A Flower Shop Spring Home Tour

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After a long (& rainy) winter, I’m so thankful to see signs of spring coming! These floral inspired decorations get me so excited for the spring season right around the corner!

I’m so excited to finally have my house decorated for spring and ready to share it. I posted about this earlier last week in my Instagram stories, but it’s always a fun challenge for me to redecorate for each season. I like to find new ways to use old items and insporate new ones.

This year I looked around and realized I have more faux flowers than could fill a faux flower shop, so I just went with the look. LOL It’s a flower shop spring home tour, if you will.

A flower shop spring home tour with lots of gorgeous fauxtanicals!

I love a flower shop and I’ve got plenty, so why not!? Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford to fill my home with all of the fresh flowers, but until then my fauxtanicals will do! 😂

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My floral spring tablescape with gorgeous faux botanicals!

Last week I shared my spring tablescape with lots of florals. I thought I’d give a little bit of a closer look at my tiered tray. I usually keep it all dressed up in the living room, but I moved it into the dining room this time and I like it here for now.

Floral Spring Home Tour with fun tiered tray all decorated for spring!

I stuck some faux blooms in my lambs ear and cotton stem galvanized buckets. I keep the lambs ear and cotton stems in there year ’round and just change up whatever else I put in there depending on the season. In the summer I add lavender and at Christmas I add pomegranates. It’s a great arrangement that transitions well to any season.

blow up a free printable for huge spring art! "Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." - Hans Christian Andersen

In the living room, I blew up one of my new spring free printables into a 24″ x 36″ poster and put it in a frame I already have. I shared all TEN of my new spring printables right here (click here)!

Flower Shop Spring Mantel - adorable use of faux botanicals!

I brought as many flowers in as possible to create a flower market vibe and I kind of love it. The quote on the printable says, “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen.

Mr. Andersen – I wholeheartedly agree!


Spring has sprung with this floral market vibe spring mantel decor!

The smaller print is also one of my free printables I shared (click here). There are 10 in all and more of them in the kitchen, so you’ll definitely want to grab some of these!

I'm loving all of the bright and light colors in this spring mantel!
Adorable spring mantel with tons of floral inspiration!

On into the kitchen I grabbed more fauxtanicals and dressed up my open shelves with tons of florals and some more free printables.

Flower Shop in the kitchen open shelves!

Learn how to make my lamb’s ear & peony wreath here.

Here’s a little something funny to note … I never would have taken a photo with my trash can in it before, but we got this new amazing trash can for Christmas and I’m obsessed! It always sits here, so this is what my kitchen looks like normally.

By the way, if you want to make your life better, treat yourself to one of these trash cans. This one is huge (14.5 gallons) and there’s a place to hold the garbage bags on the back of the can, so you just grab one right there when the old one is full. It’s a first world luxury, but we LOVE it. 😂

Gorgeous florals on open kitchen shelves... love this look for spring!

This photo is how I like to style this space for photos. So pin this one if you want a pretty picture. LOL


"It's a Good Day for a Good Day" free spring printable

This sweet tulip blossom in a tea cup is another free printable of mine … and this one with the succulent bulbs in the shape of a heart is too!

Heart succulents free spring printable!

The succulent bulb heart has “happy spring” written down on the right of the heart faintly.

Faux orchids and other flowers make for gorgeous spring decor!
The flower shop in my kitchen - so cute for decorating open shelves!
All the pretty flowers in the open kitchen shelves - remind me that spring is coming soon!

Thanks for visiting my home all gussied up for spring! I hope it gave you all of the floral feels and inspired you to spring-i-fy your home, too!

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  1. These spring theme decor is great to crank up the comfort of your home. This is perfect for even the most minimalist of decor. Such a great idea Laura!

  2. You mentioned that you blew up one of the new spring free pintables into a 24″ x 36″ poster and put it in a frame. Did you have a company print it out to that big of a size ? Like office depot or somewhere that offers printing service?

    1. Yes! I used Office Depot this time, but I’ve used Staples in the past as well. Staples will do cheaper colored engineer prints. And at Office Depot it was called a poster, but I used the cheapest paper. Staples is cheaper, but I needed mine in a hurry, so I had to use Office Depot this time!

  3. Absolutely love your spring decor, and thank you for the free printables can’t wait to use the tulip one, they are my favourite flower 🙂 and of course, I’ve pinned your photo styled shelves lol but I have to ask, what does the letter ‘N’ represent? x

  4. Gorgeous, Laura! I absolutely adore your soft springy colours and all the flowers and greenery! Perfect for the season! So glad you could join in this week’s hop!

  5. Laura, I love all the pretty blooms throughout your home! A very lovely spring tour!

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