Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel

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This farmhouse mantel decor for spring is perfect with an old window, floral stems and pretty galvanized tray! Come get inspired!

My mantel isΒ all decked out for spring in farmhouse, fresh florals. All of the Christmas and winter decor has been (finally) put up in the attic. I always have a few stragglers that I miss the first time I put it all up.

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

And now we’re celebrating the newly warmer weather with blooms! Lots of flowers and fresh, pretty colors. I just couldn’t help myself. All of the neutral, farmhouse touches a room can handle, plus lots of (faux) flowers.

It’s true. I have a black thumb. I have even killed succulents. I’m surprised the boxwood is still around. Seriously.

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

I love that Spring calls for all of the pretty aquas and pinks to come out and play. I just love this time of year!

I also love Spring because my husband is a football and wrestling coach, so he’s not around much from August to the middle of March. So this time of year means we get to have Coach around more often. Yay for help with the kiddos so that I can work on more projects!! πŸ™‚

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

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We love to spend time together as a family this time of year. The sun is starting to be out longer. We take the kids to the park or take walks around the neighborhood after dinner. Not just soaking in the sunshine and warm air, but getting some exercise too.

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at
Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

You may recognize my pretty aqua and gray floral pillows on my couch. I made them a while back. Here’s the tutorial if you missed it the first time.

I’ve finally found my favorite combination with pillows on my couch. You see, I’ve been known to just buy random pillows and try to make them work. I’ve never been good at getting the right combination. (And I really need large pillows on my couch because it’s so deep. Guests like to put the pillows behind their back when sitting on my couch.)

But now I love this combination! I put the plaid pillows in front during the fall and winter. And then switch them in the spring and summer so you can see the pretty aqua floral pillows. I don’t have to store anything during any “off” season and I think they look great together.

The gray lumbar pillow is from IKEA.

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

The sweet little wooden tray is so cute! I bought it from Target last fall and I’ve used in all of my decor since then. Love it!

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at
Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

The pretty aqua vases are from Hobby Lobby and they are my only new purchase for this mantel. I know I will use them all of the time, though. And they were 50% off last week, so I got them for a great deal – less then $10 each.

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

I’ve had that old window for years and picked it up at a local shop in Franklin, Tennessee for next to nothing. I love bringing it out every year for spring.

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel | All the details to get this look at

I hope you enjoyed my little spring tour of my living room and mantel. I sure enjoyed creating it!

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  1. Such a cute spring mantel! I can’t find anywhere where you mention the candlesticks? Where did you get those?

    1. I think they were from Hobby Lobby! It’s been so long since I bought them, but I bet you could find some there very similar there!

  2. Looks great Laura. I see you put your grey and white rug back in the room. I am partial to that rug. Have a great Spring. Love seeing what you do. Keep up the great work. Blessings Linda

  3. What a beautiful room! Can you tell me the paint color on your wall. I have about 4000 πŸ˜‰ grey paint chips on my dining room table right now. Deciding on the right shade is so hard!!!

  4. Just beautiful! You have totally inspired me to re-decorate my main floor! May I ask where the curtain are from? Love them!

  5. What an inspiring room! Lots of inspiring projects to keep me busy. Dry hydrandea is such a great texture and colour to accent a white room with. It adds compliments the woodtones so nicely. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I know I am late to the party, but I just have to say that I love your style. The rug, curtains, wall color, wainscotting, and of course pops of aqua/ turquoise. Thanks for the blog. So happy I found it.

  7. Oh my..i would so love to be able to have a home decor that i can enjoy to look at each and every time i walk into my home..i am really wanting to do my house in the turquoise shabby look..but just not in my budgetbat the moment..i love everything i see in turquoise!i have seen so many gorgeous items on ebay that have been done in the shabby chic turquoise designs and i would love to buy one of everything i is so adorable.and would make my house look like a home.we have not gotten a chance to upgrade any decor in years due to a budget and 4 kids! Their are so many items i would not know where to start.people have some real talent.and gorgeous items selling.i would buy for my house to look glad to come home to literally looks like the 80s on my home.i would be so thankful to be able to remake it into a i currently fo not have one.would love it if i could just have a nice setting to look at daily.i can only dream..i love all the beautiful ideas i see.they are gorgeous! Chrystal Shelton

  8. What color have you painted your walls? When we pick a gray, it always seems to look a bit purple.

    1. Ahh, yes, that is a common struggle with gray. These are Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) and they are definitely not purple!

  9. Just lovely! The flowers look great (and I’ve manged to kill succulents AND boxwoods before, so don’t feel bad ;))

  10. I knew I would love your home decorated for Spring! You have such a way to decorate keeping in mind even the tiniest of details. Love the colors you use in your home!

  11. So pretty Laura!! Gorgeous pops of springy colour against your classic neutral background make for a perfect and fresh home!! Lovely!!

  12. Laura your living room and mantel area beautiful! I love the farmhouse touches and the florals radiate spring! Beautiful room. Pinning and sharing.

  13. Hey Laura,
    I am loving the pops of pink and aqua in your living room…absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Much love,
    Erica- Designing Vibes

  14. Hi Laura, Just love your Turquoise Home…I’m turquoise crazy myself..!
    Is there any simple way I can send you a few pics?
    Thank you jane

  15. So pretty! I have a black thumb as well, but now I’m feeling inspired to go out and buy some more beautiful faux flowers!

  16. So pretty, Laura! I love how fresh and bright your living room looks! All of the springy touches make it so pretty! πŸ™‚

  17. your mantle looks lovely! we have nothing blooming yet really… no greenery even! i considered driving 20 minutes south and cutting branches off someone else’s tree but was afraid i would get caught. πŸ˜‰

    1. There are a few blooms here, but I use mostly faux in the house! I need to grow some pretty flowers so that I can use them in my decor. πŸ˜‹

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