The 10 Easiest Family Command Centers to Get Organized

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Trying to get your entire family organized? These family command centers are easy to keep organized and will work for any family!

Having a family command center is a great way for families to get on the same page regarding family schedules and other family-related tasks. It’s a place where you would keep a family calendar, chore charts, slots for mail or important papers, homework, shopping lists and general to-do lists!

It might be tucked inside a cabinet, on a desk in a kitchen or laundry room, or even using a small unused wall space. Whatever works best for your family and home is the best solution! Just make sure it’s not so out of the way that your family doesn’t use it!

I used the wall space next to our door to the garage for our family command center. It simply consists of hooks and cubbies for mail, pens and keys, calendar for family events and hooks to hang jackets and purses.

family command center on a Small Wall Space in the kitchen

Then I have a desk in my kitchen nearby that has an inbox where I can have a little more space to keep papers that need attention. And in my old house, we used a wall right outside of our kitchen for our command central station!

Kitchen Desk Area with artwork

I love sharing organization ideas with you, like 15 Small Entryway Storage Ideas, How to Organize a Pantry as well as How to Organize a Messy Garage. I hope these are helpful as you create a beautifully, organized home that you love!

In a quest to organize my whole life, I realized the need to create a command center for our family. In the past I’ve kind of stuck my nose up at a command centers, thinking that I didn’t need one. I could just tape a calendar to the side of the cabinet and call it a day.

But as I looked more carefully at my clutter problem, I realized that I needed an organized space to process the many important items that pass through our doors on a daily basis.

It’s the age-old adage, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Yep! It works better than way apparently.

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What is a Command Center?

So what exactly is a command center? Well, it’s a designated space in your home that can be modified to fit your family’s needs. It usually includes a family calendar, a place for file folders (which hold papers, receipts, incoming mail, etc.), chalkboard for messages, a magnetic board for important notes, a menu plan, hooks for keys, a place to recharge electronics and possibly even a family binder.

Now, obviously you will want to create a command center that is perfect for YOUR family.

Whatโ€™s Needed To Get Started With a Home Command Center

Ideas to try when making a command center:

  • Dry erase calendar
  • Dry Erase Board or Chalkboard
  • Bulletin Board
  • Hooks
  • Cubbies or bins for papers
  • Magnetic board for hanging lists or important papers
  • Clock

Top 10 Family Command Center Ideas to Organize Your Life

In the meantime I’ve spent a lot of time researching and reviewing other command centers, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite command center ideas for getting organized and staying organized.

1. Modular Organizational Wall System 

Can we just take a moment of silence right here and now for this gorgeous wall organization system? I mean, what is better than choosing each of the pieces that work for you and all work together in one system? This would be my top choice for a family command center!

2. Budget-Friendly Command Station

This kitchen command center from Erin at How to Nest for Less, is much more my price tag with some DIY project elements included – like the awesome desktop storage, turned wall organizers. Genius! It’s budget friendly, too, coming in at $75 for the whole thing! (Find similar desktop organizers here.)

DIY Kitchen Command Center Idea

3. Command Center on a Narrow Wall

Do you have a skinny, tall wall near the door you use most often? If so, it may be the best place for a full-sized, gallery wall family command center! Shannon from AKA Design revamped her space with all kinds of organized and functional goodness. I love those wire baskets and the rustic marque letter.

Gallery Wall Command Center

4. Corner Command Center

If you have an empty corner somewhere, then this is such a great use of otherwise wasted space. Check out this cute corner shelf very similar to Cassie’s from Hi Sugarplum!

Corner Family Command Center

5. Command Center in the Entry Way

It’s important to have your station in a place where your family can see it. This space from Kate at The Small Things shows that you can create a beautiful communications spot right in the opening of your home! Add some other decor surrounding your chalkboard and pretty monthly calendar, and you have a beautiful space!

small chalkboard command center

6. Small Space Command Center

If you’re short on space (and budget) then this one stop station will do the trick! It’s perfect for hanging keys, sorting mail, leaving messages or making a dinner menu plan.

Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard

7. Small Desk Command Station

Or what about a small space that’s not a hallway or corner? You may be able to set up a small desk for your organization station. Even a closet for your office (see below), otherwise known as a cloffice. Look it up. It’s real. I keep trying to figure out how this will work in my kitchen, but I think it will be too crowded.

Small Desk Command Station

8. Closet Command Central Station 

Speaking of a cloffice, I love this closet command station makeover from Krista at The Happy Housie. I wish I had a spare closet like this to use for mine! I especially like those pretty aqua desktop organizers from Staples. And how cute is that filing cabinet?? I have one in desperate need of that transformation!

Corner Command Central Station

9. Chalkboard Family Command Center

I love how Jenna’s chalkboard wall/family command center has morphed over the years. (See the previous point on organizational evolution.) As her family’s needs have changed, she just changes her wall. Brilliant! And I love how the chalkboard frames out the space giving it definition and purpose.

Chalkboard Command Center

10. Family Command Center with Printables

You’re going to love this one because she has uses the Pottery Barn modular system with some really helpful organizational printables. I’m going to use this one (or one like it) to keep track of our weekly menu plans. I normally just write it on a piece of paper and leave it on the counter, but I’m going fancy now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like this menu planner printable. So cute! Or you can find a ton of organizational printables HERE.

Command Center with Printables

There you have it! So many options to get your life organized. Now that I have a command center of my own, I see how valuable they are. Instead of leaving everything on the counter or shoved in a drawer, things are nicely organized and everything has its placed. I highly recommend them.

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  1. Wow, for the past year, I’ve heard about command centers, but I couldn’t visualize one! Now I have all sorts of ideas! Thank you.

  2. That one was really nice.. I like this and really enjoyed… Keep it up and I also read your other blog posts. can I get a few more information if you have about few things which you shared in past? I will be thankful to you…

  3. Have you ever really READ the description of that galvanized system? It is just MDF painted with galvanized paint with each piece of the system framed out with some sort of finishing molding. If I wanted it REALLY BAD, I’d check into doing it myself, with the possible exception of buying the 3-tiered letter bins………..

    1. Hey Marci, I did read that, but for some reason, it the moment, I didn’t even think about DIYing it. But I bet it would be easy (as DIY projects go)! ๐Ÿ™‚

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