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Once upon a time, a middle-aged woman started a blog, which meant she shared her home with her friends – online and in real life. This woman realized when she started the blog it meant she had to decorate for the upcoming seasons waaaaay in advance, like Christmas at the beginning of October.

Cute, cute, cute!! Adorable fall farmhouse kitchen shelves ...

But then the woman got older and a little wiser and decided that life with her family trumped decorating and so she finds herself at the middle of October with nary an evergreen in sight! In fact she’s still finishing up her fall decor and wants to live with it for a couple weeks before she breaks out the Kris Kringles.

LOVE that embroidery hoop art! Adorable Fall farmhouse shelves in the kitchen ...

As you’ve obviously figured out – I am this middle aged woman who has just recently finished decorating for autumn. And I’m OK with that!

It’s been a tradition for the past 5+ years of this blog that I share every season’s decor changes in my home. So, even if your home has been decorated for fall for a month now, I wanted to share my kitchen shelves and entry way with you. If nothing else, it may inspire someone for next year.

And I’ll have it for my memories. It’s fun to look back on each year and see how my style has changed.

Blush, blue and green autumn decor .. so perfect for those who don't like orange!

For example, this is the first year that I haven’t used a single drop of orange. Instead I’ve decorated with blues and greens and some pinks and blushes, but not a hint of fiery orange or red.

In the past when I’ve tried to go neutral in my decor, I’ve felt like it was missing something and ended up adding in some colors. But this year I’ve been satisfied with my navy, turquoise, blues, greens and blush. It just seems right. Maybe I’ve changed what I like, or maybe it’s just pretty this way.

Gorgeous fall farmhouse kitchen shelves with blue, green and blush decor!

I really loved how the shelves turned out this year. The lamb’s ear, eucalyptus and cotton stems in the arragement on the top shelf are a carry through from the mantel in the living room. I love how they look for fall and I think I’ll probably just add some red berry twigs for Christmas and call it a day! I’m excited about keeping it simple.

Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings fall printable

Get the “Come Thou Fount” Free Printable HERE

Love this!! Neutral farmhouse fall kitchen shelves ...

Do you love that little embroidery hoop art in the top corner as much as I do?? When I made my pillow last week with a free printable and iron-on transfer paper, I did a test run on a scrap piece of drop cloth. I cut the “gather” out of the printable and just did the flowers. It turned out so cute that I couldn’t just throw it away, so I put it in an embroidery hoop!

The cutest little embroidery hoop made from a free printable --- love this!

You can go to my “how to make a pillow with iron on transfer paper & a free printable” here and see how to make one yourself. I love the added pop of pink it brings to my fall shelves.

LOVE that embroidery hoop art! Adorable Fall farmhouse shelves in the kitchen ...

Now the entry way is a little more simple than my farmhouse shelves. I really just wanted to make the Cinderella pumpkin art the star of the show, so I just added some faux pumpkins and a few little things and called it done!

such a simple fall vignette in the entry way ... love the blues and greens!

I’ve had that art print for a few years now and I just love it! Probably because the color is my favorite, but it’s just so cute.

Love this cinderella pumpkin art print! adorable!!

See what I mean?!

Simple, neutral blues and greens fall entry way ...

Hopefully if you’re still working on your fall decor, this will inspire you and give you some ideas on how you can wrap it up! We’re just now getting cooler air here in Alabama, so I’m excited to enjoy this a little while longer while the weather outside matches the decor inside. 😊

Have a wonderful day!!


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  1. Very pretty. I love the cotton. So country looking. (you did know that someone was offended by Hobby Lobby for having cotton up didn’t you?) ha!! I love your looks!!!!

    1. Haha! I did that about the cotton stems. My mom picked cotton as a kid, so I don’t feel bad about celebrating it. 🙂

  2. Laura, although I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years and just changed my blog name and domain, I still am on board with you about not decorating 2 months in advance for holiday decor. I hate to see Halloween in August or Christmas in September in the stores and I sure don’t need to see it on blog posts or social media. I may decorate a week or 2 ahead, but not 2 months ahead. How weird to have company in your home in October with Christmas decorations. Oh, well like you said, that’s just me. Love what you did with your shelves ~ at just the right time.

    1. Yes! Definitely odd to have people over in October if your home is decorated for Christmas. I plan my early seasonal decorating around my gatherings in my home. If I have something scheduled for the end of October, then I won’t decorate for Christmas until after that.

  3. Looking good Laura! Actually , that should be your new name – LOOKIN GOOD LAURA. Everything is always awesome. Love it all!

  4. I was going to say that I loved the idea of a plate in the tobacco basket, and then find that it’s an embroidery hoop. Genius! And I REALLY like the idea of “add some red berry twigs for Christmas and call it a day!” Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love the colors! I bought a “dozen or so” velvet pumpkins in teal, with 2 shades lighter & ivory for $1.00!! each at Target. Love them!!!!!

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