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17 Stunning Entryway Lighting Fixtures

These beautiful entryway lighting fixtures will greet visitors and set the tone for the rest of your home. There’s one for every budget and style here!

I’ll admit it. It’s super easy to gloss over entryway lighting. For many of us, we are running in the door and don’t stop to think about the lighting situation in the entryway at all.

Until now, that is! I have been seriously impressed by some of the entryway lights I’ve seen lately, and am here to share them with you all. I have basically made it my personal mission to get you excited about the humble entryway light!

entry way light fixtures

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The Foyer Pendant Lighting I Chose

I’ve been working hard to replace all of the light fixtures in my home that I don’t really like or that bother me the most. I think that because I didn’t take the time to replace the lighting when we moved into our last home, I’m making a priority on the front end now.

I lived for way too long in my old house with ugly lighting. And I regretted not changing them out sooner. It also helps that my husband has gotten really good at changing them, so that helps, too!

A Simple Summer Mantel -->> wood frame, white mantel, plaid navy pillows, jute bamboo blinds

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Decorator Knows

… to transform your home into your dream home!

When I was looking for something for my new foyer, I wanted something with some curves. There are so many straight lines in this part of my home, that I thought a round chandelier would be my favorite. But the round chandelier I fell in love with was almost $2,000 and NOT in my price range.

As a refresher, this is what was hanging in the foyer when we moved in. I know so many people that love this style, but it wasn’t my taste. (My girls have requested to hang it in their closet. 💗)

Entry way in new house with brown hardwood floors.

So, I set on a search for a compromise that I still loved…

Foyer Pendant Lighting
4-Light Taper Candle Pendant

The lantern foyer lighting I chose had the open, modern lines of the previous light fixture I had in my old house, but also had those curved lines at the top. 😍 #swoon

curvy lantern pendant lighting

I love everything about it! The gilded gold finish, the curves, the lack of glass (less cleaning ) and the 4 candelabra lights so that it’s nice and bright! I’m so glad I found something I love in my budget.

And if you’re in the market for a new foyer light fixture, keep reading!

Tips for Choosing an Entryway Light

Finding the right light for your foyer can often seem overwhelming or complicated. Unlike other rooms in your home, you are likely working with a smaller space that has high-traffic.

It’s not hard to see how the entryway can become overlooked and ignored. However, this is a space that you can have a little bit of fun with and give some personality. Here are a few tips to help you begin to narrow down your options:

  • Hang your fixture in the center of the room. This means it should be center to the width of the foyer as well as the length.
  • Make sure the bottom of your entryway light at least seven feet off the ground. A tall friend coming to visit will thank you!
  • If you have two stories that open to the foyer, the standard design practice is to hang the fixture so that the bottom is level with the second story.
  • You’ll need to consider your lightbulbs as well. A smaller foyer can easily get away with diffused softer lighting while a large space needs more brightness.

The Best Entryway Lighting Fixtures

Now that you have some quick tips for choosing the right entryway light for your home, let’s start shopping! There is truly something for every home on this list. Here are some of my favorite entryway lights to consider.

Capiz Pendant

This pretty Capiz Pendant is such a statement piece! The light is diffused by the hundreds of capiz shell petals that make up the exterior, and it casts the prettiest shadows on the wall. Honestly, you can put this one anywhere in your home (like in the bedroom pictured below!) but I like it for the entry area.

If you have an entryway with a lower ceiling, you can still get this look by purchasing the Capiz flush mount.

Two identical beds with capriz pendants above.
via Pottery Barn

I love these pretty Capiz lights in any home that’s going for that coastal vibe!

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Manor Indoor/Outdoor Glass Pendant

If you are looking for something more traditional foyer lighting ideas with cleaner lines with a touch of modern farmhouse, this round glass pendant is worth looking at. I particularly love the combination of dark bronze and glass, but you can also grab this entryway light in white or nickel.

Wooden door with green wreaths on it and a bronze farmhouse entryway light hanging from the ceiling
via Pottery Barn

The round chandeliers are perfect for breaking up a foyer with a lot of straight lines!

Click/Tap the Images Below to Shop:

Drum Pendant

I mentioned this above, but the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. That includes the entryway ceiling lighting! I have been eyeing this woven drum pendant for quite a while—I think this would be perfect for those who have beachy or traditional style in their home.

Drum pendant light with textured weave fabric.
via Wayfair

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Dunbar Wide Pendant

Do you and your significant other disagree a teeny, tiny bit on home decor and style? If so, this entryway pendant can be the perfect compromise for you both.

This pendant light combines rustic curves and modern straight lines, and is very similar to the light I chose! It’s even made of two different colored materials! Choose between matte black and brass or matte black and chrome and call it a win for you both.

Two-toned entryway light hanging in a tall foyer
via Build

Whitewashed Wood Draped Beaded Chandelier

In case you haven’t noticed, beaded chandeliers like this one are super on-trend right now. However, I think they look classic enough to stand the test of time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it a few years from now. I particularly love the texture this light has—there are over 100 whitewashed beads in this beautiful foyer chandelier.

Beaded chandelier with white beads and a gold rim
via World Market

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Kentfield Pendant

This traditional pendant looks beautiful over this dining room, of course. But I could see this one hung in the entryway of a home just as easily. There’s no glass panes in this light, so it feels a bit more modern and airy than some of the other options. (Also, no glass means less to clean!)

Plus, I love the finish on this one. It’s made with a gilded finish instead of the typical brass or painted gold. The details make a big difference here. I actually chose a similar lantern light fixture for my own entryway in the last house!

Gold pendant light with candlestick lightbulbs over a round white table.
via Serena & Lily

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There you have it! Aren’t these entryway lights gorgeous? Trust me, you’ll take notice of the lighting every time you walk into a new home now.

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. Hello, where did you find the one in the top left of the first collage of images, with “gorgeous round lantern”? Thanks!

  2. So many fantastic options! We, too, have been working our way through our house replacing light fixtures. We have purchased a new entryway fixture that is somewhat similar to yours, but more rustic looking. Now, we are trying to figure out who we can hire to install it into an 18 foot ceiling… Wish us luck! LOVE the one you chose!

    1. Oh yes, those high ceilings are tricky. We haven’t had to deal with those, but would definitely have to hire it out! Good luck, Amy!!

  3. Loved your post! Can you please give us a link for the one you chose? ie, this one “The lantern foyer lighting I chose had the open, modern lines of the previous light fixture I had in my old house, but also had those curved lines at the top.”

    Thank you!

      1. I tried this link to look at this light. Can you tell me what site it’s from! It’s beautiful!

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