Family Movie Night Gift Idea {great for teens and families!}

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On my husband’s side of the family, we have a few sets of older children for whom we buy gifts. Their ages range between 14 and 6, so quite a wide range. A couple of years ago we decided to forgo the usual toy gifts and give them a family movie night experience. This family movie night gift idea is great for all ages!

Give a family movie night this Christmas season. This gift is so versatile. You can customize it and it's a great for all ages!

This family movie night gift is great for:

  • older kids, when you don’t want to buy another gift card
  • a whole family, when you want to buy them all one thing
  • neighbors
  • teachers
  • and really anyone you know!
M&M Cookies in a Jar

I got the idea from my aunts and uncles, who over the years bought my six brothers and me family gifts.

M&M Cookies in a Jar

In years past, I went to Target, bought a big tin of popcorn, a set of hot chocolate mixes and a movie. And that’s still a great, easy thing to do. But now that I’m home full-time, I have time to be a little bit more creative.

So, I made some M&M cookies in a jar. You can get the recipe HERE. I wrote the instructions on the inside of the card, like so:

Instructions for M&M Cookies in a Jar

You’ll need a mason jar (pint size if you follow the recipe exactly, or a quart size if you wish to double the recipe, which is what I did), some festive ribbon, twine and some Christmas printables. I looked all over the Internet and found these super cute {and free!} Christmas printables. I just glued them on to the lid with hot glue.

I’m going to make some hot cocoa mix and put that in jars as well. I’ll post the recipe when I make it.

And this year instead of buying one movie, we bought a gift card to RedBox. (Now I would buy a gift card to the movie theater or money toward their streaming purchases!) That way they can have several family nights, more than one movie, and maybe everyone can watch a movie of their choosing. Red Box sells gift cards for $6 for 5 movie rentals. Perfect!

So, these families can bake cookies, make some hot chocolate and snuggle in for a movie night of their choosing.

This gift is so versatile. You can customize it with different foods, or buying them a great family movie. You could even include a blanket for snuggling!

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