The Best Dining Chairs on a Budget

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These 20 dining chairs on a budget are sure to make a statement in your home without making much of a dent in your wallet!

As I worked on my eat-in kitchen makeover plan in my previous home, I was on the hunt for some new dining chairs. I love the farmhouse table that we got for cheap on Craigslist. The only thing I don’t love about it is the color of the stained portion and I’d rather have white legs.

So, a couple of years ago I stripped the table top and re-stained it. Then painted the base with chalk paint a few years later. I love how it turned out, but don’t love the idea of stripping and staining all of the seats of the chairs as well.

Kitchen farmhouse table with dining chairs to match

I also considered purchasing new chairs. Because, well …. $400 is worth the time it would take me to sand and stain those … 😂. Or maybe not. It will honestly depend on what is in my bank account when it’s time to make that decision.

A small problem with staining the chairs is that I stained the table top a couple of years ago and I cannot remember what combination of stains I used on it. I’m pretty sure I mixed two together and I didn’t write it down. 😢 So, I’m afraid I won’t be able to figure it out and they won’t look right.

You can see which chairs I picked here. And see some that I considered below!

Best Dining Chairs on a Budget! Right here!! | Budget Dining Chairs | Kitchen Chairs | Affordable Dining Chairs

I also really like the mix and match look. I definitely want to buy two rattan chairs for the heads of the table. Although the table is square, so I’m not sure there are heads to the table?? #decorprobs I’ll figure it out, though!

Either way, I’ve been window shopping these past few weeks and wanted to round up some of my favorite dining room chairs on a budget! I try to keep it under the $100/per chair budget, but some are a little higher and some are a lot less! If you are in the market for dining chairs, I know this will be helpful!

Here’s a pro tip for ya, from someone who is definitely not a pro. 😋 Use larger upholstered or wickers chairs with arms at the heads of the table. It could be one of the wicker chairs like I want in my design plans, or it could be a simple upholstered chair.

Either way, giving a little differentiation in the chairs will make your table look high end when you really just added a couple of fancy chairs to your budget-friendly side chairs. Right?!

Which chair is YOUR favorite??

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  1. I like the turq. one’s in your house, or the aqua. A no to 2 different chairs. Put the rattan in the dining room. Like Linda said anything you pick will look beautiful. Liking the look so far.

  2. The rattan chair without arms and the X back metal & wood chairs. Do not get the metal ones that have narrow areas where it meets the seat, your bum might fit comfortable but you may have guest who aren’t so lucky. I spent an uncomfortable hour in a chair like that and was miserable! HATED that my time with my friend was so distracted

    1. Thank you for that feedback, Evelyn! I’ve wondered about those and if my kids would like sitting in them, too. I think they might fall through the opening or something. Ha! I think I’ve decided to cross those off my list!

  3. My family is growing, growing, growing and the 8 wooden chairs I have from my grandparents (awesome) just were not enough. I went to and bought the metal ones you have pictured…(in honesty, I didn’t look at your sources, but the style is the same). I bought two sets of four. Easy to put together, indoor/outdoor, slim (easier to fit several around the table), totally cleanable, stackable, lightweight, sturdy, everyone who has sat in one comments about the comfort. Have fun choosing!

  4. I like the cross back chairs in green. I would like them in white 😊. I now you had been wanting the ladder back chairs too. I like those also. I wouldn’t go with rattan chairs I would be afraid of them holding up. I’m looking to get new table and chairs for my kitchen. I re stained the top of the table 2 years ago but the set is 23 years old now. I’m ready for a new set. The youngest is almost 6 so think I might almost safe to get a new one.

    1. I like the white distressed look myself. It will lighten up the room with the white and the wood seats give another dimension to the wood tones in the room. If you wanted to have a splash of color buy seat cushions. It will all turn out beautiful either way you decide to go. Just have fun with it. Linda

    2. I love these suggestions for the white chairs. I hadn’t really given them a ton of consideration, but I think I’m going with white now. I’ve been pouring over some of my kitchen inspiration pics tonight and they all have light/white chairs. So, I think that’s what I love! Thank you!

  5. I’d we’re voting, I’d go with option 3: buy used chairs at auction. Baby boomers are unloading the good stuff left and right. Look for estate sales and online auctions near you. Admit you’re totally tired of those farmhouse chairs. Recommend if you go with upholstery, you get a laminated fabric for the seat so your kids don’t ruin. Be on the lookout for a more substantial light fixture while you’re at it. Also think you should add a decorative fabric strip to new curtains on vertical edge to tie in with new chairs.

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