Host and Hostess Gift Ideas

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‘Tis the Season for parties and gatherings with friends and family! It’s such a joyful time of the year, so why not bring your hostess a gift of appreciation with one of these best hostess gift ideas!

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Hostess Gift Ideas

1. The Gift of Gathering Book | 2. Winter White Candle | 3. Plaid Tea Towels | 4. Faux Frosted Pine Tree | 5. Corkcicle Chill & Pour | 6. Matchstick Holder | 7. Wick Trimmer & Snuffer | 8. Monogrammed Holly Mug | 9. Cheese Board | 10. Soap & Lotion Combo | 11. Round Charcuterie Board | 12. Cheese Knives | 13. Marble Tray | 14. Dreamy Socks | 15. Cozy Slippers | 16. Cookie Canister | 17. Foaming Hand Soap & Napkin Set | 18. Welcome Doormat | 19. Marble & Wood Coasters | 20. Playing Cards | 21. Cozy Blanket

Host & Hostess Gift Ideas

Don’t show up empty-handed at the party! Grab one of these beautiful gifts to thank and appreciate your host or hostess!

The Gift of Gathering

I can’t imagine a more perfect (or beautiful) book than this coffee table book dedicated to welcoming and celebrating your friends and family! It’s the perfect gift for a host or hostess!

A Yummy Candle

These delicious and perfectly scented candles are perfect for any host or hostess. He or she can burn this winter white candle until Spring! Add a wick trimmer for just a few dollars more. They really do help the candles burn cleaner and longer!

Plaid Tea Towels

This set of plaid tea towels has a cute, traditional look for the kitchen and perfect pop of color for the holidays. You can even get them monogrammed! Or get a simple striped towel if that’s more of the hostess’ style!

Faux Potted Plant

This mini faux frosted pine tree is a beautiful faux plant that looks real but doesn’t have any of the maintenance to keep it alive. This faux poinsettia plant is adorable and would be another great option!

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Corkcicle “Chill and Pour” Wine Chiller and Aerator

I’m putting this cork wine chiller on my Christmas list because it keeps your wines chilled at the perfect temperature! And you don’t have to remove it to pour the wine! Add to a bottle of wine to make a spectacular hostess gift.

A Pretty Match Holder

I love to gift a pretty match holder with a candle. In fact, I’m giving that along with a gift card to my kids’ teachers this year. But it’s the perfect combo gift for a host or hostess, too!

Candle Snuffer & Trimmer Set

If you love to give candles, why not give a wick trimmer and candle snuffer, too? This set is really affordable and you get both!

Holly Monogrammed Mug

This monogram mug is oh so cute if you fill it with a cute wrapped hot cocoa or coffee for your host! Find my hot chocolate recipe here.

Alphabet Wood Cheese Board

One thing that I love to bring over during the holidays is a charcuterie cheese spread on a gorgeous wooden board and leave the board for the hostess. It’s a wonderful gift that is also your serving piece for the event! This monogrammed cutting board is monogrammed and a wonderful price for less than $30!

Soap & Lotion Set

How lovely is this gift set with soap and lotion? It’s perfect for the hostess who likes to have overnight guests since this would be perfect in a guest bath or bedroom! If you want a less expensive soap and lotion set, this is a great one!

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Wood Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Another option for a cheese board is this wooden one for the classic host! Such a great deal for 2 boards for only $59!

Cheese Knife Set

This knife set would pair perfectly with either one of the cheese boards! These are a beautiful, heavy stalls steel set with a gold plating.

Marble Tray

This marble tray is beautiful and sophisticated and would be perfect to put some hand made soap like this homemade rosemary and mint soap. Make a batch of soap and add several to the tray, put the top on, and tie with a ribbon. Or fill it with soap pump dispensers. Perfect gift!

The Softest Socks Ever

Have you tried these dreamy socks? If you have you know how AMAZING they are! For $15 these are the perfect gift!

Cozy Slippers

If you are looking for high quality slippers as a gift, these are wonderful, cozy and still under the $40 price point. Love them!

Cookie Canister

This adorable cookie canister is not only perfect to adorn a hostess’ countertop, but you could fill it with her favorite treat!

Foaming Handsoap & Napkin Set

I just love these festive soap dispensers and matching towel set. It’s a perfect gift for a hostess to set in her guest bathroom! It’s not only beautiful, but practical, too!

Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters Set

These coasters are a classic PERFECT gift and less than $25!

Monogrammed Playing Cards

Do you know someone who loves to play games? This pretty playing card set is the perfect gift! Another idea: a dominos set that is in a pretty wooden box!

Plush Throw Blanket

This oh-so-soft, cozy plush throw blanket comes in a wide array of beautiful colors and under $20 (as of this writing)!

I hope you love these ideas and find them helpful! See the rest of my Holiday Gift Guides here!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Great tips! I’m planning to go to my sister’s housewarming party as she bought a new house in Pickering. I think I will buy this cheese knife set and wood cheese board as it’s a must for wine and cheese evenings. Since my sister is a cheese lover, she would definitely enjoy this present.

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