Christmas Village

I made a mini Christmas village on the counter where I keep our utensil canister, knives, flour and sugar. I’ve had the little figurines for years, but added the ceramic mini Christmas trees, mini wooden houses and bottlebrush tree candle this year. I love it!

Mini Christmas Village in the kitchen

Ceramic Trees | Candle with Bottle Brush Tree Topper | Brass Cabinet Knobs | Butter Bell (similar) | Wood House (Target dollar spot) | Figurines (old from Walmart) | Similar Utensil Canister (with ribbon tied around it)

When you group a bunch of smaller festive touches like this together it definitely makes a bigger impact!

Mini ceramic Christmas Trees

Those ceramic trees are one of my favorite finds this year! I found them in a small boutique shop, but hunted them down online so I could share them with you here. I’m very tempted to get some more! (Get the a different version of the trees here.)

Christmas Moment at the Sink & Window

Then at the window, I added some faux paper whites next to the sink and a “JOY” sign next to the lamp. I’ll talk more about this corner behind the sink when I share my kitchen reveal, but I LOVE giving this space a purpose in the kitchen.

Christmas Decor Behind the Kitchen Sink

Marble Pothos Plant | Good Tidings Candle | Wood Pedestal | Lamp (similar) | Hand Cream | Hand Soap | Marbled Tray | Faux Paperwhites

The soap and hand cream set in the marble tray is one of the best luxury gifts I ever gave myself. I LOVE it! The soap is thankfully back in stock, but in case it goes back out of stock, here are some other options that would be just as cute.

And did you catch that glimpse of my new roman shade?! It is what makes my heart go pitter patter. I’ll share more in the kitchen reveal, but the first day I put it up, I just stared at it for hours. It’s my fave!

Roman shade in the Christmas Kitchen

Marble Pothos Plant | Good Tidings Candle | Wood Pedestal | Lamp | Hand Cream | Hand Soap | Marbled Tray | Paper Towel Holder

Christmas Ornaments Hanging from the Chandelier

Over at the kitchen table, I added some whimsy by hanging gold ornaments with red velvet ribbon from the chandelier. I really wanted to find some red ornaments, but I think the gold ornaments with red ribbon turned out even better than what I envisioned.

Christmas Eat-in Kitchen Decor

Then I cut some cedar branches from our yard and intertwined them in the middle of the chandelier. I think this is hands down my MOST favorite moment in the kitchen. ๐Ÿ˜

Traditional Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Brass Chandelier | Storage Bench | Bench Cushion | Dining Chairs | Table (old from Craigslist) | Calendar | Wall Hooks | Gold Ornaments | Red Velvet Ribbon | Magnolia Wreath | Hanging Bells

Gingerbread House Village as a Centerpiece

And of course, our Christmas gingerbread house village the girls and I made together is the perfect centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Christmas Gingerbread Village

Add Vintage Touches to the Kitchen Desk

I added some new plates and Christmas salt and pepper shakers above my desk in the glass front cabinets. And I definitely plan to grow my collection as the years go by. But replacing the everyday items like salt shakers and plates is an easy way to decorate a kitchen for Christmas.

vintage christmas in the kitchen

Then using command strips, I hung up a frame to the side of the fridge with a some winter printable art. The fun thing is that it’s not Christmas-specific and can stay up through February! Learn more ways to decorate for wintertime at Christmas HERE!

christmas kitchen decorating ideas

I added some faux paper whites to my desk and a beautiful gold stag to the top of my fridge.

The Christmas Coffee Bar

I already talked about changing out my mugs for the holiday season, but I love adding the mugs and my little “Milk & Cookie” sign to this spot. My girls love to have hot chocolate out of special mugs this time of year and I love making it magical for them!

Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar

Make decorating a kitchen for Christmas functional by creating a hot chocolate station! We did this in our dining room, but you can make one in the kitchen, too!

Colorful Hot Chocolate Bar

I think that’s about it! Thank you so much for touring my kitchen with me. It’s always a joy to share my spaces with you! And I hope my ideas for bringing Christmas decor into the kitchen inspires you in your own kitchen!

Final Thoughts

Remember it’s really simple to decorate a kitchen for Christmas with these Christmas kitchen decorating ideas:

  1. Add Greenery
  2. Change out Everyday Items
  3. Add Moments or Zones

It really is easy and yet can be overwhelming in any size kitchen! So, hopefully if you’re struggling to decorate your Christmas kitchen, these ideas will help you, too! ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ’—

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  1. I have to echo the comments of others, these ideas are all so inviting. I can’t wait to get my house decorated for Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year!!

    Thanks for your ideas. Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Great kitchen decor. Your link for the banister garland does not go to a purchase site though. I would love to know where you got it.

    1. Hi Peggy! Sorry you’re having trouble reading the blue color of the font. We’ll see what we can do to change the color for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gorgeous! I love the layout of your kitchen!

    I bought a little (2ft I think) pre-lit tree in a burlap base that I decorate with my vintage copper cookie cutters. Just use a little jute and now they hang as ornaments! I’ve seen others put the tree in a colander, but I haven’t found one I love yet.

  4. Such a lovely and cozy kitchen- the coffee bar is such a great touch! I’m having my kitchen cabinets redone by a local cabinet refinisher and am thinking of using a white paint color similar to yours. I absolutely love the color in your kitchen. Do you know the exact color of them?

  5. Love it Laura! My question is where did you get your coffee mug holder? I would love a low one like yours and all I’ve seen are taller ones. My home was built in 1951 so my cabinets come down pretty low.

    Thank you

  6. So pretty! Looking forward to your full kitchen reveal, especially the Roman shade! I need to add some ornaments to my chandelier as well, I like how you staggered the lengths of ribbon. Seems to me your command hooks on your cabinet doors would be fine, if they arenโ€™t hitting anything now when you close them. Great idea! I have a white kitchen now and may have to try that idea. I have some similar brass reindeer like on your frig that I got from Target last year and this year (slightly different) and they are among my favorite Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home, and Merry Christmas!

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