Best things to Buy at Hobby Lobby


I find myself frequently stopping in at Hobby Lobby and buying the same great items! These are the items I stop in for over and over and over! And I thought it might help you in case you don’t know about some of these awesome finds! And if you have some staples that you always buy there, then please share in the comments for everyone to see!

I don’t know about you, but I have that one store that I stop by almost every time I’m out. There’s always something on my “to-buy” list from there and it’s always fun to browse and see what’s new or back in stock. For me, that’s Hobby Lobby. I remember the first time one of my best friends took me there in college. I just had no idea! But I can tell you that I was hooked. And I’ve been shopping there ever since.

And since I’m a creature of habit, I have a list of things I gravitate toward time and time again. The other day I was in there shopping and thought it’d be fun to share my favorite staples that I’m always picking up here.

Find the BEST things to buy at Hobby Lobby right here!

I will say that Hobby Lobby is great for buying on-trend decor that has been mainstream for a little bit. Once the home decor trends make it to Hobby Lobby, then they are usually pretty saturated in the market. So, don’t get sucked completely in to the trendy stuff. Go for more classic pieces that will last and then add in pops of the trendy stuff. Obviously you can decorate your house how you like, but this is my 2 cents when it comes to the bounty of home decor items available at Hobby Lobby. 😉

If you aren’t a regular at HL, then you might not know that everything tends to be on sale at some point. Most everything will be on sale at 50% off every other week. If I need something, then I always wait until it’s on sale. If it’s not on sale today, then it will be next week. Seasonal decor usually starts out at 40-50% off and then will be marked down further once the season is over. Some items never go on sale, so you can use the 40% off one item coupon for those. I pull mine up at on my phone when I’m in the check out. But you can always print it out at home before hand. As of 2022, Hobby Lobby no longer offers these coupons, but hopefully, they’ll bring them back in the future.

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The Best Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby

Corbels are a must-buy at Hobby Lobby!

1. Corbels

These are a more recent addition to the Hobby Lobby lineup. I find that they are really zoning in on the farmhouse style and the old, chippy look since it’s been sooo popular for a while now. But corbels have been around forever in decor and design, so I love that there is now a quicker, cheaper option than hunting down some antique corbels. They have a corbel section, but I also love their white, chippy corbel book ends that I found in the front of the store on a display shelf! Look around for those, or you can find them here online.

White chippy corbels are one of my favorite finds at Hobby Lobby!

The white, chippy corbel book ends are currently on my mantel.

The faux greenery and green lamb's ear can't be beat at Hobby Lobby! Grab them when they are on sale for 50% off!

2. Faux Greenery

I’m obsessed with faux greenery, so I stop here first for any of my greenery needs. Their green lamb’s ear stems are the cheapest and most authentic that I’ve found. They tend to sell out in the store when they are on sale, so go early on Mondays if you want them, but you can always grab them online (here). I also love their seeded eucalyptus sprays.

Also love this adorable bay leaf topiary that I just order and this huge fig leaf fig for a crazy good price!

How to Decorate your Mantel for Spring

All of this green lamb’s ear you see here is from Hobby Lobby. I have the seeded eucalyptus in the olive buckets.

3. Faux Flowers

I love me some “faux”-liage. I (used to) have a black thumb, so I while I can keep some blooms alive, I need some that I can use year after year! I also need my blooms to last, so I tend to hoard my floral stems from the store. I’ve got a ton! I’ve found that buying a floral arrangement bunch is cheaper than individual stems. But I buy whatever I’m looking for at the time. You can see their faux lavender on my mantel in the photo above.

Faux flowers are a favorite purchase at Hobby Lobby!

4. Craft Wood Section

Y’all! If you’ve ever wanted to make a sign or some kind of craft project that needs a wood board. Or even need a piece of raw architectural decor to make your own, then I have a treat for you! They have really built up this section, so there are most any option you would need. I remember the days of pulling board from a pallet to be able to make a sign, but no more! They have every type of board, fence piece, window frame that you can imagine. Well, maybe not everything, but the basics are covered. Love this section.

Find my sign tutorial here, but just skip the part about making the sign, because you can just buy one! Actually my sign is bigger than any of their sign pieces, but if you need a smaller sign than mine, this would be a perfect solution!

The craft wood panel section is amazing at Hobby Lobby! Everything your crafting heart desires!

5. Frames

This is my go-to spot for frames. Every other week they are 50% off, which is a great price. I love their barn wood frames because they are just my fave. But they every style and size! They even have open frames or super fancy frames. Just wait a week or so until they are on sale and you’ll get an awesome deal!

These barn wood frames are a must purchase from Hobby Lobby!

6. Signs, Art, Wall Decor

Oh my word. If you love signs in your home with a lot of personality – every personality – then you have hit the jackpot. You will find rows and rows of every kind of sign at Hobby Lobby. They are great!

Signs galore at Hobby Lobby!
Signs galore at Hobby Lobby!

7. Tobacco Baskets

I know tobacco baskets have been popular for several years now. And are probably on there way out as a design trend. But if you love something, then buy it, right? If you still want a tobacco basket, then Hobby Lobby has a ton of replicas. Look for displays and end caps for groups of them!

Hobby Lobby has tons of tobacco basket replicas for sale!

8. Knobs

If I am ever in need of a knob, this is my first stop. The selection is great and the prices are even better. Can’t beat it! I recently replaced the knobs on my kitchen table with knobs from here! Love them!

The knobs are gorgeous at plentiful at Hobby Lobby.

9. Letters

If you need to spell something you, Hob Lob’s gotcha covered. They have every shape, size and finish you could imagine! I did a fun twist on an initial for my daughter’s room here.

Get t-shirts for craft projects in any color at Hobby Lobby!

10. T-shirts

I don’t know about you, but kids are always needing a certain color plain t-shirt for school. But they are also great for craft projects with some heat transfer vinyl! When we went to Disney World last fall, I bought a bunch of plain t-shirts and had them personalized. They turned out so cute!

Heat vinyl transfer for Disney t-shirts. So cute!

11. Mirrors

You probably wouldn’t think of Hobby Lobby when it comes to buying mirrors, but they have great huge mirrors for a great price. Why? Because as you know by now, they are 50% off every other week. What!? You can get a custom-looking mirror for less than  I bought a large mirror for our bathroom in our last house from here and loved it. Whenever I get around to making over our master bathroom, I plan to buy my vanity mirrors from here. You just can’t beat the price and selection!

Huge mirrors are so inexpensive at Hobby Lobby. They are perfect for using as a custom bathroom vanity mirror!

See that huge floor mirror down at the end of the aisle? It’s $85 on sale. Seriously!

12. Glass Jars and Vases

I love to grab any kind of candle holders or vases at Hobby Lobby. They even have a whole blue tinted glass section full of pretty containers for those of us who love turquoise!

Blue tinted glass containers are perfect for the turquoise lovers at Hobby Lobby!

Yay! Don’t you just want to go shopping now? There are a ton more things I buy at Hobby Lobby, but these are my staple pieces and where I go first when shopping for these items.

Let me know what is your favorite thing to buy at this store!

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  1. Funny that I came across your blog. I’m going to Hobby Lobby today to get the Olive branches for a Vase I have. This week they are on sale so I can get the 9.99 or the 13.99 for either 5.00 or 7.00 a piece. I’m probably going to go with the 7.00 and buy two so they look nice and full. I live about two miles away from HL so guess where I am a lot!! Robin S.

  2. I luuuuuuv HL!!! Their stuff is gorgeous 😍 And I will bet you that if small biz DIYers have a HL in their area…..they are most likely getting their “raw ingredients ” at HL too! So, if you want beautiful stuff, they have it and at great prices. If it’s not on sale one week chances are it will be the next week.

  3. I would love to get some corbels, but my Hobby Lobby never has that many options in stock! The ones they have are never what I’m looking for.

      1. What this article doesn’t tell you is how cheaply made these made in China reproduce items are. Wood chipped with glue. It’s fake.
        I am generally fine with fake flowers because so many are such high quality and relatively inexpensive. But these also are out sourced overseas. It is very difficult to find local faux flowers. But dried flowers can be easily sourced locally. Support made in America businesses. The least HL could do is promote any local or USA made products.

  4. One of my favorite things to buy at Hobby Lobby actually are jigsaw puzzles! They have a huge selection and I can always use the 50% off coupon since those usually don’t go on sale, unless it’s a clearance item.

  5. Love love Hobby Lobby. I love the seasonal decor. Christmas decorations. Berry sprays and stems Autumn pumpkins Easter rabbits! And spring flowers. Really EVERYTHING!! My favorite place to shop!!

  6. I like Hobby Lobby, but I only go in when I need something specific. It’s too easy to get sucked into all the stuff. Most recently, I bought a really cute lamp, on sale, and I absolutely love it. They don’t stock it any longer. I do shop in the fabrics when I need to sew something and I wait for the coupon so I can really save.

    1. I really go in only when I need something, too! I could spend a fortune in there if I let myself! Ha! I’m going tomorrow to see if I can find something for making a spring wreath … yay! xo, Laura

  7. Awesome post! I enjoy shopping at Hobby lobby for my home/ office needs. It’s a plus they have such great standard in such a low standard society. Closing on Sundays and their values are right on! I support Hobby Lobby all the way!!

  8. You hit the nail on the head with the items you mentioned on your article. Those are most of the items I like to stock up on also, plus paper craft items. They carry great items that fit into any decor. I’m excited about a new Hobby Lobby opening up about 2 miles from my home this coming week. I won’t need to drive clear across town to shop. Kudos on your finds. Enjoyed your ideas.

  9. I wish we had Hobby Lobby in Canada! I went into one for the first time this past November when I was in Ohio – I think I could have maxed my credit card in there!!

  10. I like hobby lobby too but not for Home decor and I’ll tell you why…most everything is cheaply made in China and a copy of what real people put their hearts and souls into. Want some farmhouse style? Go on Etsy or to a craft fair or an antique shop and buy from a small business….part of the fun is the thrill of the hunt, don’t you agree?

    1. Nail on the head! They claim to be a Christian business, yet they purchase most of their goods from a country who forces people to work in slave camps because of their religious beliefs?! Come on Hobby Lobby!!!

    2. Supporting local businesses is great & all but buying handmade items can cost 5 times as much..if I can get it for 20$ vs 100$ …I’m not buying something for 80$ more just because someone has claimed to have made it…

    1. I too love HL. I never find me so well stocked though as your photos. Most times I leave frustrated. I know they carry but cant always find. 🙁

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