How to Store Your Home Decor

Quick and easy tips for how to store seasonal decorations and every day home decor!

If you love to change up the decor for every season and holiday, then you likely run into the problem of where to store it all in the off-season. I love to change out my decor, so if I let myself run wild I’d have a whole room dedicated to home decor storage.

Tips for storing home decor!

But that’s not practical or budget-friendly, so I try to keep my decor limited to just a couple boxes for each season or holiday. I honestly skip most holidays except for Christmas. Thanksgiving can be celebrated with fall decor. Thank autumn leaves, warm tones and some thankful printables or signs. And Easter is perfectly primped with Spring decor: think eggs, pastels and gardening supplies.

A dear reader recently asked where I store it all, which I thought was a great question! I’m always curious to know where my friends and fellow home decorators store their seasonal decor as well, so I thought I would pull back the curtain – or in my case open up the barn doors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where to Store Your Home Decor

1. The Attic. The obvious place for storing out-of-season decor is in an attic space or another long-term storage spot like the garage. I think most people store their Christmas decor here, unless they are blessed with tons of in-home storage.

But in recent years I started storing some of my season-specific decor there as well. I have 2 boxes for Spring/Summer and 2 boxes for Fall. It would be so easy to continue to add to my collection each year, but I make a point to get rid of anything I haven’t used in the past 2 years when I go to box everything back up.

If I haven’t loved you (decor) in a long time? Bye bye.

How to Store your Seasonal Decor with ease in a closet!

2. A Decor Closet. When we moved into this house 6 years ago we had 1 child and 4 bedrooms. This left 2 bedrooms for extra stuff. One was my office and 1 was a guest bedroom. But “guest bedroom” was actually code for all the stuff I was not currently using.

So, when my 2nd daughter was born I had to consolidate my guest bedroom and office into 1 room. It has a decent little walk in closet. And since we don’t have overnight guests very often, I didn’t feel compelled to keep the closet for clothes, so I turned it into my little storage closet.

It hosts 60% of all my decor, plus a bunch of other household items like craft supplies, keepsake boxes, my printer, photo albums and extra paint.

I wrote a post on how to add shelving to a closet, as this was a DIY labor of love, obvi. Find the post here.

By the way, I pare this home decor collection on the regular. Again, if I haven’t used something in a year or two, it gets donated. I did a massive purge when I wrote my “How to Declutter an Entire Room” post. But I have to continually prune it back, as one would expect.

How to Store your Seasonal Decor with ease in a closet!

Also, I like my open shelving storage situation better than if I stored them in closed bins or baskets somewhere. I like to be able to see everything I have at once and not have to dig around to find something. Or even worse, lose something I love or break it jumbled together with everything else.

One great way to store faux flower blooms is with a wall hanging basket or bucket. It’s pretty and functional! I used to stack all of my faux flowers on a shelf, but they would be a mess!

How to Store your Seasonal Decor with ease in a closet!

P.S. I use this awesome over-the-door organization system to store all of my gift wrap supplies. I’ve had it for years and love it! You can get a simple gift wrap set here, or I used these pieces: standard mount bar, overdoor hooks, 2 large utility baskets, 2 medium utility baskets, and 1 utility media rack.

Organize your gift wrapping supplies with this over-the-door system!

3. Storage Furniture or Cabinets. I finally came to the conclusion that my storage closet wasn’t big enough to hold all of my home decor that I loved. So when I built my media console in the dining room, I knew I’d use it for my decor items.

I keep my glass jars, vases and candles in this main cabinet and it works perfectly! I can easily access everything and it’s not all toppling over in the closet.

How to Organize Seasonal Decor like a boss!

So, if you need some extra storage, think outside the box. Use a cabinet in the kitchen or find an extra spot in a piece of furniture to keep some decor items.

Eventually I would like to build some built-in bookcases in the office that could store this stuff , and I’ll use the media console for something else. I can always use more storage in this house!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any fabulous storage ideas for your home decor!

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  2. I’m in apartment with no space really so I’m thinking i need to declutter my hall closet and just use some storage bins. It’s a fairly large double door closet but you can’t hang anything on it because it’s made of panels that open out. So, I need to utilzie all those shelves.

  3. This article is timely for me as I am moving into a historical house and rethinking my seasonal decorations. I want to honor the house (1919, yellow brick, Craftsman-ish)) and reflect my style cohesively and creatively. I was just thinking earlier this week, “i need to separate my seasonal decor into the seasons” while everything is blended together in storage anyway! I’m camping out at the house even while kitchen cabinets are being fabricated, floors being refinished ( hard wood). Decor items, framed art, curtains are in tubs in the house. I’m a little to close to the forest to see the trees right now! Any ideas?

    1. Hi Lorinda! I would start with pulling everything out in a spare room, or some space where you can spread out. And then pull out anything that is strictly for one season. For me I separate things by spring/summer (as one category because they kind of bleed over into each other), fall, Christmas, winter. Christmas and winter run together as well, but I put my Christas stuff up in the attic and store my generic winter stuff in my decor closet. And then I would box all of those up by seasons and store them out of the way. Since you’re only using these things for 1 season, it’s better to keep them out of the way. Then take all of your generic decor and separate it into categories, like curtains, rods, vases, other glass decor, lanterns, foliage, etc. And then store like things together. That’s how I would approach it! I hope that helps! xo, Laura

  4. I just purchased all the “parts” for the door gift wrap station. I cannot wait to get that puppy up and going!

    1. Yay!! You will love it! I’ve had mine for years and I am so happy with it still! Before, all of my gift wrapping supplies were in the bottom of my closet in boxes and I would end up buying new paper or gift bags instead of rummaging through that mess. Not anymore! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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