Furnishing A Teen Girl’s Bedroom: 10+ Tips And Tricks

While many things about the teenage years can feel hard and overwhelming, creating a teen girl’s bedroom does not have to be one of them. We’ve got tips on organizing her stuff and choosing just the right furniture and decor to fit her evolving tastes.

I’ve got a new teenager in my house and it was high time we gave her room the attention it deserves. 

A teen girl needs a comfortable space to retreat from the crazy world and drama all around her, so giving my daughter this special room was high on my priority list. I hope you’ll find these teen girl bedroom ideas helpful when creating a sanctuary for your daughter, too!

teen girl bedroom ideas

When we originally moved into our home, I brought all of the rooms up to “good.” That means we covered any terrible design flaws or ugly paint colors until everything was liveable. Then I went about decorating our main living spaces to make them over how I wanted them. And now that most of those are finished, it’s time to finish off our bedroom spaces. 

This is how the bedroom room looked right after we moved in:

Girls bedroom in the new house.

Since the girls were sharing this room when we moved in, I made over the bathroom space the first summer we lived here. We still love the floral wallpaper and will probably be adding it to another space in the bedroom. 

Since my daughters now have their own rooms, my oldest is living in this bedroom. And since she’s the oldest and leaving the house soonest, we’re starting with her room. It’s also the biggest of the bedrooms upstairs and has an ensuite bathroom and a large closet

navy home icon

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Create a Mood Board or Design Plan

First things first! Before you’ve even bought your first accessories or piece of furniture for your girl’s bedroom, you’ll need a plan! A plan keeps you from buying things that don’t fit the overall aesthetic and it keeps you on budget!

You may need to read through the whole post, take notes, and get ideas and inspiration before you start this step. But I wanted you to know off the bat that you need to make a plan before you buy anything! So circle back here once you get your ideas on paper and make a design board with help from my tutorial

This is the design board my daughter and I came up with before we started!

Things to Consider When Creating a Teen Bedroom

Before you take off to the paint store, let’s go over a few things to consider when transforming a bedroom into a teen girl’s retreat.  

Reflecting Personal Style

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter bedrooms. The current trend is all about personal expression. Isn’t everything with teenagers?! 

Encourage your teen to reflect her unique personality in her room by choosing colors, patterns, and decor that she loves. Whether she’s drawn to bohemian accents, glam decor, minimalist designs, or the ever-popular Scandinavian style, ensure that her room feels like an extension of herself.

My daughter chose a garden theme with green and blush pink accents, which is communicated through wallpaper, art and colors throughout her room inspired by the floral bathroom wallpaper she picked out!

The Rise of Smart Bedrooms

Technology is an integral part of a teen’s life. Good or bad, it’s unavoidable. Smart home gadgets, adjustable lighting, and even automated window shades can add a touch of tech without overwhelming the room’s aesthetic. 

Consider tech solutions that enable her to control her room’s ambiance through apps or voice commands. Our daughter loves her Amazon Alexa with a lighted clock on it. It functions as her alarm clock and music speakers, weather station and more!

smart virtual assistant and carousel pen storage for desk top.

2. Functional and Stylish Storage

Utilizing Vertical Space

When floor space is at a premium, turn to the walls. Wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, and hanging organizers can store everything from books to beauty products while serving as a modern decor element.

Most of our vertical storage takes place in my daughter’s closet where we created floor-to-ceiling storage with a closet system. We were able to remove all clothes storage from her bedroom, which is so nice! But if you’re not able to do that, definitely add some bookcases or shelves in the bedroom for additional storage features. 

teen girl IKEA pax closet system

Multi-Functional Furniture

Invest in pieces that serve dual purposes. Ottomans with hidden storage, platform beds with drawers, and fold-up desks are not only clever space-savers but also contribute to a clutter-free environment.

My daughter wanted to display a doll house we built together, so I chose this coffee table for it to sit on. But the doll house can be stored elsewhere when her friends come over and we use it for snacks and drinks. 

pink teen girl bedroom with doll house on a white coffee table, plush chair in the corner and plant hanging from the ceiling.

3. DIY Projects for Personalizing the Space

Wall Art and Decals

Customizable wall stickers and stencils make for easily personalized wall decorations. Or try some inexpensive art with inexpensive frames for her walls. 

We found a great collection of art for cheap on Amazon and found a gallery wall frame set that worked, as well! The whole thing costs about $50 and makes a big impact on an otherwise empty wall. 

gallery wall on a pink wall with a dollhouse on a coffee table.

Upcycling and Customizing

Transform old furniture or thrifted finds with a fresh coat of paint and some creativity. Personalize bedding, throws, and pillows with monograms or favorite quotes for that one-of-a-kind touch. Change out the shade on a table lamp or wrap it in a fun fabric for a special touch.

We plan to change out the fan for an old crystal chandelier we have in storage from our entryway. With a little spray paint, it will be the perfect addition to her room without breaking the bank!

4. Creating a Study Area that Inspires

Organization and Accessibility

A tidy space is a productive space. Keep everyday essentials within reach with desk organizers, trays, and caddies. Labeling storage bins can help maintain order and keep everything where it belongs.

Ergonomic Design to Encourage Focus

Prioritize comfort to encourage study sessions. Ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and task lighting are key elements for a study area that supports good posture and reduces eye strain. 

5. Making the Room a Relaxation Haven

Comfort is King

Soft, plush textures can turn a room into a cozy retreat. Layer rugs for warmth, add plenty of cushions and throw pillows, and invest in quality bedding for a luxurious feel that invites relaxation. Add chairs that encourage cozying up and reading a book, a great alternative to screen time. 

The Sleep Space Sanctuary

Remember that the primary function of teenage girls’ bedrooms is for rest. Blackout curtains, a comfortable mattress, and calming colors can contribute to a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep environment. If you have a small space, add a canopy to a four-poster bed for a relaxing vacation feel right in your girl’s bedroom. 

Steps for Creating a Teen Girl Room She Loves

Now that we’ve considered various aspects of her room and how she’ll be using it, follow these steps for making the plan! And then don’t forget to make a design board to visualize your plan before you make any purchases!

1. Organize Her Stuff

The first step of making over any room is to declutter and organize the stuff. But definitely one of my favorite teen girl bedroom ideas is to remove the stuff she no longer needs or wants. We want to make the room functional for her needs, so that means paring down and making sure we know what her needs are for the space.

Get rid of anything she’s outgrown, or find smart storage solutions that don’t leave the room cluttered. Getting creative with organizers for makeup and school or art supplies is a must!

2. Choose Her Furniture

The biggest pieces of furniture in a teen room are commonly the bed, a desk and a dresser. If you have room for more, great! Otherwise, you can stick to those basic pieces. 

I love making the bed headboard the focal point when you walk into the room. This might mean upgrading from a twin bed to a larger double or queen bed. 

Our girls got a double bed and loft bed combo when they were sharing the room. So when they decided they didn’t want to share a room anymore, my oldest got to keep the double bed. Her sister got the loft bed in her room. 

3. Choose a Design Element, like Art, Wallpaper or Bedding

Before you choose any paint colors, you should pick a design element like art, wallpaper or colorful bedding. This way you can choose a paint color based on your art or decor. It’s much easier than choosing a paint color first. 

We are keeping the wallpaper that we chose in the bathroom and using it in her dormer window nook. This dictated the colors in the room and the garden theme. 

4. Select A Color Palette

Going off of the colors in the wallpaper we chose, my daughter picked a light pink paint color (Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball at 75%) and will accent with blues and greens, also in the wallpaper. 

We’ve already selected some fabric samples that we will choose from when we add a few more details to the window nook down the road. For now, we need to save a little bit more before adding new window treatments and a custom window seat cushion. 

5. Continue the Color Throughout the Space

Choose other pieces of art and accessories that incorporate the color scheme. The art above my daughter’s bed pulls in the pinks and greens that go with our theme. And the abstract art compliments the floral wallpaper in the bathroom without competing with it. 

abstract plant art above bed.

6. Plenty of Ambient Lighting

No bedroom should rely solely on overhead lighting. It’s too harsh for relaxing and winding down. So, be sure to include lots of lamps with lower-wattage light bulbs to promote recovery from the fast-paced world around her. 

Use floor lamps, table lamps or sconces in reading areas. And use task lamps in the study area or a makeup vanity spot. 

We still plan to add a floor lamp next to the chair in the corner and a sconce in the window nook. But the bedside lamps and table lamp on the desk are a perfect place for us to start!

7. Cozy Seats and Textures

I know that a teenager also loves a cozy hangout spot in her room, so think about adding accent chairs and a desk chair. But you can also include bean bag chairs and cozy rugs and throw blankets to help with the places to hang out when not sleeping. 

My daughter loves her circle shag rug in the middle of her room. It’s so comfy to sit on the floor and read or lounge. 

cozy chair in a pink teen room.

8. Functional Desk 

The desk is one of the key pieces of furniture in a kids’ room because most kids will need a quiet place to study or just a place to get away and think. We traded in an old desk without any storage for this large desk with drawers to keep essentials nearby. 

I love being able to display what I love around my home, so I love giving my girls that same opportunity with pinboards and gallery walls. Pinboards are perfect for changing out what’s displayed without marking up the walls or putting more holes in the walls. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, the ultimate teen girl bedroom ideas are a harmonious blend of style and functionality. By keeping up with current design trends, maximizing storage, creatively engaging in DIY projects, designing a study space that enhances focus, and turning the room into a haven of relaxation, you can inspire a space that perfectly suits your teen’s needs.

Remember, it’s the simple yet personalized touches that truly transform a room and will have her loving it from childhood to adulthood.

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