Fall Centerpieces for a Cozy Home


One of the best parts of fall and the harvest season is decorating with its bounty! Beyond pumpkins, here are 15 crafty yet chic fall centerpieces to brighten up your dining room, coffee table, mantle, and anywhere else in your home that needs some festive fall cheer.

While I love the heat of summer, there’s something magical about when the nights begin to cool and sweater season begins. The second things get cozy, I’m ready to begin fall decorating.

Lantern, Candles and Farmgirl Flowers Fall Tablescape

I love sharing my favorite fall decorating tips with you! I’ve shown you how to create a fall mantel and how to make your own fall wreaths, as well as free fall printables to decorate your home! 

I’m a big pumpkin fan, and you’ll see them featured in many of these fall centerpiece ideas. But I also want to include many other natural elements to spark some inspiration! Fall is full of earthy and warm tones, where the dried textures of florals and the rich tones of harvest come out to play.

You can use these centerpieces wherever you’d like to add a bit of fall cheer, whether that’s entertaining on the dining table or creating a cozy fall ambiance in the living room on the coffee table.

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15 Fall Centerpieces for Your Home

No matter where you place these fall-themed centerpieces, you can customize them to fit into your home. Recreate them or use bits and pieces from each to create your own unique centerpiece!

1. Dough Bowl Centerpiece

I made this centerpiece using a dough bowl I purchased from an antique store, and the rest filed in on its own. Pastel pumpkins are nestled in amongst an array of florals.

Since I love jewel tones, I included hydrangeas. I went for the real thing, but you can use faux or dried hydrangeas for a longer-lasting arrangement.

2. Wheat wreath

I love this fall centerpiece from Janelle Trinette because it has so many layers. The base is a wooden tray topped with a wheat wreath and wooden beads. In the wreath, she adds a wooden bowl filled with white pumpkins.

You could easily fill the bowl with any kind of fall-themed items like pinecones or foliage. I also like the idea of placing layered candles in the center of the wreath for a cozier ambiance that you could use while serving dinner or having evening drinks in the living room.

fall centerpiece with pumpkins on a coffee table
Wheat Wreath Centerpiece by Janelle Trinette

3. Lantern fall centerpiece

If you love the rustic feel, you’ll love this DIY fall centerpiece from Serendipity Refined, which features a rusty lantern. Around the lantern, she wrapped a ring of grapevine and bittersweet berries atop a beautifully patterned but neutral tablecloth.

Once again, you could make this arrangement your own. If you want more chic than rustic, you can swap out the rusty lantern for a smooth white one.

rustic lantern wrapped in grapevine and berry sprig
Lantern Centerpiece by Serendipity Refined

4. Fall flower centerpiece

Your centerpieces don’t need to scream fall the second someone looks at them. Sometimes the change of the season can be a subtle shift in color palettes rather than on-the-nose pumpkin symbolism.

For instance, this fall Farmgirl Flowers centerpiece has elements that could be used any time of the year. But when you look at it, you can’t help but feel like settling in for the night with a cup of tea.

A simple flower arrangement using warm colors like orange, peach, burgundy, cream, and more can give your home a fresh but elegant fall feel.

Lantern, Candles and Farmgirl Flowers Fall Tablescape

5. Painted pinecones

I love decorating with pinecones because you can forage for them yourself, and yet they look so good when styled! This pinecone bowl décor by A Pretty Fix is the perfect example of that. She paints hers with white spray paint and styles it in a white bowl with dried nuts and berries.

Besides spray painting the pinecones, you can also bleach them. Bleaching pinecones is simple to do, yet makes them look more elevated. It’s also a great way to separate fall pinecones from the Christmas ones.

pinecone centerpiece
pinecone centerpiece by A Pretty Fix

6. Chinoiserie pumpkins

This is one way to create an easy DIY fall centerpiece using pumpkins but with a twist. I admired chinoiserie pumpkins for many years before I made them for myself. And I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do!

The result is a very elegant and different take on the bright orange pumpkin. They look great coupled together in a dish with small moss accents.

dough bowl filled with bue and white decoupaged pumpkins
Learn how to make these pretty blue and white pumpkins

7. Apple accent centerpiece

One of my favorite things about fall is the apple harvest. Everywhere you turn, you find big, delicious apples ready to be made into pies. And when you’re serving apple pie for dessert, why not use apples to decorate the table as well?

I love how simple this apple centerpiece by Julie Blanner is to put together, yet it looks like a million bucks. It’s also made almost entirely from greenery, which makes it a very affordable option for those who want to look amazing on a dime.

table centerpiece with apple, greenery, and candles.
fall arrangement with apple and greenery by Julie Blanner

8. Pumpkin flower arrangement

Often, we think of pumpkin carving in terms of jack-o-lanterns, but they also make fun and festive vases too! You can use a real pumpkin or opt for a plastic one for a longer-lasting flower arrangement. You can choose to use dried and faux floral arrangements with floral foam or a hidden vase for a real arrangement.

I love this one done by a Pumpkin and a Princess. She used a white pumpkin as the base and pilled the top with neutral greenery, including cotton branches, pinecones, faux leaves, and other dried foliage.

white pumpkin acting as a vase with a floral display inside
Pumpkin Floral Display by Pumpkin and a Princess

9. Pinecone fall centerpieces

Here’s another great table decor idea that features pinecones. Made by Songbird Blog, this arrangement looks very rustic and abstract. I love that the whole thing is monochromatic and looks very purposeful in its unique design.

She used varying sizes of pinecones alongside other collected items like feathers, chestnuts, dried seedheads, seed pods, and twigs. After drying her items, she pieces them together with floral foam and wires.

pinecones, cinnamon sticks, feathers, and florals in a fall centerpiece
Arrangement by Songbird Blog

10. Apothecary jar arrangement

Apothecary jars work so well in the fall for making the simplest arrangements look elegant yet down to earth. This dried wheat arrangement by Clean and Scentsible is the perfect example. The amber-colored glass of the apothecary jars adds wonderful warmth to the arrangement.

She uses a wooden cutting board as a base and fills the jars with dried wheat. Then, she sprinkles some fall-inspired fillers like ceramic squirrels, acorns, and fairy lights to complete her fall centerpiece.

fall centerpiece with jars
dried wheat arrangement by Clean and Scentsible

11. Faux leaves

This faux leaf fall centerpiece is one of the simplest arrangements I’ve done but remains one of my favorites. Faux leaves add wonderful height and texture to the right space and are so easy to arrange. I paired mine with some colored pumpkins, a clear vase, and a wooden tray.

This arrangement sat on my kitchen island. It’s a great example of how you can decorate any surface of your home, even the ones you use frequently. Whenever I needed to cook, I could easily move the whole arrangement as it was centered on a handy tray.

Simple Fall Decor in the Kitchen
Arrangement from my Fall Home Tour

12. Pumpkin tea lights

The candles always make their triumphant return in the fall. I find myself lighting them nearly every night for their cozy atmosphere. Of course, they also look wonderful as a part of these fall table centerpiece ideas.

I love this DIY idea by Home for the Harvest, where she uses real white mini pumpkins as tea light holders. By carving a hole in the center of the pumpkin, she has a safe and beautiful fall-themed candle and arrangement.

fall arrangement with pumpkins and tea lights
Tea Light Arrangement from Home for the Harvest

13. Festive table runner

I love going full out on the dining table when it comes to Thanksgiving centerpieces and during other fall entertaining. I swear it makes the food look tastier to your guests! This festive table runner design by The Unlikely Hostess is the perfect example.

She uses the muted fall colors of bronze, yellow, and brown to create a cohesive and stunning centerpiece for her dining table. With pillar candles, she adds height, and with faux leaves and pine branches, added textures. The pumpkins and gourds are perfect; and the cotton balls add a touch of softness.

fall tablescape with pumpkins, leaves, and candles.
Fall Tablescape from The Unlikely Hostess

14. Bittersweet tray display

Plaids and Poppies makes a wonderful version of the tray arrangement. She has everything you need for a successful arrangement. First, she creates height using bittersweet branches. It’s one of the most ideal types of foliage for fall, thanks to its vibrant orange color.

She compliments the orange with a small candle and pumpkin. I like her pairing of a succulent amongst the tray as you wouldn’t normally think of it as a fall-themed décor item. But when paired alongside the orange as well as the plaid, it offers a nice contrast.

Fall flower arrangement with bittersweet branches, succulent, pumpkin, candle
Fall Arrangement from Plaids and Poppies

15. Tiered candles

No matter the season, you can never go wrong with tiered candles. All you need are candles, candle holders, a tray, and some kind of filler. This fall centerpiece by A Pumpkin and Princess executes the idea perfectly.

You can make it fall-themed by choosing fall-inspired scents to fill the room and by swapping out the greenery around the candles. It’s a simple design but looks amazing in the home!

Tray decorated for fall with foliage and candles
Tiered Candle Centerpiece from A Pumpkin and Princess

That wraps up all of the fall centerpieces I have my eye on this season. Take a little bit of inspiration from each, and have fun decorating for the cozy season!

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